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  1. illiptic

    STBB 559

    great theme!!!!!
  2. illiptic

    STBB #513

    happy 2017! -kifferei
  3. illiptic

    STBB #512 VOTE

    my vote goes to: maßmatazz -kifferei
  4. illiptic

    STBB 512 - Optimism / Pessimism week

    thats awesome! glad the community is still alive an kickin
  5. illiptic

    STBB 512 - Optimism / Pessimism week

    1st time in a while where do you guys put the entries now that there are no sc groups? thanks!
  6. illiptic

    STBB 481

  7. illiptic

    STBB 480

  8. illiptic

    STBB 479

    cool samples
  9. illiptic

    STBB #472

    samples have been on a roll
  10. illiptic

    STBB #471 VOTEzzz

  11. illiptic

    STBB 471

    really great samples this week
  12. illiptic

    STBB #470

    i recorded all drum/percussion sounds from household objects and my own drum kit no drum packs used - all other samples came from the provided downloads
  13. illiptic

    STBB #468

    pad was made out of one of the samples plus looped another one on the 2nd part
  14. illiptic

    STBB#447 Your Favorite Vice Week!

    you guys are killin it this week already heres mine