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  1. UPDATE: they were. they even played their first new track in 7 years or something and i didn't realize it until afterwards
  2. how is this not Hype?
  3. http://lapostpunk.blogspot.com/
  4. so one of my favorite things to do as a hobby is discover music. whether it's new, old, popular or obscure, i just love music like i'm sure most of the STMB does as well. with that said, though, i get really excited when i come across like a weird blogspot where some person has taken it upon themselves to upload and share an entire obscure genre's worth of music...complete with links to zippyshare or mediafire or wherever. i eat that shit up like nothing else matters when i come across it on the internet -- it really is the electronic equivalent to finding rare gems at your local record shop. if it weren't for the internet, i would've never gotten so into Brazilian-tinged bossa nova for a while, or obscure LA post-punk rarities bundled in a fan-made compilation for free download because the songs are literally ripped from some random dude's only surviving vinyl copy of an album. i figured it would be cool to set my antennae out there for some new (to me) shit, cause i know crate diggers and beatmakers have the exact same mindset as i do when it comes to this kinda stuff. i used to just look for weird samples, but along the way i grew to appreciate music in a much more general sense, especially those artists/songs that make you feel like you're probably the only one who's ever listened to it. so yeah, what kinda blogs are you guys into? i'll post mine later today
  5. well the thing we keep arguing in circles over is what Soundcloud should be used for. you seem to be dead-centered on the idea that it's like FUBU for independent music creators specifically, including fans of indie artists, indie artists themselves, indie labels, and indie artist collectives. i'm saying it could easily expand its influence and be more than that if it was managed properly, which we both agree it is not. let's just agree to disagree and be glad we don't own a business like Soundcloud together lol. nothing like a good, long-winded argument on a message board to really get the blood flow going
  6. lol not really feeling the Soundcloud Apologist argument up there ^ every counterpoint that was made could be dismissed by bringing up YouTube... sorry, there's way too much for me to respond to so i'll just pull this little nugget of rhetoric to address. you seem to have missed my entire argument -- the main problem Soundcloud has is that despite its popularity, it's not JUST music. you even said lol, when you addressed me uploading podcasts regularly further up in your response...you know there's more on there than just music. the platform is literally YouTube for audio, and if they want to stay afloat they need to act like it. not being able to host as many ads just means they need to scale back their expectations. Spotify makes it work. Pandora makes it work. Audiomack makes it work despite having a fraction of the popularity...that's why Soundcloud is a miserable failure imo. popularity doesn't pay the bills, and they don't need "hundreds of employees" and a dozen lavish offices to run it. the problem is they expect people w/o the means to afford $84-180 per year to pay that kind of $ for something that, like you admitted, isn't crucial for anyone besides bedroom producers who are trying to make it and get noticed. YouTube offers exclusive content via Red and Music, they don't just fuck you over and make you pay to keep your channel after you've established it; Soundcloud does. they literally punish the concept of regular uploads...and yes, it is completely reasonable to expect a website whose sole purpose is hosting audio to allow you to host as much audio as you damn well please to promote yourself THROUGH their platform. Soundcloud owes just as much to Chance the Rapper as Chance owes to Soundcloud. social media celebs not only make a name for themselves, but essentially become brand ambassadors and representatives of their respective platforms...from Facebook to Vine, there's successful people on every platform creating regular content that allows people to indulge in the service and (duhhhhhh) USE IT MORE FREQUENTLY. when you limit access, limit content creation, and limit a potential audience that could expand into places like, podcasts, concerts, talk radio, radio plays, audio books, audio reviews, etc. (i.e. content that is NOT created by small-time bedroom beatmakers, but stuff that is more corporate and more consistent in nature, allowing more frequent uploads of episodes)...well then, i'm not really all that wistful about a company's failure. you're acting like there will never be another Soundcloud; i'm telling you Soundcloud is the MySpace of audio hosting platforms. it can and will be replaced by something better, and we all will rejoice on that app where we can have the freedom that old Soundcloud provided us.
  7. how were they making money before ads then? were they just consistently losing money for years and years? there aren't any upload limits (within reason) for YouTube or any other platform...it's kinda shitty to limit everyone to 3 hours on a free account, forcing people to delete tracks in order to upload new stuff. especially for anyone who is trying to upload consistent content, i.e. podcasts, radio segments, full shows, etc. Soundcloud made it impossible for these independent types of media to flourish on their platform...shit, even when i used to make beats i would still run out of space. the premium/pro upgrades make sense if they want to make money that way, but honestly -- who is going to pay $84 / year for only double the upload time, and $180 / year for "unlimited" upload time? i pay just about as much for a fully fleshed out website on Squarespace...to put things in perspective, Netflix charges $12/month MAXIMUM. and that's something people use every single day. these guys want $15/month for a service that nobody looks at as crucial...i can always just go to Audiomack, YouTube, or even just upload it myself onto my own website for FREE. it's less convenient, which is annoying, but i'm not sitting here feeling like i'm losing out by not having Soundcloud Pro lol. their biz model is very arrogant, it assumes people can't live without their platform when nothing is further from the truth. the only people who do get hurt are the broke ass bedroom producers trying to build a following out of nothing from the merits of their platform... i would pay if they set it up like Mediafire or other cloud storage sites, where you pay for a certain amount of extra time (like $1 for every 30 mins or something). so many people like me would've gone for a pay as you go system like that -- but then on top of all that, they make it a recurring monthly charge despite the fact that upload time never increases. let's say i went with Pro, paid $12/month to continue uploading 2 free accounts' worth of upload time (for this example, i'll say i post ~10 minute segments of a show once every week). it would take me 18 weeks, or ~4 1/2 months, to eat through all of that extra time i paid for, so then i'm right back to being maxed out again. and then on top of that, i'm forced to either pay to keep my already uploaded recordings, or i'm forced to delete half my entire library to conserve space...so then if i wanted to continue weekly uploads, then i guess i just have to say sayonara to all the work i posted that's older than 8 months. 2015 stuff? fuck that, it's gone. early 2016 stuff? fuck you , you're gone too. anybody who happens to stumble upon my work in this example sees my post history and assumes i've only been doing it since mid 2016 at the earliest...or, alternatively, i keep old tracks at the expense of a consistent upload schedule. now it looks like i'm inconsistent and idk what the fuck i'm doing, i got 1-3 things from 2015, 4-8 things from 2016, and then just random new uploads from 2017. this is why they failed miserably in the fight to compete against platforms like YouTube...YouTube doesn't do this shit. and YouTube allows content creators to disable ads if they want to, so for a lot of independent beatmakers they can just upload their entire discography on there and nobody's limiting their upload time or telling them they can't upload something new every day (which, for anyone who understands social media, is CRUCIAL to setting themselves apart from the competition...like, that's step one in being relevant in today's entertainment landscape). the fact that they don't understand this is the best evidence i can give for why they should die and be replaced by a platform that gets why people use their service. they shot themselves in the foot by favoring this nonsensical approach that only serves to help people who upload <1 minute tracks occasionally unless they have an extra $200 lying around with no chance of a return on that investment. they don't pay artists with Ad Sense, if you have 101K listens on a song your only reward is being able to say you have a song with 101K listens. on YouTube you could potentially make $ on the ads they play alongside YOUR shit; here they just don't care.
  8. Soundcloud lost me the moment they did away with groups. that whole deal fucked up the way Beat Battles were conducted here, it's a real shame...then with the ads. the limited storage space. the weird porn spam accounts that would inevitably filter their way into your inbox asking you to click on their links. Soundcloud is like the RC Cola of music listening platforms
  9. here's the track that came out 2 years ago: mark every single cliché trick i mentioned on the last post -- this sounds exactly like Act 1, once again. simple piano loop, no drums, sappy wannabe deep lyrics that don't really say anything new, R&B vocals that sound dated and melodramatic. i feel like he puts clapping sfx on his songs because he knows that's the only applause he'll ever hear for one of his songs lol
  10. lol here we are 10 years later. i have no issue with calling this guy a clown, a one trick pony, and an expert level troll. his highness decided to finally grace us with his first new track in 2 years -- lo and behold, it sounds like every other song dude's ever made, beating the dead horse that his style has become. it's like the guy's too wrapped up in his own whimsical Rothschild love affairs to realize his once groundbreaking approach has become stale and passé. i wanted to root for the guy, like i root for DOOM, but this dude is the biggest paper tiger in the entire industry. Exhibits A-C were impressive as all hell; then as he released more music sporadically over the years, it became clear to anyone with working ears that this guy has a very specific formula that he sticks to like a crutch. rapping about the same moralistic struggle between God and the Devil in EVERY SINGLE VERSE makes the metaphors seem cheap and lazy; his production sucks whenever he decides to put drums and bass on his beats, which would explain why he did the Act I project with just straight-up samples. his "signature" isn't something cool like Matronix or looping a bar four times before the beat starts -- NO, instead he puts the shittiest, most amateur sounding "children cheering" sound effect on his beats, like that's the legacy he wants to leave behind lol. i thought at one small point in time he was it; he was THE next guy. then he took too long and Kendrick passed him up entirely. now his only hope is to never release an album, and just pray that his mystique can fuel his waning relevancy until he mysteriously dies or something. if he were to release his album tomorrow, i guarantee it will be straight up garbage...if his work the past 7 years is any indication, i hope for his sake that album never comes out. the hype has literally destroyed his career, he can never live up to the standards he set for himself...especially when he has the audacity to call out someone like Kendrick Lamar, who has in Jay's absence released classic after classic after classic consistently. in the famous words of "Untitled 07": I can never end a career if it never start ^ truth. i implore someone to defend this new track if they disagree with me, please make an argument that this isn't a shitty track with a shitty hook on a shitty beat with shitty, lame, wannabe deep verses about the same shit dude's been rapping about since 2007 hahaha. (UPDATE: the preview is just 30 seconds of nothing, like all of his songs haha. this man takes himself way too seriously; and to be this long-winded in your introduction AGAIN, with another sappy piano loop with sappy R&B vocals and some more stock SFX of people clapping...my God, how can anyone enjoy this? i dug Act 1, but he genuinely fooled me into believing he had more tricks up his sleeve than that.)
  11. sounds pretty likely
  12. so as of 2015 it's been Madvillain™ ?
  13. i love that music video -- very well done. reminds me of Frank Film
  14. UPDATE: mine won't even turn on. what the fuck is the point of this? all practical joking aside, i paid actual money for this -- i assumed there had to be some catch to it, since the original listing was so vague. i didn't think ST would stoop to literally selling their broken garbage to us...i thought at the very least there would be some clever endgame to this, like a secret track or hotline we could call to hear some unreleased Folerio or something. now instead i just feel scammed; where's the closure?