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  6. Madlib - 100 Beats

    Don't forget about JJ's reply:
  7. DOOM

    And now there's this to look forward to? Doom's a busy fucking dude and has to hurry up with these release dates (nothing new).
  8. Madlib and Freddie Gibbs

    Here's a track from the Deeper EP. Also looks like Feb. 4th is the release date for PiƱata.
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  13. Madlib the Rock Konducta

    The latest from RappCats: "At the San Francisco show, Madlib will be selling a limited edition 7-inch EP containing selections from his forthcomingRock Konducta album on Madlib Invazion. The 7-inch vinyl with white labels with sleeve are being manufactured in a run of 300" http://www.rappcats....-rock-konducta/
  14. DOOM

    Looks like Gheedorah (among tons of fucking others) have have tracks on CX Kidtronik's latest:
  15. Julian Malone