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  1. guys, he's been signed for a while now. are the boards that dead lol? poor Jerry... ...but anyway, just posting here cause the tour w/ Jerry Paper, Stimulator Jones, Kiefer and Prophet makes its Denver stop tonight! anybody else going? hit me up @jfhdot on IG or something if so 馃憤
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    How did Knxwledge do this vocoding?

    it could also be an alternate take of the song "Drugs". the vocals sound pretty similar on both
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    Which Social Media/Websites Do Y'all Use The Most?

    YT by far. then prob IG. then Reddit. then FB. then Twitter, in that order. after that there's not much else i even use regularly; does Spotify count?
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    Kendrick Lamar Fanboys Unite!

    yeah, i'm admitting it. TPAB is the best hip-hop album since Madvilliany. I WILL DEBATE YOU
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    i'm surprised this hasn't been a thread yet...but yeah, let's talk films. first off, i found this awesome interview with Tarantino where he actually refers to his own style of direction as a "hip-hop aesthetic"...now that's pretty cool.
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    not sure what happened, but for some reason it just all clicked for me the past week or so. i've been aware of these guys all last year, but now i'm realizing just how much i had been sleeping on them since then. they're not at all what i had originally thought of them, and the more i dive in the more interested i get in the whole world they've built up for themselves. it would be like if 12 of us on the STMB just moved into a house and started making media -- beats, raps, lyrics, vocals, films, music videos, graphic design, fucking everything...all independently. i didn't realize how much they had blown up until this week when i tried buying tix to their show this Thursday in Denver. not only are these tix sold the fuck out, they're currently climbing up in price on Stubhub past the $100 point -- per ticket. also noticed a massive jump in their channel's hits, they have like 20 songs that have passed the 1 million view mark. shit's crazy...and they're just starting to blow up. has anyone else here been listening to the best boy band ever?
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    can't forget this banger, of course: the moment i began to realize these guys are something special is when i juxtaposed this track ^ with this one: they can kill it on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. some of their softer songs get a little too soft for my taste tbh, so i definitely have a little disagreement with how highly Fantano rated their first project. but what else do you expect from a literal boy band? so i give them a pass on songs like "LAMB" or "WASTE"
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    i was at the show, i have like 25-30 mins of raw footage. Yasiin not only showed up unexpectedly, but he also started freestyling over unreleased Madlib beats. VICE was there filming the opening act, Debo Band with Ayalew Mesfin, as well as The Madlib himself (Egon posted a photo last week of them being interviewed at Vinyl Me, Please in Denver). Bey stayed the entire rest of the set, and Madlib ended by dropping 2-3 tracks from Bandana. then he threw the mix CD into the crowd...so that means somebody in Denver has a CD full of unreleased joints AND new Freddie Gibbs. i made a longer post about it on the reddit thread that mellow tooth guy made, but if anyone's interested i might upload at least some of the set on YouTube or something
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    I'm here making Stones Throw relevant...

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    i feel like this thread should be dedicated to the most douchy, preachy, cringe-worthy stuff we can find on YouTube or elsewhere. case in point, this guy:
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    this guy REALLY wants Kid Cudi's attention. but hey, as far as delusion goes this dude's up there with the Cudder himself
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    has anyone seen A Ghost Story?
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    What's good to watch these days

    new Black Mirror season is pretty intense. Charlie Brooker's one fucked up dude -- it always seems like his episodes are the ones that stand out...the trolling episode from season 3 was the biggest mindfuck i've ever witnessed on a television show, without a doubt. also was surprised to see Jodie Foster of all people directed an episode this season?
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    it's credited on YouTube as the Four-Tet remix...
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    Dilla's MPC on the National Mall

    Ocean's Fourteen ? now there's a plot EDIT: Ocean's 4/4 is a much better title
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    R.I.P. (?) Charles Manson

    have any of you listened to the Young Charlie podcast? saw it on my Spotify, got through episode one...intriguing stuff. didn't realize he had come from such a broken home, and was committing high crimes at such an early age. guess he just wanted to do hoodrat stuff with his friend
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    overrated rapper list

    James Frank.
  18. James Frank.

    R.I.P. (?) Charles Manson

    good for him
  19. James Frank.

    Flops/Fails/New Lows in Hip-Hop

    i blame Brother Love
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    would he send a DOOMPOSTER to represent him in court?
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    https://jezebel.com/tell-us-what-you-know-about-the-louis-c-k-sexual-abuse-1818549472 https://www.salon.com/2017/10/20/is-metoo-coming-for-louis-c-k/ https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/evbggm/i-got-shut-down-while-trying-to-report-on-the-louis-ck-rumors lol the only writers reporting on them are Gawker-level publications desperate to be the place where something this big breaks so they don't go out of business. the problem is that they're unsubstantiated second and third-hand rumors from anonymous sources who have not only refused to come out publicly to speak about it, but in Jen Kirkman's case actively refuted those rumors. i mean Jesus Christ, this certainly says something about our society at large though -- right? once the general public at large smells blood in the water, it's just a media frenzy to see who gets to topple the next big celebrity... i'm seeing articles coming out about how in a "post-Weinstein" world, Louis CK's new film is "a total disaster" lol. what? how is this not the most topical movie of the entire year? it's literally art imitating life, through the magic of sheer coincidence. John Malkovich's character is the VILLAIN of the film, not the fucking hero. and Louis's character is one of a concerned father watching his daughter grow up to be exploited by a member of the Hollywood elite -- a story that has some extremely dark, extremely real undertones (just ask Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood about it). these blog writers are just fucking garbage, they act as though the system underpinning American media is this safe haven for all marginalized people, when their entire industry is filled with gross scumbags and delusional bloggers with varying combinations of nepotism and narcissism running through their bored millennial brains. i'm willing to admit my bias here, because i think Louis is undoubtedly the greatest comedian since Carlin, and might possibly even surpass him as one of the top 3 GOAT thanks to his work in television and film...but beyond all that, the man has built his entire persona and the entire second wind of his career on blunt, brutal honesty and self-deprecation. is it possible that he's a creep, and the allegations are true? yeah, i guess anything's possible. but just because i heard someone say someone else said their friend heard on a desperate, fringe comedy podcast that their friend said a guy did a thing at a place one time ten years ago that never was reported or placed on any record whatsoever, that doesn't make me very responsible to go out and report it like it's news just because it's particularly juicy gossip...right? the Jezebel link above is such a non-article, they literally beg anyone to send them an anonymous story at the end lol. i think the comments i've attached in screenshots below that article sums up my feelings about it: DISCLAIMER: no, it's not me who wrote this comment even though it says 'Masshole James'. my name is very common haha.
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    The Needle Drop Weirdo

    also, just have to comment on the cringe-worthiness of the above morse code posts. "randevu point" haha you know spell check is your friend Mr. X. glad to hear Operation Reciprocity went well and someone received a package from you or something -- oh whoops, was that supposed to be top secret? .. -- .- -.- . .--. --- --- .. -. -- -.-- .--. .- -. - ... --- -. .- ... ..- -. -.. .- -.-- -- --- .-. -. .. -. --. ..-. --- .-. -- -.-- --. .-. .- -- ... .-- .... . -. ... .... . ... .. -.-. -.- --- - .... . -.. --- --. --- -. .- -- -.-- -... . .-.. .-.. -... ..- - - --- -. ... -.-. .- .-. 路-路-路- --- .... .... --- .-- .... . -- .- -.- . -- . --. --- .-. . -.. .-- .. - .... - .... . --- .-- -... .. -. --. -... --- -. --. ... .- ..- -.-. . - .... .- - -.. .-. .. .--. ..-. .-. --- -- -- .- ..-. .. -. --. . .-. .-- .... . -. .. - .-. -.-- - --- - . .-.. .-.. - .... . .... --- ..- ... . .... --- .-- - --- ... . - -.. --- .-- -. - .... . -- .. -. . ... - .-. --- -. . ... --- ..- .--. --. .-. .- -. -.. -.. .- -.. 路-路-路-
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    The Needle Drop Weirdo

    lol there's an ignore feature on here?
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    GLK be rapin'

    i read this as GLK be rappin'...then i clicked and got depressed