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  1. The Jackal

    STBB 606

    congrats on the win Locke! And thank you for the delicious samples and drums. Had fun with this, peace!
  2. The Jackal

    STBB #604 VOTE

    L O C K E 1 8 8 5 D T U N E Z B A N I Z Z Z
  3. The Jackal

    STBB #603 VOTE

    F L O B A M A D T U N E Z B L E E P
  4. The Jackal

    STBB #603

  5. The Jackal

    STBB #602 VOTE

    S W O O P M A N L O N I U S F A T V O N F R E E
  6. The Jackal

    STBB #602

    Nooo! Lol, I'm not posting anything. Already started on this weeks battle haha
  7. The Jackal

    STBB #601 VOTE

    Yooo Slanteyez loved your beat, but I think I actually won this one 😅
  8. The Jackal

    STBB #601 VOTE

    B A N I Z Z Z B - J A M V S E N O S S L A N T E Y E Z
  9. The Jackal

    STBB #601 - Japan, optional extreme-production rule

    Used a Ryuichi Sakamoto track as the additional sample. Lots of fun! Can't wait to check out the rest of the tracks, PEACE! Also, HAPPY BDAY JOA!
  10. The Jackal

    STBB #600 VOTE

    A X W A I E L A N V I T A L L O N I U S
  11. The Jackal


  12. The Jackal

    STBB #599 VOTE

    Thanks for the love and feedback, very appreciated J O A G Y M S H O E D E F M U T E B - J A M V S E N O S
  13. The Jackal

    STBB #595 VOTE

    B A N I Z Z Z L O N I U S P E R . D U
  14. The Jackal

    STBB #595

    Super fun, can't wait to check out everyone's flips, peace!