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  1. I've recently been working on a MIDI tool that works in the browser, and hooks up to your DAW. It allows you to create chord progressions in the browser. I'll save the detailed explanation and link to the video that demonstrates it and shows you how to set it up ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV9QHUIesbI The page is here: https://labs.jamesjeffery.co.uk This is purely a prototype of what's possible in the browser. To my knowledge nobody has every done anything similar. I created this project while I was learning the Web MIDI API. I'm a software developer by trade and often like to combine my music hobby and software development to create interesting "things". I have plans to further extend this and include some more features but it won't be ready for public release for a good few months. It will eventually be hosted on a domain I own instachord.com Thanks for watching/reading :)
  2. JamesJeffery

    Is Hip-Hop a Joke?

    I watched a 9th Wonder video on the Art of Sampling where he was talking about people like this. He said he'd like to see those guys grab the same vinyl and do the same thing. They think it's easy to grab a sample and knock together a beat of the same calibre as producers like Dilla and Pete Rock. Here it is: Ignore it. Always going to be people that dislike a music genre or a producer. How many people on Dilla's videos are calling him untalented. Exactly.
  3. JamesJeffery

    Diggers... What WAX did you buy today?

    I got a load of Progressive Rock. Was a crate on offer for £50 containing about 80 vinyls. I seen some good names in there so I snapped it up.
  4. JamesJeffery

    New J DIlla album, The Diary

    Damn sick! Now this is real music.