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  1. STBB #550 VOTE

    ...commiserations man... I thought you had it there for a minute... dope week everybody!.. onwards and upwards STBB
  2. STBB #550 VOTE

    ...aight.. wow.. that was close till the end..Congrats lonius !!
  3. STBB #550 VOTE

    1. lonius 2. Saint Rock 3. slanteyez
  4. STBB #550 Harmony Week to see everybody coming out of the woodwork again.. collab with my buddy Wilko on the guitar.. and me and per.du throwing stuff around... always a good time..
  5. Fatbacks: A Place For Ass (NSFW)

    time to revive this thread...
  6. Valerian [SPOILERS]

    couldn't even bear to read your whole review.. I spent most of the movie thinkin, I want to get the f*ck outta here.. freakin' tedious.. I'd prefer watching Showgirls as the best worse movie any day
  7. STBB#549 VOTE

    I had some contact with the admins about the new voting system when that was implemented.. sent them a copy paste of the post where it was explained.. for the FAQ they said it was too long and asked me to condense it.. I did.. sent it about three times I think.. they never put in the fixed ruleset
  8. STBB#549 VOTE

    ..I had noticed but saw in the spreadsheet that you had 'not voted" behind your name.. luckily your votes were counted coz you exceeded the minimum required posts so that's good... there are more members with different SC and STMB names.. usually we spot it. yes it's 5,3,1 points respectively no need to change your stmb name if you don't want to. the rule.. after deliberating in the past is: if yo don't vote you can't win that week.. it's in the vote topic start. cool to have longstanding members still participate my first was #319 how about everybody else? CONGRATS DONUT PEEEE..
  9. STBB#549 VOTE

    well, 5xvt came up with it with the idea to make teh voting proces interesting/intreguing and also to have more props to the runners up.. funny story: the first week we implemented the rule there was a three way tie! yes.. one of the grandpappies of stbb.. . coooo birthday flip
  10. STBB#549 VOTE

    maybe not the busiest week but I dig the manner in which everybody participated and commented etc.. nice variaty and dope beats too! tooouggh choice.. first of all I wanna challenge : I'd like to hear you do a track without using an acapella for a change.. iLL iLL iLL track though.. nice touch with the own recorded bit for a transition... if the aca would fit the theme a definate nr.1 vote.. Donut P... dang son.. sometimes that software of yours seems almost like cheating to me but that's only I don't have a mac to use it on will have one soon though! it most likely will boil down to your talent and skill too anywho.. Dope! ,,J0ndis.. long time bro.. great to see you back sweet flippage.. nice n diff.. per.du.. creative interpretation again.. nice! CHill WiLL starting to become ay guarantee for tight shit with a twist fun recording.. nasty beat Detritus.. that beast should be used for T.V. Saint Rock classy ..suspensefull..quality aight.. 1. HobGoblin.. illness just inexscapabow! 2. Donut P.. close second.. quote unquote "YEA!" 3. CHill Will.. all just jells so dopely.. okely?.. field rec cool !
  11. STBB#549 VOTE

    the legit voting from 5 posts up is in the FAQ and has been there since 2009 it's to prevent 'homeboy' votes... and such also a legit vote from 1 entered beat in the battle.. ever.. The 1,2,3 voting system was introduced in februari or so (?) after having held a poll... it was voted for almost unanimously you can read it back on the last page of the FAQ
  12. STBB#549 VOTE

    from 5 legit posts onward.. so it won't count regardless..
  13. SSSHTBB #549 you could read I wasn't planning on entering but due to the low turnout I decided to finish this little hot mess... hope it's entertaining at least.. had fun! and maybe all will reveal itself in time.. shit's deep.. dutch saying: "Look farther than your nose long is" pz Joa
  14. SSSHTBB #549

    just copy paste the share link under your track... ..oh..and I might not get a beat done this week.. good time to let my tinnitus fade a little.. usually takes a week or two for the peep to mellow somewhat. also totally engrossed by all kinds of stuff I've been watching... and I don't want to spam this thread with all sorts of links but.. watch some videos on YT by Kevin Shipp. and you will not see things the same way.. unless you already saw it this way... I suspected, but this is an eye opener. I'm a pretty sceptical and logically deducing kinda guy.. but with a good 'gut' for what's true... shit is sick fam
  15. SSSHTBB #549

    okay... now record saying it and work it into a track..or expect a knock on your door by the spam men in black