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  1. Flops/Fails/New Lows in Hip-Hop

    i blame Brother Love
  2. DOOM

    would he send a DOOMPOSTER to represent him in court?
  3. Films

    https://jezebel.com/tell-us-what-you-know-about-the-louis-c-k-sexual-abuse-1818549472 https://www.salon.com/2017/10/20/is-metoo-coming-for-louis-c-k/ https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/evbggm/i-got-shut-down-while-trying-to-report-on-the-louis-ck-rumors lol the only writers reporting on them are Gawker-level publications desperate to be the place where something this big breaks so they don't go out of business. the problem is that they're unsubstantiated second and third-hand rumors from anonymous sources who have not only refused to come out publicly to speak about it, but in Jen Kirkman's case actively refuted those rumors. i mean Jesus Christ, this certainly says something about our society at large though -- right? once the general public at large smells blood in the water, it's just a media frenzy to see who gets to topple the next big celebrity... i'm seeing articles coming out about how in a "post-Weinstein" world, Louis CK's new film is "a total disaster" lol. what? how is this not the most topical movie of the entire year? it's literally art imitating life, through the magic of sheer coincidence. John Malkovich's character is the VILLAIN of the film, not the fucking hero. and Louis's character is one of a concerned father watching his daughter grow up to be exploited by a member of the Hollywood elite -- a story that has some extremely dark, extremely real undertones (just ask Corey Feldman and Elijah Wood about it). these blog writers are just fucking garbage, they act as though the system underpinning American media is this safe haven for all marginalized people, when their entire industry is filled with gross scumbags and delusional bloggers with varying combinations of nepotism and narcissism running through their bored millennial brains. i'm willing to admit my bias here, because i think Louis is undoubtedly the greatest comedian since Carlin, and might possibly even surpass him as one of the top 3 GOAT thanks to his work in television and film...but beyond all that, the man has built his entire persona and the entire second wind of his career on blunt, brutal honesty and self-deprecation. is it possible that he's a creep, and the allegations are true? yeah, i guess anything's possible. but just because i heard someone say someone else said their friend heard on a desperate, fringe comedy podcast that their friend said a guy did a thing at a place one time ten years ago that never was reported or placed on any record whatsoever, that doesn't make me very responsible to go out and report it like it's news just because it's particularly juicy gossip...right? the Jezebel link above is such a non-article, they literally beg anyone to send them an anonymous story at the end lol. i think the comments i've attached in screenshots below that article sums up my feelings about it: DISCLAIMER: no, it's not me who wrote this comment even though it says 'Masshole James'. my name is very common haha.
  4. Films

  5. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    also, just have to comment on the cringe-worthiness of the above morse code posts. "randevu point" haha you know spell check is your friend Mr. X. glad to hear Operation Reciprocity went well and someone received a package from you or something -- oh whoops, was that supposed to be top secret? .. -- .- -.- . .--. --- --- .. -. -- -.-- .--. .- -. - ... --- -. .- ... ..- -. -.. .- -.-- -- --- .-. -. .. -. --. ..-. --- .-. -- -.-- --. .-. .- -- ... .-- .... . -. ... .... . ... .. -.-. -.- --- - .... . -.. --- --. --- -. .- -- -.-- -... . .-.. .-.. -... ..- - - --- -. ... -.-. .- .-. ·-·-·- --- .... .... --- .-- .... . -- .- -.- . -- . --. --- .-. . -.. .-- .. - .... - .... . --- .-- -... .. -. --. -... --- -. --. ... .- ..- -.-. . - .... .- - -.. .-. .. .--. ..-. .-. --- -- -- .- ..-. .. -. --. . .-. .-- .... . -. .. - .-. -.-- - --- - . .-.. .-.. - .... . .... --- ..- ... . .... --- .-- - --- ... . - -.. --- .-- -. - .... . -- .. -. . ... - .-. --- -. . ... --- ..- .--. --. .-. .- -. -.. -.. .- -.. ·-·-·-
  6. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    lol there's an ignore feature on here?
  7. GLK be rapin'

    i read this as GLK be rappin'...then i clicked and got depressed

    seeing them 10/29; can't wait
  9. The Needle Drop Weirdo

    what did i miss? did something finally happen on here?
  10. R.I.P. Harry Dean Stanton

    i loved his role in Paris, Texas...beautifully shot movie. boring as shit though, unless you're into extremely slow-paced films. Alien was great too, as well as the others Projexion mentioned above ^
  11. Woody Shaw: Beyond All Limits

  12. Politics and Current Events

    Instrumental Beats, Fake News
  13. Who's sleepin on these canned goods?

    just getting around to checking this out. definitely slept on it for much longer than i should've
  14. Politics and Current Events

    isn't the whole point of the DREAM Act to give people an opportunity to naturalize themselves as citizens, provided they don't fuck it up somehow? it always seemed like a very reasonable policy to me -- i mean, i get the counter-argument; you don't just want unfettered, unregulated, undocumented immigration without a sustainable system of checks and balances, and of course you don't want anyone to just abuse the generosity of the current system and use its flaws to their advantages...but if anything, it's just a band-aid to the real elephant in the room. our legal immigration process is fucking dog shit, yet nobody wants to reform it. that's something i never hear come up in conversations about immigration. it's always either a strictly humanitarian, "we need to help everyone no matter what because it's our responsibility as Americans" issue, or it's a "well, they shouldn't have been born to undocumented parents so fuck them -- let them try again, through our back-ass-wards legal system that takes people 8+ years to get into this country" issue. but in reality we should have a streamlined immigration process to begin with that would mitigate these issues...then at that point it doesn't matter if there's a stupid wall being built, because people won't be forced to scaling said fucking wall to get into this country. i know it's a complicated issue, reforming an entire department of the government, but what pains me is that nobody even gives the idea any serious weight when that's the main source for the entire issue to begin with! i mean, really? where are the politicians advocating for that? the closest i got in my district was Lily Tang Williams last November, and her CPR interview made her sound like a fucking idiot on literally every other position for her platform so i just couldn't vote for her.
  15. Politics and Current Events

    STMB IBMB this place has become this dude's personal junk storage. i couldn't imagine making a thread for every single news article/pointless YouTube video i come across lol...but what do i know? i'm just a stupid, evil American capitalist swine