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  1. bgomz

    STBB 372 VOTE

    i gotta give my vote to BREAKMASTER CYLINDER I loved the way he chopped his samples and his drum work. and the sound of it was so much different than the rest. Honorable mentions: Stimulator: Jones: Zhu: Callsine: Kzeebeatz: Zanj:
  2. bgomz

    STBB #372

    This was definitely an interesting process. For the kick, I recorded myself banging on my chest. For the snare, I recorded a clap and layered it with some snaps. I recorded myself shaking some change in my hand and also me slowly crush a Lays chip bag to add some texture. For the second half of the song, I didnt have any shakers so i settled with shaking a bag of mini m&m's. Finally, for the hats i recorded myself tapping a pen on a metal box cutter. annnnnd i think that was it. after that i got to choppin the sample. oh and the movie sample is from "Dumb and Dumber," one of the funniest movies of all time in my opinion. Anyways, i hope you guys enjoy and happy easter! peace, Brian to Earth
  3. bgomz

    STBB 371 VOTE

    i feel like most people neglected the first sample haha.. a lot of dope beats. my vote goes to BANIZZZ i REALLY LIKED THE WAY YOU CHOPPED AND ARRANGED THE BEAT. DOPE SHIT MY MAN! https://soundcloud.c...zzz/371-banizzz
  4. bgomz

    STBB #371

    i know i was kinda late again on the deadline but i definitely had fun with this one. I used both samples so make sure to listen to the whole thing! gonna peep all the other tracks now. peace.. https://soundcloud.c...a-saiyan-prince
  5. bgomz

    370 Vote

    bodies. got my vote. Honorable metntions: runrun raw obi-dan-kenobi ras dude MUMA GigaHD VoxMoNkey Also, just wanna say thanks for all the comments on my submission! Much love to all of you. Peace
  6. bgomz

    343 Vote

    ARwwae & MUMA - raw butterflies shouts out to: solo700 gigaHD Ysme J. Cayo Laze. Sixfingerz
  7. bgomz


    This is my first time doing this so im not completely sure how this thread stuff works but i plan on doing this often. here is my first entry: