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  1. Genesis

    Anybody ever send their demo/album to Stones Throw?

    I think they should re-sign Daedelus, and pick up Bus Driver and Prefuse...I would like to see that...
  2. Genesis

    Dr. No's Oxperiment Listen to about 5 minutes in...I laughed out loud when I heard this....sometimes I hate it when I found out how someone sampled...but w/e fuck it pce 00
  3. Genesis

    STMB Beat Battle #27

    ...What something about your album
  4. Genesis

    STMB Beat Battle #27

    Thx for the video game samp...where did you get it??? More VG me hyped! 00
  5. Genesis

    why did I buy the rerelease?

    Yeah you do... but on another note my fav track was POtholderz ...handz down Then Beef Rap and Rap Snitch Kn.... As runner ups 00
  6. Genesis

    Please stop talking bad about percee P on this board

    This is probably P in disguise trying to get some lame support lol 00
  7. Genesis

    STMB Beat Battle #26

    Sike, it's like the same dude wins every week...fuck trying to win just make something you like pce 00
  8. Genesis

    STMB Beat Battle #25

    My link is working riiiight? pce 00
  9. Genesis

    STMB Beat Battle #25

    OK FINALY IT'S WORKING...sry bout flaming check out my beat here: The Brighter Side lol pce 00
  10. Genesis

    STMB Beat Battle #25

    Mine isn't working yet (myspace )...but I guess you can sense the heat It'll be up soon, plus I have to fix the snare any ways I'll post the new version Lataz pce 00
  11. Genesis

    geek down

    What the hell, what about Light my fire, and Two can Win Don't cry--where the beat speeds up...damn makes me go Ooowee Anti-American... *Lightworks --Favorite cut, it's soo different...sounds like Lotus, or Lotus sounds like this Last Donut of the Night is soo beautiful Ok enough from me I love music, and don't feel like rambling about some redundant shit that some dude already posted pce 00
  12. Genesis

    STMB Beat Battle #25

    Try now
  13. Genesis

    STMB Beat Battle #25

    Mine is up, it's called The Brighter Side, fuck it if I don't win, I love this beat The Brighter Side pce 00
  14. Genesis

    STMB Beat Battle #25

    Man I listened to the LP and it seems like everybody raped it...Doom raped and str8 looped 2 of the joint (nothing wrong with that)...JJ ripped one and looped it of course...We all raped one...damn, it's less appealing to fuck with now pce 00