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  1. what are you listening to?

  2. Politics and Current Events

    have to like his honesty in that statement, but damn, fame gets you to act crazy.
  3. Sneakerheads...."Put ya kicks up!"

  4. what are you listening to?

  5. Politics and Current Events

  6. DOOM

  7. what are you listening to?

  8. The Needle Drop Weirdo

  9. The Needle Drop Weirdo

  10. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    yeah, unless one side gets too crazy like the brown shirts in Germany
  11. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    I kind of liked the Vox video. On a different note: I watching the Ken Burns doc on PBS and damn it, we live in a pretty good time, in a great country and I hope the outliers don't fuck it all up.
  12. Funny Shit

  13. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    hahah... now it looks like we were arguing
  14. The Needle Drop Weirdo

  15. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    you need to stop