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  1. Albummmmmmm 1 of 2 !
  2. ...Gotsta share this jam made by my man LinkRust... ...Had the pleasure of putting rhymes to it...
  3. ...yow Valescu.. it doesn't seem to comply with the rules.. it should only be 30 seconds of the ssame thing... I'll wait with reposting your track.. you might wanna redo it (?) pz J.
  4. ..thaaaaanks
  5. ate something wrong.. breaking out in spots.. and running to the toilet... sorry, left no comments... 1. slanty 2. : | : | : ) 3. 2n!te eraser.. defm.. donut..kappn..don hb..swgwm...
  6. and the homie DOOM DAP ! the three of us used the same part of the sample.. from 4:18 to 6: s'thing.... and the same bpm.. really cool how they came out different in our particular (recognizable) styles.. yet still coherent... bit of my STBB history sprinkled on top. peazy J.
  7. hehe...
  8. ...been going through some past rulesets by Julian just now... curiousity and building excitement about the coming one!
  9. COngrats COCONUT KING JULIAN.! .. He strikes Again! dope rundown Barry
  10. D-Skills.. Bearcutta.. lonius.. Hob... Kapn eF 3. Samwise 2. Doomdap 1.
  11. ...this is flip 1.1 and 2.. flip 3.2 is a non-entry and a private's going on a beattape I got asked for.. I posted it on the forum earlier so you can check it out.. if you want.. rather pleased with it so it's pretty hard not to enter it... pz Joa
  12. ...send me yo beats... for raps...
  13. ...congrats Sim! ..hope you come up with a cool theme/ruleset this week...
  14. oh.. how about this vote?
  15. oh...and lakewood
  16. used only and all samples for the beats...
  17. ...congrats Sam.. dope samples
  18. ...wo!.. dope ass stuff.. 1. Lakewood.. so casually dope and simply funky 2.Kowala furr wooly goodness and feely elements.. 3.2n!te.. tight clean creative ..bang! sam knockz.. y5...
  19. ...collabed with DON hb... was fun Hide!..
  20. congrats Koala ski !
  21. man.. Ogi.. I feel that beat.. insanely nice work and mix.on repeat for the nr 1 spot!. KVH.. feels.. in 2nd Barry Stu.. different kinda feels but def vibin' for 3rd
  22. man! ..usually go with my gut... feels.. not so much mix... having a hard time picking too this week though..
  23. ..hi.. my dry element is my voice... I came in at 6 in the morning this monday... after celebrating Feijenoord's ( the biggest football team of the part of Rotterdam where I live) win of the National Championship for football... and recorded the lyrics I'd written sunday drinkin' etc. you can imagine I was pretty thirsty.. I mixed the raps as dry, crunchy, flakey as I could.. and experimented with some extra wet, underwater, bubbly effects on some vocals for contrast..…e_video_guests=0 some of the festivities ^^