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  1. STBB #575 VOTE

    Haha right on will definitely peep it
  2. STBB #575 VOTE

    Peace to all yall for dropping my name and the plays. Man I missed this place. Looking forward to next week. And Joa, it was Monty Shoe Walker I had you confused with haha. He changed his name to walking shoe and seeing yours I thought he changed it a second time lol
  3. STBB #575 VOTE

    Dope tracks from everybody! my top 3 (& my vote): 3. UNSEEN ERA - very nice uplifting sound and overall great track 2. SLANTEYEZ - made me feel some typa way with that bouncy bass line 1. FATVONFREE- some absolute crazy shit. i vibed out to that track like 4 times in a row. amazing solos & rhythms, couldn't have given a better "islandy springy" feel
  4. :.STBB#575.Spring.Dance.:

    Peace thanks bro
  5. :.STBB#575.Spring.Dance.:

    Whats good my dudes, haven't been on here in a damn minute... here's my track Hope I'm doing this right, if I recall correctly there used to be a button on Soundcloud to share your track to the group but I don't see it there anymore. Do people just submit everything here now?