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  1. R.I.P. Harry Dean Stanton

    i loved his role in Paris, Texas...beautifully shot movie. boring as shit though, unless you're into extremely slow-paced films. Alien was great too, as well as the others Projexion mentioned above ^
  2. Woody Shaw: Beyond All Limits

  3. Politics and Current Events

    Instrumental Beats, Fake News
  4. Who's sleepin on these canned goods?

    just getting around to checking this out. definitely slept on it for much longer than i should've
  5. Politics and Current Events

    isn't the whole point of the DREAM Act to give people an opportunity to naturalize themselves as citizens, provided they don't fuck it up somehow? it always seemed like a very reasonable policy to me -- i mean, i get the counter-argument; you don't just want unfettered, unregulated, undocumented immigration without a sustainable system of checks and balances, and of course you don't want anyone to just abuse the generosity of the current system and use its flaws to their advantages...but if anything, it's just a band-aid to the real elephant in the room. our legal immigration process is fucking dog shit, yet nobody wants to reform it. that's something i never hear come up in conversations about immigration. it's always either a strictly humanitarian, "we need to help everyone no matter what because it's our responsibility as Americans" issue, or it's a "well, they shouldn't have been born to undocumented parents so fuck them -- let them try again, through our back-ass-wards legal system that takes people 8+ years to get into this country" issue. but in reality we should have a streamlined immigration process to begin with that would mitigate these issues...then at that point it doesn't matter if there's a stupid wall being built, because people won't be forced to scaling said fucking wall to get into this country. i know it's a complicated issue, reforming an entire department of the government, but what pains me is that nobody even gives the idea any serious weight when that's the main source for the entire issue to begin with! i mean, really? where are the politicians advocating for that? the closest i got in my district was Lily Tang Williams last November, and her CPR interview made her sound like a fucking idiot on literally every other position for her platform so i just couldn't vote for her.
  6. Politics and Current Events

    STMB IBMB this place has become this dude's personal junk storage. i couldn't imagine making a thread for every single news article/pointless YouTube video i come across lol...but what do i know? i'm just a stupid, evil American capitalist swine

    i think it's hilarious how hypocritical some beatmakers can be with their beats though. perfect example is the Lord Finesse/Mac Miller lawsuit...like, how can you be pro-sampling and say that your re-interpretation of it makes it an original work that doesn't necessitate paying royalties to the original artist -- then when someone pulls the same shit on you all of a sudden you think re-interpretation is just a euphemism for stealing lol? so i guess second-gen sampling is one thing; re-interpreting an old school acapella is another thing (like you're mentioning, 360) ; and then re-interpreting an old school beat is another thing, and they all have to be addressed differently since they aren't the same things...it's crazy.

    here's a good one: what do you guys think about second-generation sampling? by this i mean beats that literally sample another beat lol. the most prevalent example i can think of in my head is "All Gold Everything" by Trinidad James, sampling a Too $hort track from like 10 years before, just slowed down to half-speed. part of me thinks it's the whackest, most un-creative shit anyone could pull ever...but then the philosopher in me thinks about why i get so angry at the idea. i mean, it's music being re-interpreted, right? that's the definition of a sample...so in theory, you could very easily argue that this is the logical step for *some hip-hop production. as a community/industry, we've exhausted numerous genres of music -- sometimes even the same fucking samples, as discussed above in the thread. but just like those should be treated on a case by case basis, part of me thinks we should treat second-gen sampling the same way. i mean, sometimes the shit is dope and sometimes it isn't; that's just music. with that said though, i imagine in my head an example of someone sampling, let's say the Accordion beat -- and just kinda slowing it down to half speed, maybe adding a high-pass filter and a few extra bass notes. could that work? or is it blasphemy lol? old heads were dead wrong about the influence of trap music on hip-hop, as we can clearly see new cats coming up specifically doing everything "wrong" just to piss them off haha...so i wonder if this is one of those things too. like will someone 20 years from now sample All Gold Everything, and speed it back up to sound normal? is that a third-generation sample or does it just cancel out at some point like Inception...
  9. Washed Out

    just saw him perform with his band last night in Denver -- probably my most enjoyable concert of the year, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. what i really appreciate about him is that he strives to perform the tracks differently live rather than just give you the studio recording over some huge speakers. heard a super slowed down version of "Feel It All Around" at some point, a sped up version of "Get Up" with a completely different take on the vocals and lyrics, and then throughout the show he left enough room in each track for his accompanying musicians to improvise a little...which is extremely refreshing to see in this scene.
  10. Politics and Current Events

    i've heard/read people take the slippery slope approach to this, where by extension we eventually start taking down statues of the Founding Fathers and what-not (for example, the infamous VICE article that had the original headline "Let's Blow Up Mount Rushmore": Let's Get Rid of Mount Rushmore - VICE ) do you guys have a specific line where dismantling statues becomes counter-productive? i'm in favor of removing these statues from public areas, and the fact that at least some if not a lot of these will be preserved for historical purposes in Civil War museums sounds like a completely reasonable solution to me...it's not "erasing history" at all like some people have been trying to spin it as. with that said though, it's very true that people throughout history have done fucked up things. shit, i bet 200 years from now people will look back at today's times and point out all the shit we fucked up and demand similar cultural zeitgeists for some of the worst things the new millennium has had to offer thus far. my point is that just like technological innovation is always occurring, so is moral innovation...so the best way to learn from history's mistakes is to understand that progression and see the net positives we've all come to experience at this point in humanity. it can be really hard to do that when you're viewing history from a contemporary lens -- even some of our most beloved figures in society weren't perfect, and it can be very easy to write off someone's past existence over something they thought then that is now considered wrong or even malicious by today's standards. i mean, are we willing to start creating ultimatums like, "any historical figure with any connection to negative historical events/figures/ideologies/etc. shall be destroyed" ? i've always been intrigued by Post-Modern thought, but i'm not going to become a total iconoclast because of it...to me, it seems to be more of the same shit humans have always done. the new perpetually destroys the old; i mean, Christian missionaries from centuries past built statues of their patron saints and religious figures after destroying all the indigenous statues they could, establishing their cultural hegemony. this is very similar: we're essentially establishing a new cultural hegemony over America that is hopefully more explicitly opposed to its violent past and less forgiving of its predecessors' actions. that's not necessarily a bad thing, it just is what it is -- and as long as people understand that on any side, then it should give you some historical context to help make sense of what's happening in our country currently. we're watching the death throes of nationalism, in all flavors and varieties, as technology inevitably propels us into a more globalist-centric age. (just wanted to add, thanks to fuckheads on the internet the term "globalist" has in itself become a disguised term meant to mean something else...i'm not using it in that way. i mean the literal definition of globalist lol, as in operations conducted on an international scale. felt like i had to clarify that in case someone misinterprets what i'm trying to say) but yeah, i think this is a fascinating conversation regarding the duty of iconoclasm in the face of an ugly, unjust history...curious to read your guys' thoughts on this.
  11. DOOM the Horrible - (MF BARNES)

    where'd you find the Meat Grinder acapella?
  12. what are you listening to?

  13. Noza - You're Right (Critique Thread)

  14. Last beat made by Komplikated RIP ( tribute track )

    why are there 4 copies of the same thread?
  15. Films

    http://board.stonesthrow.com/index.php?/topic/28244-valerian-spoilers/ there's definitely spoilers in there, so beware.