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  1. Cut-EFX

    STBB #602 VOTE

    Hi guys! This round was really fun! Was a pleasure to listen to your Beats especially to those who ctreated something with cereal ads 😂 Heres my top 3: 1. Rockusnewera 2. Leftboi 3. Flobama
  2. Cut-EFX

    STBB #602

    I'm ready for the next round Congratz to Jackal for the win. so i messed up with the Desires Sample and found a silly Kellogs Apple Jacks commercial wich I used for my intro (and a Drumroll I sampled out of it 😃 ) It makes no sense, but it was such a fun making this beat. Peace
  3. Cut-EFX

    STBB #601 VOTE

    1 Jakal (dope layed back drums! nice break/switch with the super dope percussion. like the panning on them too) 2 Swoop-Man (Super dope production! Like the atmosphere you created! you flipped that sample dope!) 3. C1gart (dreamy sample flip! like your drums you recorded in it!) Other dope Beats from this round: Zifhqang, slanteyez, Granny David, OLOS really excited about the next round @PBBno haha thats the sound of my little friend the mininova. But yeah, it sound like an electric razor
  4. Cut-EFX

    STBB #601 - Japan, optional extreme-production rule

    Last Round was nice! Many dope entries! Props to the Winner Lonius!! So heres my STBB 601 entry dope rules by the way
  5. Cut-EFX

    STBB #600 VOTE

    Good to be Back after STBB362 (its about 4 Years... damn =D) 1. Beatfux - super production, love your drums. Really mystical dark mood! 2. elan vital - fatty fat bass! thats what i like! nice athmo (was really hard for a 1st or 2nd Place decicion, both Beats are really dope!) 3. per.du - nice arrangement/variation, sounds nice with the Busta Acapella! Nother favourites from this round: 4. DJ Agent M - the moody headbanger! Flipped the sample really nice. Makes me wanna hear it again and again! 5. FatvonFree - Really sexy guitar lines! virtuoso! Nella goodfella, SoNIC, Axwai Production It was a nice round guys!
  6. Cut-EFX


    Back again after a long long time 🤗 Here's my entry 😉
  7. Cut-EFX

    STBB #362 VOTE

    A Nice Battle this Week! Theres some great joints you guys created! Here are my favourits: -Fredson Jacobs --. Fleat. ---MazeOne! ----dinobeatz >>>>La Food<<<< A Great epic atmospheric Piece of Music for me! Cheerio! Cut-EFX
  8. Cut-EFX

    STBB 362

    Here is my entry! Peace out!
  9. Cut-EFX

    360 VOTE

  10. Cut-EFX

    Beat Battle #360

    My entry for this Week. The Pimpshit Hope you enjoy
  11. Cut-EFX

    Beat Battle #359 VOTE!

    voxmonkey - > like your different beat-flows in that piece! good and proper work! Sixfingerz -> dope sample use! (by the way, nice video! ;D) $Good.F.NeLLa #Rust$jaakie -> really like the first part of your piece! super dope flip!
  12. Cut-EFX

    Beat Battle #359

    Check this and enjoy!
  13. Cut-EFX

    STBB 358 VOTE

    1. Fleat. 2. MazeOne! 3. Dinobeats
  14. Cut-EFX

    357 VOTE

    First of all, NICE SAMPLES! There're a lot of nice pieces you guys created.. here are my favourites: Sixfingerz -> nice atmosphere you created! Boof Records -> like that smooth vibes Vox Monkey -> your quicky swingin so dope! My Vote goes to Linkrust (awsome flip!!)
  15. Cut-EFX


    i produced a short one. used all samples + drums/bassline. I also recorded some creepy scratches in it Enjoy