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    STBB #576 VOTE

    I could have sworn this was the collab rule, but you should know better than anyone, since you have kept up with the collab week over the years.

    STBB #576 VOTE

    Yeah, there were quite a few that weren't in mono. I didn't know the best way to address this since votes were already coming in when I started listening. I just voted for one's that were. It's going to be hard to count this one up. Haha! I know who you are and I know what you mean. WTF is a hungryman?! Thanks for helping the counters out. The rule on collab weeks is both parties have to vote for their beat to be counted. I would keep this the same for non-collab week's also, making it a collaborative effort all the way to the finish line. Like Joa said, anyone can vote (5 posts up), the more votes the better. Even if you were disqualified you can still vote.

    STBB #576 VOTE

    In the 5 years I've been here, this may have been the 1st battle I've seen where something in the samples (inside) wasn't allowed. We have had plenty of battles where outside drums weren't allowed and the no snare rule, so battlers usually know that anything in the sample(s) is a okay to use. It's best to elaborate as much as you can in the rules, but this was a good battle and a tough week to get folks out of their comfort zone. The same old standard battle rules get boring after a while. Keep 'em coming!

    STBB #576 VOTE

    Lots of dark, bass heavy tracks this week. I never want to hear that 1st sample again. 1. RAS-H 2. Brotha_B/ 3. PBB/ruedenz For new heads, old heads returning, or anyone that has 2 names different names (forum/soundcloud), could you please put your soundcloud url in your profile info and/or your soundcloud name in your 'interests'. Something like - aka [soundcloud name]. Reason being, it makes it a lot easier for the mods counting votes to check off whether or not you voted on the current battle. If we are not familiar with both of your names, you might not be listed as 'voted' on the spreadsheet and you must vote to be eligible to win. Many thanks in advance.

    STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    Used all the samples. Made 2 beats. Mono. Some mild bit crushing with the ST-224 and VSTs. Used sound effects to make all the percussion. A bullwhip for the kicks and hi hats. A glass jar spinning on ice for a rattle sound. White noise and some layered claps for the no snare. Then some skits and other noises.

    STBB #575 VOTE

    It that the art thingy you heat up and melt the plastic together? Looks like a bunch of tiny tetris pieces.

    STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    Cool, I can't stand dry ass snare drums either. The *thud* or *plunk* sounds.

    STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    I saw the title and thought it was gonna be this kind of folk. So, no shhhnares mean just not a traditional snare drum? Or nothing on the 2 and 4?

    STBB #575 VOTE

    And don't forget to try our complementary 'weekly winner's interview' courtesy of the STBB community. It's a chef's special full of tasty herbs and spices.

    STBB #575 VOTE

    18 outta 27 battlers (plus 1 extra) say: FatVonFree - 49 points Lonius - 36 points NikLaze - 18 points Mr. Freeman your party is waiting at table 576. Enjoy your dinner.

    STBB #575 VOTE

    Lmao! Did you grow up with these, Joa?

    STBB #575 VOTE

    Man, I feel bad. Everyone is waiting on spring. And down south, I'm choking on pollen, wearing shorts, mowing grass, and swatting wasps. Damn them wasps! 1. Lonius 2. JAKAL 3. NikLaze 4. Shane Sounds 5. Unseen Era


    Got some synth bits for the solo (lead) thing. I wanted to break out the djembe and annoy the shit outta my neighbor but ran outta time. RIP Hawking

    STBB#574 VOTE

    1. Lonius 2. Vox Monkey 3. WigMaster

    STBB#574 VOTE

    Cool, man. Glad you got it working. Same here, I've been using Firefox for 2 decades. Usually a update will fix those problems (or cause them) or if I try a different browser and it works it might just be the site. I know Firefox on mobile loads mobile by default, you have to change it in the options to load the desktop version. I wonder if they changed or updated something with the forum software...