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  1. JoaGymshoe

    STBB #589

    sweet, buddy.. I'll p.m. ya
  2. JoaGymshoe

    STBB #589

    dope stuff so far!.. I'm having trouble opening that Jake and Evelyn sample.. tried everything. can someone please upload it as a wave file for me? the other samples work strangely enough.
  3. JoaGymshoe

    STBB #588 VOTE

    eyy, thanks bro!.. I shot beantangerine a message.. Congrats bean!
  4. JoaGymshoe

    STBB #588 VOTE

    glad you voted bro.. deadline for it to count is Friday midnight pacific time.. see the topic start above.. so anyone want to grab a piece of paper and count the votes?..I'm busy at work
  5. JoaGymshoe

    STBB #588 VOTE

    .yoww. who wants to add up the numbers and announce the top 3?
  6. JoaGymshoe

    STBB #588 VOTE

    yep! .. also everyone should feel free to copy the specifics and throw up the vote thread. off to work.. wonder who won it this week? pz!
  7. JoaGymshoe

    STBB #588 VOTE

    dope but tough samples this week.. 1. Slam 53 2. Ruedenz 3. Butta super Sen perdu Barry Stu Elvis JC Detritus Nella
  8. JoaGymshoe

    STBB #588

    the time till which you can flip and post is fixed. the vote can be put up by anyone at at any time after that. glag you joined though! feel free to vote.. till friday midnight Pacicic time reposted it pz Joa
  9. JoaGymshoe

    STBB #588

    hey guys.. if you want your entries reposted to the stbb collection page please add 'late, or non-entry' ..thanks DJ Agent AM.. not sure what to do about your case.. I do see you uploaded to SC 23 hours ago pz Joa
  10. JoaGymshoe

    STBB #588

    outside drums and and some hummin' and such.. pz Joa
  11. JoaGymshoe

    STBB #588

    congrats bro.. dope samples!
  12. yoww  b' 

    the dirt is fine..

    did you use 2 synths or  vst's or so for the   bassline and melody?

    pz Joa

  13. JoaGymshoe

    STBB#587 VOTE

    haha.. maybe I need to get high too to understand that sentence... 🐼
  14. JoaGymshoe

    STBB#587 VOTE

    man if it weren't for those stupid rules! S.F.T. 1. Super Sen 2. Barry Studebaker (slept on ) 3.Lonius 4. Soul-Jutsu 5. Beantangerine I hope no one feels aggrieved.. they were tough rules thought up to get everyone out of their comfort zones doin' the opposite of what they're used to in at least one part of the beat. adhering to the rules or not.. there was lotta fire produced this week! props fam!
  15. JoaGymshoe

    STBB#587 VOTE

    ..the one who made the rules is the one to judge.. I talked with perdu.. and made the list.. tell me though .. coz I'm honestly confused... from where to where is the clean part and from where to where dirty coz It starts with vinyl sim ( which equals dirt to me ) or s'thing and it doesn't let up til the end right? " that means a stretch of time that's as clean as possible..crackle, hiss and fuzz removed if you can manage.."