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  1. STBB #576 VOTE

    1.lokal 2.Kongchain 3.JoaGymshoe man lol. folks been complaining about not getting rules a few battles ago. put up some rules and folks....le sigh. fun week. if your finished beat has a snare in it. i shouldnt have to explain the parts of a snare. NO SNARE (ANY PART OF ONE, EVEN IF ITS IN THE SAMPLE)IN YA BEAT YOU ARE DQ.... i posted this up a few times in the other thread. its clear in the rules. no snares. anyhoo. sorry for the confusion. if i win again in the future i wont add special rules. cheers
  2. STBB 576 What up folks...thanks for the love last week, it was a fun one. This week lets make beats that Roc Marciano and his normal crowd of homies would rap over. Grimy, sometimes they don't hit hard, but definitely dirty as hell. #snareshellaoptional <<---my fav tag on a lot of my beats CLICK ME CUZZO FOR THE SAMPLES Here are the hard in the paint rules. 1. Must Use one of the Samples Provided 2. Your final uploaded track must be in MONO 3. Outside Drums are allowed but NO SNARES BABY 4. MUST BE DIRTY/DUSTY... NO PRISTINE CLEAN SHIT HERE.... 5. No outside samples (as dont add some dave brubek over this stuff...use the stuff provided) 6. Outside Instruments are okay as in Keys, Guitars and Thumb Pianos or whatevers. 7. ACAPELLAS ARE WELCOME BABY!!!! 8. keep it under 3 minutes mane lets get dusty. The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 576“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollection Label entries that are posted after the deadline as 'late entry' and entries that don't comply with the rules as: 'non-entry' in your track title. EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here: https://wetransfer.com/
  3. STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    yeah man no snares. great track though!!! but yeah its a special rule this week no snares.
  4. STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    sang after the roc marci acapella. played some guitar. all done in the mpc4000 and sp404sx/sp303. fun stuff. mastered through my rack gear into my tascam portastudio. hope you dig
  5. STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    yeah no snares or synth snares or 808 snares or anything snare. use a hat or whatever else instead. just no snare sound at all.
  6. STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    no snare drum.
  7. STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    its a part of a snare drum so no.
  8. STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    lol damn i messed that alllll up. yeah i changed it in the main topic and also in the fine print!!!! my bad!!!!
  9. STBB 576 Grime Folk Music (SnaresHellaOptional Week)

    I will upload a non entry beat later in the week. feels weird to enter something i provided the sample for. hit me up i will have this on for a long ass time to make sure i answer questions or missed something. thanks again for the votes last week!!!!
  10. STBB #575 VOTE

    thanks for the votes folks!!!! will post something up in the next hour!!!!!
  11. STBB #575 VOTE

    Donut Producer JoaGymshoe slanteyez
  12. :.STBB#575.Spring.Dance.:

    i played keys, bass, lead guitar and sang. went to the pawn shop and banged on these fuckin bongos. a kid in the store would not shut the hell up lol..... been working on this shit for about 6 hours lol. time for beer. peace from kanagawa yall. where the kick drops is the guitar solo and the keys come in underneath it (16 bar solo). electric piano i got for cheaps. cheers folks!!! the ending is just this beat slowed down**
  13. :.STBB#575.Spring.Dance.:

    shiiiiiiit ima add em then. blaxploitation here we come!!!!
  14. :.STBB#575.Spring.Dance.:

    lol i thought there were gonna be bongos in the sample. so we dont have to use bongos right?? you just want a spring feel?? and of course mind the special rule
  15. STBB#574 VOTE

    congrats homie!!!!! cant wait for the next one.
  16. STBB #573 VOTE

    late is late. just cause nobody "protests it" is a retarded excuse. late is late. follow the rules. we battle each week. late is late. lots of valid points on all the discussions. late is late though. if you miss the deadline, mark it as a non entry and get ready for the next week, like everybody else. shitty to have somebody say "since nobody protested it ima let it slide".....especially if that person calls folks out when they don't follow rules (which is appreciated). anyhoo late is late. lets all follow the rules. "you guys do whatever works for you".. i think following the rules will work for us for sure. cheers cuzzo
  17. STBB#572 VOTE

    1. GFNella 2. Kapp 3. Unseen era
  18. STBB #572

    i do field recordings every week so this was fun. walked out front in the intro. all the percussion is from the sample and from field recordings around my house. hope you dig.
  19. STBB #571 VOTE

    1. Good Fellow 2. 5XVT 3. Mhmemory
  20. STBB #571

    could you delete some of your posts? you posted your beat 5 times. and also twice in one post. cheers bro
  21. STBB #571

    all the drums and percussion came from the samples provided. only thing i added outside was my bass guitar and lead guitar. i reamped everything a bunch. fun stuff.

    cool man congrats on the win. yeah we send it sucks. the one we are trying to move to is wetransfer.com cheers to a dope week homie!!!
  23. STBB#569 VOTE

  24. STBB#569 VOTE

    1. Lonius 2. G.F. Nella!!!! - holy shit 3. kowalzki