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  1. supersen

    STBB #585 VOTE

    1.FatvonFree💣 2. Huxlay🙌 3. Kowalzki🎳
  2. supersen

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

    Hi all, I recorded some voices over the microphone of my computer and made drums and funny sounds with it. Layered it and build a simple drumset + fx. The rest comes from the sample. Thanks @dgtlbeatsIt was good fun and I experimented a lot the tune consists of 3 beat sketches in total, looking forward to hear all the tunes. Also please excuse the rather lousy mixdown I just didnt find the time to do it. Have a great week everyone!
  3. supersen

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    came in late, here's my non entry piece
  4. supersen

    STBB 583 - 16bit ninja

    had lots of fun with this sample - no entry though because i was using outside drums. no additional synths etc. though.
  5. supersen

    STBB #582 VOTE

    1. CHiLLWiLL1013 2. Barry Studebaker 3. per.du
  6. supersen

    STBB # 582

    Wow, I am really impressed by what you guys were able to create in one hour..amazing! Here's my entry, timing was tough 😛
  7. supersen

    STBB # 582

    Well, what can I say... I was inspired by the "against the clock" youtube series which I can highly recommend everyone here to watch (see below). Its stunning what some producers can come up with in 10min. Personally, I feel like its not about making a perfect arrangement or track, rather about letting loose, experimenting and trusting your gut. If you end up with a sketch thats just as fine. So let's shoot for 2hrs then - I'm fine with it . But not one second more! ;-)
  8. supersen

    STBB # 582

    Hey everyone, thanks so much for last week - I truly appreciate my first win in the STBB! But let's move on to #582: i don't have all day for this. Here are the rules: Create at least two layers of the given sample and Build your entire beat within one hour (and please don't cheat ;-) The idea is to reflect on your own process - what do you focus on? chopping? arrangement? bassline?... You find the sample here: Happy Beatmaking <3 – SUPER SEN How it always works: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 582“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample to WeTransfer
  9. supersen

    STBB#581 VOTE

    Hey fellow beatmakers! Is it just me counting wrong or is actually BLEEP also having 24 points?
  10. supersen

    STBB#581 VOTE

    1. bleep 2. enzoeyeris 3. the wolf
  11. supersen

    STBB 581

  12. supersen

    STBB #580 VOTE

    1. _.• βąℓ$ţ¥яɨȼ๏ •._ 2. The Ambassador Beatz 3. Kris van Huystee
  13. supersen

    STBB #580

    Nice Samples! I just had to add some bass and stuff, so no entry from me. Looking forward to hear all the beats.
  14. supersen

    STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    Kudos for the samples, love it!
  15. supersen

    STBB#569 VOTE

    Tough to vote this week! 1 - soulwhat 2 - elev8te 3 - enzoeyeris