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    my entry...played bass, lead guitar and added some rhodes....hope yall dig...
  2. STBB #550 VOTE

    yoooooooooo congrats Lonius....... until next time...ima go cry in the shower now for a few hours.....
  3. STBB #550 VOTE

    1 - Dear Lonius.....eff you...that shit was amazing....we cant be friends hashtag sadface lol 2 - Manu thaBlue - really loved this. slow, melodic, dark.. 3 - Dimensions Tomorrow....did not expect to hear that shit at all...huuuuge fan of Dub styled tunes man holy shit
  4. STBB #550 Harmony Week

    NON ENTRY for this one....really dug all the samples so i did another flip....
  5. STBB #550 Harmony Week

    so played pretty chords in the intro on my cheap rhodes...played bass guitar and lead guitar in it too. for some harmony i played my guitar into a small amp with a big muff and played the same line on my bass guitar...fun stuff....played rhodes again later in the track too hope yall dig
  6. STBB #546 - 90s GARAGE SALE

    So this means i can play my bass and lead guitar then right?? Outside melodic samples not allowed, outside bass samples not allowed Any other samples allowed - Aca/FX/Ambience etc All outside instruments allowed -
  7. STBB #545 VOTE

    1. Hobgoblin 2. Perdu 4. defMute
  8. STBB 545 - Mixed genres week

    Here is my track...hope yall dig...this shit was fun as hell cuzzo!!!! i used 2 of the samples and then of course you know i had to use the blues sample....anyhoo...fast paced hip hop/trip hop then went through Mississippi to Atlanta to the traphouses...
  9. ~ $TBB #544 ~

    NON ENTRY...
  10. STBB #539 Dedicated to KOMPLIKATED

    before you do man reach out to the folks that you download beats from. been numerous occasions where i have had my beats i submit to this be uploaded on random bandcamp projects without my permission. the last guy claimed "he wasnt making money from it". which is still wrong to do.