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  1. MattCoops


    I been waiting to hear some NEW beats from Madlib. When was the last stuff dropped? I think we're due for more. When I don't hear anything new from The Madlib, I get excited. Probably means he is in the midst of creation.
  2. MattCoops

    Decay the Llama ft. Psalm One, prod. Selfish

    I want to hear some beats by Fluent. Last I heard he was looking around SP Forums to cop a 404 and 4 track cassette.
  3. MattCoops


    The EP sounded way better out the gate. Link Up and Suede have great basslines and like layered sounds. This album isn't all I hoped for. The other tracks are a little spare. I mean the beats are good, some okay. But they aren't the same caliber as the EP.
  4. MattCoops

    King Cesar (MIC) - All The King's Men

    The rhymes are dope, but the beats are mediocre. The drums are pretty good but the samples are kind of whack. What made the original MIC album dope is the beats by Villain. If you got connections to DOOM you better do everything humanly possible to get him in conjunction with your music. It's like Slum Village music without Dilla. It just ain't the same.
  5. MattCoops


    I just want to chill with the dude for a day. Madlib seems so laid back and cool. I want to go digging with him and see how he shops for records, what he looks for. Gain some knowledge. I want to be in the same room as him when he's on the 303 pads. See his workflow. Hear some unreleased stuff. Listen to some beat tapes. See what kind of weed he smokes.
  6. MattCoops


    Dollar bin hiphop/rnb 12"
  7. MattCoops

    J Dilla | Back to the Crib Mixtape

    There any unreleased beats on there?
  8. MattCoops

    Favorite Vocal Microphone?

    Sure SM58 Cheap and works well
  9. MattCoops

    Diggers... What WAX did you buy today?

    Came across a bunch of 45s in the dollar bin. Picked up: Winstons - Amen Brother Tommy Roe - Sweet Pea Tommy Roe - Dizzy Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can Alan O'Day - Undercover Angel / Just You Plus a bunch of others I won't name cus they're dope and I want to sample them. A bunch of drum breaks and funky bass lines. The dude was cool as hell cus he gave them to me all for 2 for $1.
  10. MattCoops

    Bass inquiry

    Sample Mingus
  11. MattCoops


    I got to get to one of his shows. Madlib, come to Boston
  12. MattCoops


    I wanna see a Madlib beat tape series released on cassettes of all the stuff that don't get put out on other releases. I know he got so much stashed away. The people want to hear it.
  13. MattCoops

    Bass inquiry

    A bass guitar slapped over some loops sounds dope too. Gives it a live feel
  14. MattCoops

    Your Favorite Time to Work on Music?

    After listening to Dilla or Madlib. Mad motivational
  15. MattCoops

    Champion Sound + The Red