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  1. https://jrsamples.bandcamp.com/album/dont-forget-about-this https://soundcloud.com/essencegold/sets/pgenz-champion-rap-2 https://pgenz.bandcamp.com/album/champion-rap-2
  2. nah.
  3. 1 year ago today, Phife Dawg Passed away (November 20, 1970 – March 22, 2016) RIP
  4. Madvillain's Madvillainy was released on this day in 2004. . have a good day.
  5. wack.
  6. cuz bro no madvillain2, why else
  7. fuck DOOM fuck jayfagtronica
  8. madlib is retired,
  9. lol how could anyone not like that "god" track its just perfect like a lil blessing. and the beat is very smooov too
  10. yeah i love it. amazing production credits, at first i thought i had a few too many guests on the chorus's etc but on second listen it all goes real well. also love the guest spots on "the truth" just kurious whistling and to have that line up on the end and then have them only doing the chorus is genius fav track right now is god?