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  1. Films

    i'm surprised this hasn't been a thread yet...but yeah, let's talk films. first off, i found this awesome interview with Tarantino where he actually refers to his own style of direction as a "hip-hop aesthetic"...now that's pretty cool.
  2. Films

    has anyone seen A Ghost Story?
  3. What's good to watch these days

    new Black Mirror season is pretty intense. Charlie Brooker's one fucked up dude -- it always seems like his episodes are the ones that stand out...the trolling episode from season 3 was the biggest mindfuck i've ever witnessed on a television show, without a doubt. also was surprised to see Jodie Foster of all people directed an episode this season?
  4. DOOM

    it's credited on YouTube as the Four-Tet remix...
  5. Dilla's MPC on the National Mall

    Ocean's Fourteen ? now there's a plot EDIT: Ocean's 4/4 is a much better title
  6. R.I.P. (?) Charles Manson

    have any of you listened to the Young Charlie podcast? saw it on my Spotify, got through episode one...intriguing stuff. didn't realize he had come from such a broken home, and was committing high crimes at such an early age. guess he just wanted to do hoodrat stuff with his friend
  7. overrated rapper list

    James Frank.
  8. R.I.P. (?) Charles Manson

    good for him
  9. Flops/Fails/New Lows in Hip-Hop

    i blame Brother Love
  10. DOOM

    would he send a DOOMPOSTER to represent him in court?
  11. Films

    https://jezebel.com/tell-us-what-you-know-about-the-louis-c-k-sexual-abuse-1818549472 https://www.salon.com/2017/10/20/is-metoo-coming-for-louis-c-k/ https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/evbggm/i-got-shut-down-while-trying-to-report-on-the-louis-ck-rumors lol the only writers reporting on them are Gawker-level publications desperate to be the place where something this big breaks so they don't go out of business. the problem is that they're unsubstantiated second and third-hand rumors from anonymous sources who have not only refused to come out publicly to speak about it, but in Jen Kirkman's case actively refuted those rumors. i mean Jesus Christ, this certainly says something about our society at large though -- right? once the general public at large smells blood in the water, it's just a media frenzy to see who gets to topple the next big celebrity... i'm seeing articles coming out about how in a "post-Weinstein" world, Louis CK's new film is "a total disaster" lol. what? how is this not the most topical movie of the entire year? it's literally art imitating life, through the magic of sheer coincidence. John Malkovich's character is the VILLAIN of the film, not the fucking hero. and Louis's character is one of a concerned father watching his daughter grow up to be exploited by a member of the Hollywood elite -- a story that has some extremely dark, extremely real undertones (just ask Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood about it). these blog writers are just fucking garbage, they act as though the system underpinning American media is this safe haven for all marginalized people, when their entire industry is filled with gross scumbags and delusional bloggers with varying combinations of nepotism and narcissism running through their bored millennial brains. i'm willing to admit my bias here, because i think Louis is undoubtedly the greatest comedian since Carlin, and might possibly even surpass him as one of the top 3 GOAT thanks to his work in television and film...but beyond all that, the man has built his entire persona and the entire second wind of his career on blunt, brutal honesty and self-deprecation. is it possible that he's a creep, and the allegations are true? yeah, i guess anything's possible. but just because i heard someone say someone else said their friend heard on a desperate, fringe comedy podcast that their friend said a guy did a thing at a place one time ten years ago that never was reported or placed on any record whatsoever, that doesn't make me very responsible to go out and report it like it's news just because it's particularly juicy gossip...right? the Jezebel link above is such a non-article, they literally beg anyone to send them an anonymous story at the end lol. i think the comments i've attached in screenshots below that article sums up my feelings about it: DISCLAIMER: no, it's not me who wrote this comment even though it says 'Masshole James'. my name is very common haha.
  12. Films

  13. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    also, just have to comment on the cringe-worthiness of the above morse code posts. "randevu point" haha you know spell check is your friend Mr. X. glad to hear Operation Reciprocity went well and someone received a package from you or something -- oh whoops, was that supposed to be top secret? .. -- .- -.- . .--. --- --- .. -. -- -.-- .--. .- -. - ... --- -. .- ... ..- -. -.. .- -.-- -- --- .-. -. .. -. --. ..-. --- .-. -- -.-- --. .-. .- -- ... .-- .... . -. ... .... . ... .. -.-. -.- --- - .... . -.. --- --. --- -. .- -- -.-- -... . .-.. .-.. -... ..- - - --- -. ... -.-. .- .-. ·-·-·- --- .... .... --- .-- .... . -- .- -.- . -- . --. --- .-. . -.. .-- .. - .... - .... . --- .-- -... .. -. --. -... --- -. --. ... .- ..- -.-. . - .... .- - -.. .-. .. .--. ..-. .-. --- -- -- .- ..-. .. -. --. . .-. .-- .... . -. .. - .-. -.-- - --- - . .-.. .-.. - .... . .... --- ..- ... . .... --- .-- - --- ... . - -.. --- .-- -. - .... . -- .. -. . ... - .-. --- -. . ... --- ..- .--. --. .-. .- -. -.. -.. .- -.. ·-·-·-
  14. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    lol there's an ignore feature on here?
  15. GLK be rapin'

    i read this as GLK be rappin'...then i clicked and got depressed

    seeing them 10/29; can't wait

    http://www.nme.com/news/death-grips/73822 looks like xmas came early, fellas. brand new LP, in its entirety, released independently and ahead of schedule just randomly tonight for free streaming + download if you so desire. i'm so happy
  18. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    what did i miss? did something finally happen on here?
  19. R.I.P. Harry Dean Stanton

    i loved his role in Paris, Texas...beautifully shot movie. boring as shit though, unless you're into extremely slow-paced films. Alien was great too, as well as the others Projexion mentioned above ^
  20. Valerian [SPOILERS]

    so i figured i would post that Valerian review now...spoilers ahead. holy shit, what a movie. the last time i felt this way watching a film in a theater was Suicide Squad. for a movie with such a great, eye-opening trailer, it really ended up being a monumental shit-show. like, a historically bad film. let me explain, from the beginning. so i walk into this theater with my lady. we ate a cookie each and shared part of a joint in the car right before going in. get our tix, get some drinks, and head into the theater...it's like 9:40. the showtime was 9:30, so with 15 mins of trailers they're supposed to start around 9:45. we sit down in some fancy recliner chairs, and nothing's on. then randomly the trailers abruptly start, but the volume's really quiet and then off-sync. we wait for them to figure their shit out upstairs, but after 5 mins of this the actual screen freezes up and they have to literally restart the fucking computer they're playing this on. i noticed they're still using like Windows XP as their OS, cause i could see the fucking taskbar on the bottom of the screen just chilling out for another 5 mins. the lights come back on, and the window above opens; the projectionist sticks his head out like the door guy from the Wizard of Oz, and yells down to us, "Sorry folks, having some technical difficulties. We're gonna skip through a couple trailers and get things back on track" we're like, wtf. never had that happen to me in a theater my entire life...and of all the times, of course it had to be then, right as these cookies were kicking in. so anyway, they reset the system, and i should've recognized that as an omen for what i was about to experience. we put on our 3D glasses, open up our $4 Sour Patch Kids, and see the title card come up. i feel like i'm watching a video game cut scene as it shows these weird alien creatures on a beach. they show this CG alien pet thing that shits pearls or something, and it dawns on me: i have no idea who this movie's audience is. i thought i was watching another Avatar type film, but here in the first 2 mins of the movie i'm seeing this doe-eyed alien that is totally pandering to children ages 3-8. immediately my heart sinks...i've been here before. Episode One felt like this -- and i was 7 when that came out. now i'm 25, watching a cartoon hedgehog shitting diamonds into a fountain. needless to say, i have no clue what's going on. so their planet gets destroyed or something, then it cuts to a guy on a beach. i think to myself, 'that's a nice shot -- maybe that's what i'm supposed to pay attention to, it's a feast for the eyes type of film'. awesome, that's what i was promised in the trailers. instead, i get this scene where this wannabe Keanu Reeves gives the worst monotone, ham-fisted exposition with this poor supermodel that is just trying her best to play believably off of this replicant of a man. i actually wondered to myself if that was gonna be the twist, like maybe he actually is a fucking robot...but no, his acting is just that bad. he really just sounds like that...through the whole movie. this guy is supposed to be our Chris Pratt. what the fuck indeed. so then some shit happens, they end up in this desert to steal this pearl or whatever...because the whole catch is that there's a crazy, seedy underground city in the desert -- but it's in another dimension, so tourists go there and whatever. fast forward one moderately decent action scene later, and we're back on a ship dealing with these two assholes as our lead characters. i'm just sitting in my chair, i look over to my right and my girlfriend is curled up in a ball sleeping in her fancy recliner chair. i get up to go get another beer. i come back like 8 mins later and they're still in the same fucking scene talking about some forced, inane bullshit romance they're trying to mash in our faces on top of all the action and fx and sci-fi...i think to myself, Episode Two felt like this -- and i was 10 when that came out. now i'm 25, watching possibly the shittiest leading man i've seen since Tommy Wisseau trying to convince a supermodel to marry him. i couldn't even tell you what happens, it's all so fucking boring and pointless...but eventually i reach this zen mode while i watch it. somehow, against all odds, i'm still enjoying this film -- for literally ALL the wrong reasons lol. i'm laughing at this film now; the last time i laughed at a movie like this was Suicide Squad. so once i realized what i was in for, i just sat back and tried to enjoy the experience for what it was. then, *record scratch* Rihanna shows up... one very, very long striptease dance scene later, she tries conning Keanu into something but he doesn't buy it. then she says she's a real actor, and asks if he likes Shakespeare or something haha...then she quotes Shakespeare. the guy says something like, "wow, you're such an amazing actress. i love your performance" and Rihanna's like, smiling back, saying "thank you -- thank you!" and i'm sitting in my seat, watching this happen on screen, and it's almost like there's not even a movie happening. it's like the Keanu actor guy is literally just complimenting Rihanna on her acting. i'm stunned...i didn't realize it was gonna get like this. there was no comparison to the Prequels for this moment in cinema history. so for some reason they team up and break out of the sex hut Rihanna was working in i guess, but then Rihanna switches form into this blue, goopy squid monster. but here's the thing: they keep Rihanna's voice exactly the same. so at this point i've reached a weird, bad film nirvana where fucking Rihanna is voice-acting for a blue tentacle monster in a film that's not a Seth Rogen comedy. at this point, despite all the shit i dealt with getting into the theater and trying to figure out where i'm supposed to get my money's worth for the ticket price, i realize that this scene is the money shot. if for no other reason, you need to see this film to see this scene...it's fucking surreal, in 2017 to see something this bad on screen...i gotta tell ya, it's a real treat. then, the best part -- Rihanna dies hahahaha. like immediately after this scene, she just dies for no fucking reason and everyone pretends to be all sad and dramatic about it even though they just met her 15 mins ago. and then they move on, and the movie goes on for like another hour lol. it gets to a point where i wonder if all that Rihanna shit ever happened, or if i was actually that high. spoilers: i wasn't. it did happen. and that's really where my review ends; it's just an amazing watch, probably the worst movie i've seen in theaters this decade...like, fucking incredibly bad. but the whole bit with Rihanna cemented this film in my brain as one of the best worst movies ever made. i should've known after seeing the reviews on TV..."critics are raving"; "_____ gives it a near perfect score!"; "go see the movie event of the decade"; "the next Avatar"; etc. the one rule of thumb i totally forgot to abide by was, if a movie gets praise like ^ this in TV spots, it's probably because it's a monumental flop. TL;DR 10/10 would recommend
  21. Woody Shaw: Beyond All Limits

  22. Politics and Current Events

    Instrumental Beats, Fake News
  23. Who's sleepin on these canned goods?

    just getting around to checking this out. definitely slept on it for much longer than i should've
  24. Politics and Current Events

    isn't the whole point of the DREAM Act to give people an opportunity to naturalize themselves as citizens, provided they don't fuck it up somehow? it always seemed like a very reasonable policy to me -- i mean, i get the counter-argument; you don't just want unfettered, unregulated, undocumented immigration without a sustainable system of checks and balances, and of course you don't want anyone to just abuse the generosity of the current system and use its flaws to their advantages...but if anything, it's just a band-aid to the real elephant in the room. our legal immigration process is fucking dog shit, yet nobody wants to reform it. that's something i never hear come up in conversations about immigration. it's always either a strictly humanitarian, "we need to help everyone no matter what because it's our responsibility as Americans" issue, or it's a "well, they shouldn't have been born to undocumented parents so fuck them -- let them try again, through our back-ass-wards legal system that takes people 8+ years to get into this country" issue. but in reality we should have a streamlined immigration process to begin with that would mitigate these issues...then at that point it doesn't matter if there's a stupid wall being built, because people won't be forced to scaling said fucking wall to get into this country. i know it's a complicated issue, reforming an entire department of the government, but what pains me is that nobody even gives the idea any serious weight when that's the main source for the entire issue to begin with! i mean, really? where are the politicians advocating for that? the closest i got in my district was Lily Tang Williams last November, and her CPR interview made her sound like a fucking idiot on literally every other position for her platform so i just couldn't vote for her.
  25. Politics and Current Events

    STMB IBMB this place has become this dude's personal junk storage. i couldn't imagine making a thread for every single news article/pointless YouTube video i come across lol...but what do i know? i'm just a stupid, evil American capitalist swine