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  1. The Jackal

    STBB #591 VOTE

    Thanks for the love and feedback! Looking forward to the next one, peace! V L L M . F A T V O N F R E E D E F M U T E M I C H A E L S O N X L O N I U S M A Z E O N E !
  2. The Jackal


    Been a bit. Mix super quiet as usual lol. Looking forward to checking out this weeks fire, peace!
  3. The Jackal

    STBB#579 VOTE

    L O N I U S B L E E P E L A N V I T A L
  4. The Jackal

    STBB #579 - Mark E Smith Congrats on the win Elan! Used some Mark E Smith vocals for the hook. Samples used: -Kurious Oranj -Psycho Mafia -Hit the North -Big New Prinz -Totally Wired -Victoria
  5. The Jackal

    STBB'tles #578 VOTE

    3 . P E R . D U 2 . B E A N T A N G E R I N E 1 . E L A N V I T A L
  6. The Jackal

    STBBeatles #578

    This was the most fun I've had with a beat battle in a while. Thanks again for the rules. I'm a huge Beatles fan, so I used far too many samples haha. Samples used: -I Am the Walrus -I Me Mine -Something -Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds -And I Love Her -Strawberry Fields Forever -Because -The End I think I used 'Let it Be', 'Eight Days a Week' and 'You Wont See Me' as well, although I'm not quite sure.. I kind of lost track of what all I was using at a certain point. But no outside anything. It's all Beatles Samples. Looking forward to hearing everyone's tracks, Peace!
  7. The Jackal

    STBBeatles #578

    Congrats on the win Fat, and Joa thank you for these super dope rules! Gonna be a fun one for sure.
  8. The Jackal

    STBB #577 VOT3

    P E R . D U D A V E P O W E L L 3 . K A P P N E F F E C T 2 . L O N I U S 1 . J O A G Y M S H O E
  9. The Jackal

    STBB #577

    Yoo, loved the rules. Had fun with this. Used some piano bits from the main sample, also used some vocals from Rosemary Clooney as well as from an a capella version I found, as well as some vocals and textures from the Carmen McRae version. Can't wait to check everyone's flips out, Peace!
  10. The Jackal

    STBB #575 VOTE

    D O N U T P R O D U C E R L O N I U S F A T V O N F R E E Thanks for the feedback and love, had a lot of fun, PEACE!
  11. The Jackal


    Congrats, had fun with these rules, wish I had more time to flesh it all out more. Found a spring haiku sample to throw in seeing as its 575 hopefully this battle brings spring for us all, can't wait to check out everyone's work, Peace!
  12. The Jackal

    STBB #574

    Congrats on the win Kow! Just to clarify, outside drums are allowed? Also, we make two beats. Does each beat contain both samples, or one beat out of each sample?
  13. The Jackal

    STBB #573 VOTE

    3. M U S I C A 2. N A T U R E L L E . B O O M B A P 1. O T E S L A
  14. The Jackal

    STBB #571 VOTE

    3 . K A P P N E F F E C T 2. S O L S A U V A G E 1. C 1 G A R T