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  1. FatVonFree

    STBB #606 VOTE

    Vox MoNkey JoaGymshoe S.F.T.
  2. FatVonFree

    STBB 606

    used the dreamcast sample. i reamped it through my organelle into a 2x12 cabinet with tone tubbys. bass was my fender pbass into a mooer sweeper pedal. the part that comes in at the break with just DOOM rapping is the acoustic from that 1st sample. i pitched 6 seconds of it waaaaaay down in the akai s20. ran that to two small guitar amps to just experiment. really dig what it did. it also shows up when you hear my tag at the end. sounds like an end of the world synth lol all from that acoustic guitar in that sample. my guitar solo is through a whammy pedal...i sang on this, used freddie gibbs talking before a track of his called scarface and used a DOOM acapella. hope ya dig. looking fwd to hearing the others. this shit was fun to make. made some visuals cuzzo.....
  3. FatVonFree

    STBB 606

    hahahahha thats gold. its a mix of freddie gibbs and mf doom lol and my black ass singing so hopefully its good
  4. FatVonFree

    STBB 606

    oh shit can i use an acapella lol. i am almost done with this forgot to ask that!!!
  5. FatVonFree

    STBB 606

    microwaved non entry. akai s20 into sp303 into tascam portastudio. gonna do a real entry when i wake up. followed the rules on this one too though but yeah the next will be my official entry. had to mess with it before i crashed
  6. FatVonFree

    STBB 606

    dope samples cuzzo. takin some notes down on what ima do on this. time to crash so i can work on this all day tomorrow...congrats again homie!!!!
  7. FatVonFree

    STBB #605 VOTE

    congrats on the win looking fwd to the next!!
  8. FatVonFree

    STBB #605 VOTE

    1). _LS aka localslang - - dopest vibe homie!! 2). defMute 3). JoeMoDo Boa
  9. FatVonFree

    STBB #605

  10. FatVonFree

    STBB #604 VOTE

    congrats cuzzo!!!! lookin fwd to the next challenge and some effed up rules!!!
  11. FatVonFree

    STBB #604 VOTE

    Julian Convex.... Jesus Christ Cuzzo....that shit was nasty!!! WigMaster...really loved this track cuzzo.. damn it!!! Lonius BlueEar
  12. FatVonFree

    STBB #604 [Lush]

  13. FatVonFree

    STBB #604 [Lush]

    shits gonna be crazy....
  14. FatVonFree

    STBB #603 VOTE

    congrats @mri lets get it cuzzo!!!!!
  15. FatVonFree

    STBB #603 VOTE

    1) . FINEM 2) BLeEp - - Holy sHiT 0_____o 3) dTunez