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  1. FatVonFree

    STBB #589

    congrats on the win homie!!!!!
  2. FatVonFree

    STBB #588

    congrats on the win cuzzo!!!!
  3. FatVonFree

    STBB#587 VOTE

    1) Lonius 2) beantangerine 3) Soul-Jutsu
  4. FatVonFree

    STBB #587

    collaboration between JoaGymshoe and I. Fun stuff, the intro is clean of course before we get gritty. Hope ya dig. Peace to JoaGymshoe!!!!!
  5. FatVonFree

    STBB #587

    congrats on the win homie....check ya soundcloud DM in a few minutes
  6. FatVonFree

    STBB #585 VOTE

    congrats fellers
  7. FatVonFree

    STBB #585 VOTE

    1. Banizz X JoaGymshoe 2. HUXLAY 3. Kowalzki
  8. FatVonFree

    STBB #585-confused john travola week

  9. FatVonFree

    STBB #584 VOTE

    1 the DGTL.... cuzzo...this shit is perfect lol. really diggin it 2 l o k a l ......Jesus bro....sweet baby Jesus...shit is mad bro 3 SBlackford
  10. FatVonFree

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    yeah by the time you read it, they were edited a few times.
  11. FatVonFree

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    here is my entry...flipped both samples into it...
  12. FatVonFree

    STBB#584 - no vocals week

    lol do what?? it says we can play instruments though?? also the sample has vocals....can i use them in the beat??
  13. FatVonFree

    STBB 581

    yeah gonna spend all day tomorrow on this...hope i can come up with something dope!!!
  14. FatVonFree

    STBBeatles #578

    will be back in a few to list my sources..tired and need food cuzzo...oh yeah its a non entry since i won the last one. followed all the rules though except i added the rap acapella. used audio capture running vulf compressor (about 40% dialed in and pausing it with spotify to make 2 tracks about 3 minutes a piece. full of snippets of a lot of beatles tracks on spotify. all processing and beat making took place in my mpc4000 in to my sp404sx and my akai s20 in there to stretch the main sample and crunch the drums...sang through my rack gear into the 404sx.....now on spotify....the gold mine for any band with longevity like them is typing in "beatles Take" and you get all the alternate takes and them talking and somebody hitting random notes and shit... lets get to chopping this fable. snare came from the beatles "sgt peppers lonely hearts club band title track" bass note came from "being for the benefit of mr kite" ole boy is talking and hitting notes in between just random shit. took that bass, tuned it to C and reamped it through a 4x10 bass cabinet lol. also got my hi hat from that cymbal ...splash my main sample is 3 sequences i made using the ending from "she's leaving home". straight into the akai s20. pitched it down....got my kick and shaker from "strawberry fields forever. now there were a couple of kicks i took from I'm Down. I layered them with my other kick. hope ya dig. gonna order some pizza...cheers from Kanagawa folks!!!