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  1. how the fuck can these guys consistently amaze me with new music? i just can't believe it...best band of the decade???
  2. they all moved on with their lives.
  3. https://revolt.tv/videos/real-talk-producers-talk-making-kendrick-lamars-pimp-butterfly-2b116d55 nice little doc i never knew of before. i hear TPAB instrumentals throughout, is this the only outlet that got access to those glorious stems? i'd love an instrumental version of the album at some point
  4. i still haven't opened mine.
  5. journalism is dead bro. you are literally putting in more work than them
  6. is that a buffet table?
  7. stumbled upon this in my recommended videos on YouTube.
  8. of course
  9. i found it on my own. and strong words coming from a dude who just shamelessly tagged every user here in another thread to hype your random ass beat tape nobody cares about. if you're trying to get people on your side to listen to your shit, you should probably not come out immediately on your judgmental high-horse like we all know this obscure rapper from fucking Memphis. clearly he's not well known if it's been 20 years and he still doesn't meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines -- but hey, if you're looking for people to piss off and turn against you you're doing a great job so far. EDIT: i took the bait, got trolled hard by the king himself.
  10. just came across this dude. 1994????? this shit sounds way ahead of its time...i'm digging the lo-fi sound though. it's almost like proto-trap -- fucking crazy. this guy would be killing it if he released this shit today, so it's just really intriguing to find this kind of music from a period of hip-hop that was dominated by East Coast rap.
  12. it was great -- everybody's heard the material now, after the SNL monologue and the new special. but it was great seeing one of my top idols in person after all these years...last time he was here in 2012 he sold out again, but i tried buying a ticket anyway in the Reserved section and debated showing up in crutches just to get in lol.
  13. some hints just to let us know we're going in the right direction with figuring these out would be helpful. i'm gonna be so pissed if i actually bought a pointless trap phone with no catch to it
  14. i kinda wish the album would've just stuck to one sound...the best tracks on the album -- "FEAR." and "DUCKWORTH." -- also stand out because they sound so different from every other track on the album, except maybe "FEEL." and of course the intro "BLOOD." . it's kinda weird, because everything else is tailored to have this commercial, radio-ready sound but these 3-4 tracks just disrupt the flow in an unflattering way. i'm noticing a lot of things though, particularly the motif of reversing. it shows up on a lot of the production, almost like he's intentionally going backwards in everything from his lyrics to his sound. shit, some of the vocals are even reversed on "FEAR." ... and then obviously the last verse on "FEAR." pretty much references every track/theme on the album at once. this is definitely his most connected work, and it's a surprisingly simple technique that most rappers just don't use. it's like all he has to do is say a noun like "dog", "Lucy", "yah/yeah", "Sherane", etc. and it immediately gives another link between a past song and a present one.
  15. http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1243374-kendrick-lamar-damn-album-cover someone jacked my fucking meme