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  1. MFakka

    STBB 488 VOTE

    Thank you for the votes guys! I love you! Every time I participate the crowd wows me how great beats everybody makes, a lot of new cats around but the old ones are killing even harder then before.. Since my main man Nella has this one in the bag 99.99% (your beat is beauty man) my vote goes to madam data Nella, madam data, DefMute, IVI△G◎56, HYPNOCROWN and FatVonFree share the 1st spot in my book this week.. Shouts to all of the people for making this week a killer one!
  2. MFakka

    STBB 488

    What is up guys?? I felt very inspired, made 2 beats and wrapped it up 3 hours.. Used 3 samples (2 from Banizz and 1 from SiM) and added the bagpipes as the traditional instrument from my area to the second beat..It's always great to be here, gonna dig into the tunes now.. Hope you digg!
  3. MFakka

    STBB #466 VOTE

    That track(s) is fkkin brilliant!! Probably the most rawest beat this week..that guy should get a medal..and is very consistent with the beats!
  4. MFakka

    STBB #466 VOTE

    Shit loads of fantastic beats this week..I was very close to not voting cause the competition was really really tight, decision was hard.. I'm gonna go with Kongchain Shouts to all!
  5. MFakka

    STBB 466

    Long live King Dilla!! Shouts to Scottie for the win and for giving us them ill joints!! Used 2 of the samples, only outside drums and bass..
  6. MFakka

    STBB #460 VOTE

    STBB 460 VOTE LISTEN TO ALL SUBMISSIONS HERE Use this thread to vote while making sure to effectively utilize: BIG lettering, BOLD fonts, and/or CRAZY-AsSCOLORS Everybody gets ONLY ONE VOTE!! Do not vote for yourself.. Voting ENDS Friday @ Midnight, Pacific Time To the winner: PLEASE POST NEW SAMPLE AND RULES BY NOON ON SATURDAY, PACIFIC TIME FAQ'S CONCERNING BEAT BATTLE If you would like to follow the winner's blog, CLICK HERE Happy New Year to everyone!!
  7. MFakka

    STBB 458 VOTE

    Guys 3 weeks in a row we have a tight race to the winning spot!! This week was almost the same as last because there was a chance of 5 way tie!!! So since these battles are managed by the community I'll count the votes this week.. Congratulations to Abstraktbeats winning with 5 votes! Standings: Abstraktbeats 5 RAS-H 4* ergoh 4* DGTL 4* banizz 4* Abstrakt lay that sample !! Shouts to everyone who participated!!!
  8. MFakka

    STBB #458

    Playing an instrument is playing an instrument, if you are playing a bass on your mpc,maschine, etc. you are playing a sound that was already sampled, BUT! As a rule on these boards, outside sampling is using some of your samples that wasn't included by the beat battle..My opinion on outside samples is NO, NO AND NO! Because if you enable it you will have people who will (for example) use an Isaac Hayes sample and make something out of it, and not use the given sample at all, or use their sample in a major way and make the BB sample a minority.. I think we should be keeping it OG..original battles don't even have external instruments allowed..You only have your records, sampled drums, and a 16 note bass.. So the fact that we have external instruments allowed is enough from my point, if the samples provided by the host aren't enough, I don't know what is.. And to explain what MINK said: ''Every week we get the 'no external samples' rule, yet always allow external instrumentation (and outside vocal cuts, scratches etc). To me, that makes little sense.'' To elaborate that.. outside vocal cuts, scratches, skits are things that are allowed from the external source of sampling, No one said you can't use a drum break from a record or anything... People have done all kinds of stuff to bypass the rules over time because they misinterpret what is clearly stated, and if you put ''Outside samples allowed'' I can only imagine what crazy shit people would do ...
  9. MFakka

    STBB #456 VOTEZ

  10. MFakka

    STBB #456 VOTEZ

    oh snap ME. has 3 votes also
  11. MFakka

    STBB #456 VOTEZ

    I don't remember that it was so tight like this (that's what he said)! JSTRO, Turquoise Crown and Osh'ean all have 4 votes I hope it stays that way so we have a threesome sample mania next week, or maybe someone could give 1 vote to Magnetic Forces for a 4 person tie
  12. MFakka

    STBB #456 VOTEZ

    This week has been amazing yet again, and the beats were pure dopeness..While listening to the entries I had a feeling that I am listening to some sort of a beat compilation that was carefully selected.. Dunno if my taste has become more diverse or what but I am diggin a lot of the beats here.. Shouts to all you peeps that took the time to participate this week!! Vote goes to: JSTRØ loved his beat, the break he used fit perfectly and the horns at the end were the cherry on top
  13. MFakka

    STBB @456

    Me and Good Fella Nella did a collab, hope you guys dig.
  14. MFakka

    STBB 455 VOTE!!!

    Very tight week!! Such a variety of beats, I enjoyed listening to every one of them..Props to all I really don't feel like typing a whole list of with everyone on it My vote goes to snares he made the most jazziest ishh this week, really dope.. Amazing stuff guys!!
  15. MFakka

    STBB#455 We Got the Jazz!

    BIG thanks to all for the votes and feedback that you guys gave me, I appreciate it and it means a lot!! I really didn't think that I would win cause majority of the beats were dope as f.. Have fun this week and good luck!!