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    STBB #575 VOTE

    Haha right on will definitely peep it
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    STBB #575 VOTE

    Peace to all yall for dropping my name and the plays. Man I missed this place. Looking forward to next week. And Joa, it was Monty Shoe Walker I had you confused with haha. He changed his name to walking shoe and seeing yours I thought he changed it a second time lol
  3. shanechristakis

    STBB #575 VOTE

    Dope tracks from everybody! my top 3 (& my vote): 3. UNSEEN ERA - very nice uplifting sound and overall great track 2. SLANTEYEZ - made me feel some typa way with that bouncy bass line 1. FATVONFREE- some absolute crazy shit. i vibed out to that track like 4 times in a row. amazing solos & rhythms, couldn't have given a better "islandy springy" feel
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    Peace thanks bro
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    Whats good my dudes, haven't been on here in a damn minute... here's my track Hope I'm doing this right, if I recall correctly there used to be a button on Soundcloud to share your track to the group but I don't see it there anymore. Do people just submit everything here now?
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    just bought a used MPC 1000

    my friend recently sold me his MPC 1000 and i absolutely love it, have a manual and everything but i was wondering if anyone had some advice on what else i should buy with it. i dont have a memory card. just the mpc and the power supply. when i turn it on it says it's 128mb so i dont know if thats a lot or a little. what else might i need to buy that will be essential to use with it? i'm willing to spend some money to make sure i have everything i need to make and save music and to be able to transfer samples from my macbook to the mpc. i already tried plugging it in but i guess you cant mount it unless theres a memory card so thats the first thing on my list. any suggestions on what else i might need? would be much appreciated thanks!
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    Vote 326

    wow this week's beats were incredible some favorites were Slam53 ØkayTønyBeats ☁WΞ WΞΛR ☾ΛPΞS☁ a.K.aye ARwwae Darre DrunkenMaster2 Ogi feel the Beat ras dude enzoeyeris Sixfingerz
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    STBB 326

    STONES THROW BEAT BATTLE #326 SAMPLE : http://www40.zippysh...52269/file.html Production rules: NO QUANTIZING!! some sort of DRASTIC change up 2 minute time limit try to change the tempo at least once outside drums and bass are allowed synths allowed acapellas allowed vocal samples/skits are allowed cuts/scratches are permitted thanks everyone for the votes and for the participation! what an awesome week and an awesome group of people!
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    STBB 326

    thanks everyone for the support.. always wanted to sample this song but never got around to it, really looking forward to all the amazing talent this week!
  10. shanechristakis

    STBB 326

    hope i did everything right, please let me know if something needs to be fixed. thanks again everyone!
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    325 vote

    favorites.. ARwwae birddrop (awesome tribe acapellas!) Heavy Drama saadyah tzi speekless voxmonkey Walkingshoe Sixfingerz Butta Slick ODK JahRa LOUPO shittyears Ogi feel the Beat!
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  13. shanechristakis


    fuck YES odk, best sample choice i've heard in a while
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    321 vote

  15. shanechristakis


    DAMN that sample just gave me the chills. interesting rules!
  16. shanechristakis


    thanks for the recognition odk, no one seemed to notice but nice sample and rules this week! thanks for the vote too man really appreciate it
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    here's mine
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    the way i see it, no matter how "whack" or bizzare the sample may be, the fact that someone can make something sound good from it, that's the beauty of the whole thing.. you toss a sample out there and get a shit load of renditions and i think that's one of the most unique and awesome things about the beat battles. if someone wins and puts out a seriously bizzare sample then i think that's great practice for anyone who wants to get better at sampling music. remember that "beak" sample from #301? that was just pure constant noise that made me cringe to listen to. AND the rule was that you had to make it recognizable in your beat. but a bunch of different people made something great out of it and in my opinion that's what makes these beat battles so great, the fact that people can take a very strange sounding song and turn it into something i can bob my head to.
  19. shanechristakis

    STBB #311 VOTE

    Ogi feel the Beat!
  20. shanechristakis

    302 Vote

    lol could the username be any more obvious? had a fun week, favorites were rumpetaske StrangerMe? .Robot Orchestra. tom precise haptic. Psych.Hop.Padz d3fmut3 - 2nd place for me DJSapien BEATRONOME
  21. shanechristakis

    STBB behind the beat/Weekly winner interview

    i've tried and tried to use reason and ableton but i cannot figure either out for the life of me. not sure if i need any external instruments to plug into them or not, does anyone know if you can survive making beats with just your computer? i started out on garageband and moved to logic, only because you can do a lot without having to buy any hardware or have any expensive plugins. does anyone else use logic here? i look up youtube tutorials and shit and i never really see people making hip hop beats on it, they're usually house and electronic
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    301 Vote

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    haha as soon as i heard that guitar.. we gonna smoke a sherm stiiiiiiiiick nice sample choice!
  24. shanechristakis

    2 8 9

    gotta love the no quantize rule, great practice for everybody. i tried voting last week but had trouble registering with stmb. everyone straight up smashed it with 288 what an amazing first week. congrats to jondi, loved that jazzy feel. can't wait to get home n download the new sample, time for another inspiring week!