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  1. STBB#566 VOTE

    Kowalski DefMute G.F.Nella Also Dope: Sol Sauvage Ogi Feel the Beat beatCretin
  2. STBB#566

    I did one. I actually own this record and even recorded this sample a few months ago just haven't gotten around to doing something with it. Now I don't have to search for the file on my hard drive. I miss these beat battles.
  3. STBB #461 VOTE

    Really liked: RAS-H Ras Dude GoodFellow Nelson Good Mama EdTheYounger Wysdm O Tesla Really really liked: Linkrust
  4. STBB 461: Cole Week

  5. STBB 445 VOTE

  6. STBB#445 ''Making it easy!''

    Mine. I used outside drums, bass, and recorded some cuts.
  7. STBB 397

    Dope samples this week. I used cuts as my recording.
  8. STBB 392 VOTE!

    Thanks for the likes and comments. Listening to all the beats I couldn't believe how many people chose to use the interlude at the beginning. It got old super fast. Any tracks that liked, I did so on soundcloud. MNSTRMKK
  9. 392

    Mine. The Pharcyde's Labcabincalifornia is one of my favorite albums of all time. This also goes out to all the people who got bullied through grade school.
  10. 389

    Mine, its alright.
  11. 381 Vote!

    Nice battle I made a beat and everything but wasn't too confident about it so it will never see the light of day. I liked: Rainy Dayz Three O Scottie Royal NAMU Baylum EdTheYounger AreouTheAstronautMF I really liked Mahone
  12. STBB 380

    Yeah. I also use Maschine 2.0. Haha, I'm thinking going from 90bpm to 180bpm should work. Right? Also, Bionic Booger Breaks.
  13. STBB 379 VOTE

    I really liked: Bainzzz JoaGymshoe Dead Giveaway Beats Paxasmokes BsdU KSG DopplerEffectEnt AreouTheAstronaut EdTheYounger
  14. STBB 379

    Mine. A little late, but whatever.
  15. STBB 377 VOTE!!

    My internet wasn't cooperative last night so I was unable to listen to every beat. I really enjoyed this week's rules and theme. These battles have really helped me turn into a slightly better beatmaker. Props to anyone who commented on and enjoyed my entry. Props also to the dozens of beatmakers consistently put out dope material for the battle.