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  1. OKJoy

    Subtle Changes

    every track was dope, enjoyed hearing this!
  2. OKJoy


    very cool stuff Joa. Rhymes as well as instrumentals! some tracks that I liked from your new tape: rock a mic hotel recognize great expectations
  3. OKJoy


    some dope chops here! nice work
  4. OKJoy

    Well Red Vol.1

    whole tape is dope! nice work!
  5. OKJoy

    DJ FLYRT - City Beats

    dope! great progression and changes super soulful like how you do boom bap along with uptempo jams my fav tracks are the check and more trife
  6. OKJoy


    whole tape is dope! my fav track is bad joa. looking forward to hearing the second installment!
  7. OKJoy

    Chubs The Magnanimous Beat Thread

    Just been catching up with your recent stuff. Man what a positive vibe you got on these! Your loop selections remind me of MF Doom a little bit. I dig the way you use 80's samples. Dope transitions, can hear your DJ sensibilities here. Your latest tape has a lot of cool moments! My favs are Just Seen You Smile, Chips n Salsa, Light and Her, She Plays Sax and Goodnight Gracie. Have you considered putting your tapes on Bandcamp?
  8. OKJoy

    3 Soul Sample Flips. Feedback Appreciated

    Dope stuff! enjoyed hearing these, feelin your loop selections
  9. OKJoy

    Chubs The Magnanimous Beat Thread

    Lovin the 80's vibes with the grimey snares, sounds dope!
  10. OKJoy

    Favorite Music Videos

    Always liked this video:
  11. OKJoy

    Chubs The Magnanimous Beat Thread

    dope setup! feelin the last 2 tracks you posted as well
  12. OKJoy

    Chubs The Magnanimous Beat Thread

    dope stuff chubs. feelin that guitar loop, have a great vacation!
  13. OKJoy

    Chubs The Magnanimous Beat Thread

    liking that new track too! To answer your question, been making beats here and there, mostly been digging more than sampling lately
  14. OKJoy

    Chubs The Magnanimous Beat Thread

    dope atmosphere, I like hearing those chops fade into the background like that!
  15. OKJoy

    Your Top 25 Producers

    Also in no particular order: Pete Rock Primo Madlib Dilla Nottz Bink Dawg Supa Dave west 9th Wonder Kev Brown 88 Keys Kenny Keys Samiyam Flylo Sa-ra Creative Partners Black Milk Young RJ Waajeed Cream of Beats Dabrye Grap Luva Jack Sample Pros Alchemist Karriem Riggins Just Blaze DJ Quik Kinda similar to Jubito's picks, I thought they were pretty dope