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  1. STBB#567

    yo hit the mods up cuzzo. i would love to help set shit up if need be. no sense in having one dude always having to do it. actually i can just help period. im in japan so its the afternoon when this shit is counted up. so yeah i can help man. im about to crash out but shoot me a message on how i can really help. cheers man. this is a dope community dont let that shit bother ya.
  2. STBB#567

    played some guitar, sang and reamped the shit outta everything.... fun times
  3. STBB #565 VOTE

    1). l o K a l - This was just perfect like i said homie. really dug the whole vibe and have played it more than a few times this week!!! 2). defmute - so chill and the mix is dope 3). HobGoblin - always gritty always grimy
  4. STBB #565

    Maaaaaaan. used the main sample of course...then layered a bunch of patches I made from my minilogue then played synth bass from a broken toy keyboard I copped. I played it through a guitar amp though and split the signal. The guitar is two tones. One in my large guitar amp into a 4x12 cab and the other was my room I recorded by putting my cheap ass zoom h1 in the corner and seeing what happens with a small guyatone amp and my pedalboard....hope yall dig...cheers to a new year....peace from Kanagawa folks..
  5. XTBB #564

    alright here goes lol...so i sang, Used my talkbox, played bass and lead guitar and mutilated the shit out of it. also i used the strings part of the sample but i made this in reaper so i could stretch it out...waaaaay out easier...been a dope year....glad to be a part of this fellers... and felletes
  6. XTBB #564

    omfg...lol...its 8pm here in japan. im going to sleep. no clue wtf ima do on this. but ima sing some shit, gonna bring the 808s out to break some shit too. xmas music with drops....lol you suck bro. should be a fun angry process. no tambs or sleighbells breaks my heart
  7. STBB#563 VOTE

    thanks homie...lol ima prolly be cussin you out this week man....but yeah thanks homie!!!!
  8. STBB#563 VOTE

    yo Joa!!! if this is the case you want to set it up?? i need to get outta my comfort zone...like waaaaaaay away...be dope to kick it off with some crazy shit....but yeah....hook us up if i did win mang....or any other moderator. thanks!!!!
  9. STBB#563 VOTE

    1) Lonius -- this was truly magic bro.....dope dope vibe and loved the tempo!!! 2) Mort69--- dope work homie. mix is dope and loved the doppler effect you got going throughout the mix...im a new owner of a roland space echo and i really enjoy hearing things that sound like it now!! cheers 3) 2N!t3-- -- loved how you turned some stuff into synths
  10. STBB#563

    (blew a small guitar amp up reamping my bass guitar into it you hear the distorted bass kick in later...i left it cause it sounded cool lol)...used all 3 samples in the beat and at the end added another part of the vocal sample given to us....played guitar (telecaster) and bass(violin bass)...reamped the bass and percussion....the drums are all from field recordings i did this week... had fun with it...hope ya dig
  11. STBB#563

    So use all 3 samples in one beat or can i make a couple beats inside one beat for this
  12. STBB #561 VOTE

    its self explanatory....read what i quoted...its directed at the guy i quoted anyway not you
  13. STBB #561 VOTE

    Or support folks ya know "fellow producers" that put out projects..instead of telling another producer here in this thread...in this forum on this site to steal shit from others....... cheers
  14. STBB #561 VOTE

    1) GFNella 2) mike-a-veli 3) Billinski
  15. STBB #561

    played guitar, played bass, played rhodes...used a sample throughout and another sample on the ending.... added the dudes voice stuff...sang and tracked all the reamps into my tascam portastudio. fun stuff
  16. STBB #561

    congrats on the win cuzzo!!! gonna be fun to try and flip this shit lol
  17. STBB 559

    wooooooooooooorddd!!!!!!!! and congrats on the win!!!!!
  18. STBB #558 VOTE

    1). Sam Knockz...this sludgy just amazing dark twisted dopeness 2). Cosimoz...really dope man something about it i reaalllly dug this week 3). Kowalzki....damn it man
  19. STBB # 558 - Klossa knapitatet

    this week's entry...played guitar, bass and drums (live recorded the drums drunk and piece by piece)
  20. STBB # 558 - Klossa knapitatet

    congrats on the win cuzzo!!! looking forward to this week's gonna be a fun one...time to break out the mpc
  21. STBB #557 VOTE

    1) Kongchain....man....when i grow up i wanna make them synth beats like you cuzzo...true story....damn it man...i knew if you showed up it was gonna be a problem.....anyhoo you get my vote and another vote to evict you the hell off the island... 2) Donut Producer --dope dope work on this homie!!!!! 3) Sol Sauvage....holy shit!!!!

    fun stuff...used my own drums and just the sample... and played a lil guitar later
  23. STBB #555 VOTE

    DTunez ChillWill Soul Sauvage
  24. congrats on the win cuzzo...this was fun...cant wait to hear what others do #SnaresHellaOptional this is def going on the next project haha...
  25. STBB #553 VOTE

    1)...Detritus Tabu3 2)... Wigmaster!!!!!!! 3)... Soviet Villain