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  1. Jurmainson

    the matrix - official video

  2. Jurmainson

    new beat tape - solitary god

  3. Jurmainson

    Meditation Circle - A Beat Tape

    I make beats, tape here
  4. Jurmainson

    distraught temple

    check me out: https://soundcloud.com/jurmainson
  5. Jurmainson

    new beat tape The Gritfather by grit

    Revenge is nice, saved for later.
  6. Jurmainson

    Baker's Dozen: Ras_G

    https://fatbeatsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/bakers-dozen-ras-g Stoked
  7. Jurmainson

    Count Bass D

    @bamajoe, I'm about to listen to it. If you've heard it, out of all of the albums he's done before, what does it sound most like? Thanks EDIT: LOL, this sounds fairly unique.
  8. Jurmainson

    Samiyam - Animals Have Feelings

    This is my fault, I've heard a lot of the beats on this album before, so it was more a retread for me.
  9. Jurmainson

    Baker's Dozen: Dibia$e

    Best thing the guy has done imo, highly recommended. https://fatbeatsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/bakers-dozen-dibia-e
  10. Jurmainson

    Samiyam - Animals Have Feelings

    I appreciate the short track lengths.
  11. Jurmainson

    Samiyam 2016

    So it's gonna be another album with rappers on it eh?
  12. Jurmainson

    Guilty Simpson - Detroit's Son

    Hopefully this will be good.
  13. Jurmainson


    Where do you guys rank the Beat Konducta in Africa amongst the other Beat Konductas and Rock Konductas?
  14. Jurmainson

    Ahnnu - Perception

    New Ahnnu in two years. World Music was incredible, no hyperboly. https://www.stonesthrow.com/store/album/ahnnu/perception-tape Cassette, for only $1 extra? I'm gonna have to buy the cassette then.