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  1. STBB#563

    Congratz PiƱataMan & Supafly Arturo!! Please hit up the weekly winner's interview if you get a chance.
  2. STBB #562 Radio

    D--T!! D--T!! D--T!! I third that motion...
  3. STBB #561 VOTE

    Congrats Joa & Detritus Tabu! Well deserved.
  4. STBB #561 VOTE

    1. Joe x D.T. 2. Billinski + Nothing/Masters 3. JonDis x Nella Big thanks to the homie theGuen for the collab!
  5. STBB #561

    I know on previous collab weeks there have been multiple entries with different collaborators. I don't recall anyone having a problem with it. I vote yes.
  6. STBB #560 VOTE

    Lmao! No worries, dude. I understand. I worked a 14 hour day yesterday and totally forgot about voting until right before bed. I did a quick listen again and had my yellow sticky note, scratch pad ready to go and as soon as I logged in, Arturo's spreadsheet post popped up. I was like, "Nooo! Wait for for meeee!" Thanks for keeping this thing on schedule though.
  7. STBB #561

    Congrats BeatCretin! Here's the exception for it to still be included.
  8. STBB #560 VOTE

    Oh wow... I even added that up wrong. Sorry. Never hire me to be your bookkeeper. It sure doesn't. lol
  9. STBB #560 VOTE

    Lol... damn. I missed it by 60 secs. You cats are the hungrymen. Otelsa won anyways. Cheers, nice battle. zzzzzzzzz...
  10. STBB #560 VOTE

    1. Otesla 2. Supafly 3. SWGWM Can you add me up quick? 1 min after deadline?
  11. STBB # 560

    Recorded 2 synths off the OP-1.
  12. STBB # 560

    lol! Thanks yall! Great samples. Gonna be good week.
  13. STBB #559 VOTE

  14. STBB #559 VOTE

    We just consumed 46 million turkeys this week, the rest of the birds went into hiding. Congratz Billinski! Hit us with some fire!
  15. NxWorries

    I'm not feeling them at all. Besides being the third release on the same album in 2 years, a couple of these tracks seem like they are out of sync and the majority of them are out of key with .Paak's vocals. Kinda disappointed, lol.