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    Where are the asr-10 users at

    Check in. I know we're a rare breed
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    (R.I.P) Murda Murph- "Murphy's Law"

    I've been producing music for years.. But when my main man/favorite artist to work with passed away suddenly in 2014 I fell into a pretty sad depression. In his last few months alive, he came to my studio and recorded just about every day. It took me almost 3 years to collect all of the songs we recorded, and bring myself to release his music but I finally went through with it. "Murphy's Law" is coincidentally the title of the tape. I made every beat from front to back(23 in total). But that's enough of my sob story. Please check out my man's tape and let me know your honest opinions. You can listen to the tape in its entirety at: Soundcloud.com/Murdamurph