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  1. STBB#568

    Yo. Being a weeb an all gotta ask can we use outside samples if they are from animes Congrats on the win
  2. STBB#566

    hers mine
  3. XTBB #564

    finding this pretty hard outside guitar is all i got, turning curtis mayfield into mikey bubble is near impossible for me anyone wants to use that guitar loop feel free im off to the pub PEACE
  4. STBB #561

    Not gonna have time to colab this week, non entry
  5. STBB #553
  6. STBB# 552

  7. STBB #551 VOTE

    1 mhmory 2 cru 3 chillwill1013

    only out side drums
  9. STBB #546 VOTE

    Lol the order it was wrote in soz. So hard to do the artist named on my phone with autocorrect completely forgot about numbers
  10. STBB #546 VOTE

    Ceeazy G.F.Nella Hobgoblin
  11. STBB #546 - 90s GARAGE SALE

    My laptops on its last legs and now stuff i used to smash out in like 30mins now takes me all day, probibly gonna be my last entry for a while. Couldnt even get it to save last couple of weeks with out it crashing before saving anything Congrats on the win bro heres my entry