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  1. its been a minute all tracks made on the 404sx bless
  2. AlanGood

    :: GOOD MAMA [良いママ] :: BEAT THREAD ::

  3. AlanGood

    :: GOOD MAMA [良いママ] :: BEAT THREAD ::

  4. AlanGood

    :: GOOD MAMA [良いママ] :: BEAT THREAD ::

  5. AlanGood

    :: GOOD MAMA [良いママ] :: BEAT THREAD ::

  6. AlanGood

    STBB #461 VOTE

    yeh, i actually listen to every entry ..
  7. AlanGood

    STBB #461 VOTE

    i counted 7 on the sc page ;] but maybe i just have a short attention span? i always figured anything over 1:45ish in a beat battle was kinda pushing it the beat i voted for was 2:22 and was definitely interesting enough to merit some extra attention i dont think battle beats should be short little snippets but most cats here just make a loop and play it straight for the duration, and when that duration starts hitting the 2:30, 3min, even 4 min mark, and i got 30 more entries to listen to X] gets a little soul crushing (s/o to ffolliott <3 i actually did find your entry really beautiful)
  8. AlanGood

    STBB #461 VOTE

    *note to the next host* pleaseee set a time limit, a bunch of 3min+ beats are not a good look x] honorable mentions : wigmaster [good, but late?] l∆keshore [such chops, much dope] Kowalzki [percz <3] tesla [been using this to freestyle] ras dude [been using this to smoke to] linkrust [dope, but too long!] odous [ive definitely listened to this the most] wysdm [ these days] vote : the biggest, the baddest : VAVOOM !
  9. AlanGood

    STBB 461: Cole Week

    ! suppp ST, its been a minute
  10. AlanGood

    STBB 441 VOTE

    geez ..yall brought heat this round givin a vote for turquoise crown !!
  11. AlanGood

    STBB No.427

    i know its late in the game, but this needs to be here
  12. AlanGood


    im just gonna leave this here ..
  13. AlanGood


  14. AlanGood

    STBB 423

    mad love for bmc