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  1. saadyah tz▾i


    No one is saying that you shouldn't be able to incorporate some pre thought out grooves, harmonies, melodies, breaks and or drums. The issue here is making a "skeleton" of a full track, a track that will become a submission to a weekly on the fly competition, where most of us here usually produce the majority of the beats we post AFTER the samples and rules have dropped. Be honest, your 531 was virtually the same as what you've posted even before this weeks battle went up.. wasn't it?
  2. saadyah tz▾i


    Kris, I do not know you, but I do enjoy your music. With that being said; having put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this battle for the past 5 years, there are some things I feel I must say to you publicly. I'm sure we've all used "something" pre-prepared at one point or another in our entries. I feel what you've confessed to here after Joa brought it to light, is an exploitation of the very essence of our community. I genuinely find it disgraceful and you seem to speak about it brazenly, which makes it that much worse. It rubs me the wrong way, I think its disrespectful to the rest of us that start working on these beats after the new weeks rules and samples drop. I know what its like to not have time to make music, to make something worthy of contending here. But for real bro, it isn't an excuse. It detracts a great deal to what we are doing here.. With that being said your "531" beat is dope as fuck.. peace
  3. saadyah tz▾i

    STBB # 525 VOTE

    1. Kongchain 2. james eagle 3. arwwae
  4. saadyah tz▾i

    STBB #522 VOTE

    Soul-Jutsu !!!
  5. saadyah tz▾i

    STBB #521 VOTE

  6. saadyah tz▾i

    STBB#520 VOTE

    Soul-Jutsu is away from his computer for the moment. Posting his vote for him: Sol Sauvage
  7. saadyah tz▾i

    STBB #518 Female Rap Special

    congrats maß! fresh as fuck samples and theme this week brother! feels so good to be back on the boards
  8. saadyah tz▾i

    STBB #513

    congrats Maw! dope ass sample selection... just fuxd around n made some shit (includes field recordings of rain on window, my son, me fuxin w a tin can and a paper roll etc.) happy new year family! to yet another year of fresh fly flips
  9. saadyah tz▾i

    STBB #512 VOTE

    alright fam heres the rundown! Kongchain, Climbing Tree, THE HOME OF DOPE BEATS, elanvital, maßmatazz, Soul-Jutsu, Tschotsky, :.Good.:.FeLLow.:, 5XVT, MichaelMichaelson 1 vote cascassette, Lonius 2 votes ATAMF, Sage Maestro, RAS-H 3 votes 2n!te, Barry Studebaker 4 votes congrats Mawakening 8 votes !!!
  10. saadyah tz▾i

    STBB #512 VOTE

    my shortlist ATAMF Runme Raw Lonius JoaGymshoe RAS-H cascassette Mawakening yellow5ive Soul-Jutsu kifferei Kongchain DJ LoDY maßmatazz 5XVT Sage Maestro (boostive)
  11. saadyah tz▾i

    STBB 512 - Optimism / Pessimism week

    congrats fellas! my 3 year old son named this.. flipped while he was watching daniel tiger.. had to stop and unglue his eyes, too many hours of tv
  12. saadyah tz▾i

    STBB#511 VOTE

    Sage Maestro MA Beats KOARAKTOR ATAMF DJ LoDY DrunkenMaster2 Kowalzki THE HOME OF DOPE BEATS p y r ∆ m i d s oz_tinado Lonius Sol Sauvage :.Good.:.FeLLow.: Soul-Jutsu Sam Knockz Barry Studebaker Vox MoNkey Ogi feel the Beat Bleep MichaelMichaelson 5XVT RAS-H JoaGymshoe Kongchain
  13. saadyah tz▾i


    Postin this for MA Beats as he still can't login here
  14. saadyah tz▾i


    grats el. you should come here more often!
  15. saadyah tz▾i

    STBB #510 VOTE

    5XVT, ATAMF, MichaelMichaelson, hb, Supafly Arturo, :.Good.:.FeLLow.: x ,,,J0ndis, Ghost.moves 1 vote YOUPEASENT!, dtunez, O N Y M I C O 2 votes [KSG] and Arbus Beats 4 votes RAS-H 7 votes congrats el. 10 votes!!!!