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  1. this is another entry NON ENTRY....i made sure to label it that way too. loved the samples man...trying to redo my sound as a whole....these challenges help!!!!
  2. my entry for this week...ima do 2 more but this is my official entry....man i loved the samples congrats on the win homie!!!!
  3. vote

    Huxlay KappNeffect Cascassette
  4. yeah no outside drums allowed....use the break man. the break is open as hell. no clue what you use to make music but dont throw effects at it to throw effects at it. decide what you need and go from there. also adjust your start points on the hi hat hits. i took 4 or 5 of the hi hat hits in that drum break and made them different. keep workin on it man. hope that helps. all comes down to some mixing too homie.
  5. here is my entry one of my fav breaks to hear but i hate using it lol...so much resonance anyhoo..really dug this...went minimal.. #SnaresHellaOptional used an acapella
  6. vote

    standing by
  7. vote

    yoooooo congrats homie!!! that was a fun week!!!!!!
  8. vote

    1) Zenra (Jesus Christ) 2) WigMaster 3) ESK
  9. here is my submission....lots of fun!!!! made 2 flips and made a short interlude..hope yall dig..sorry for not voting last week..that has never happened. got caught up with work fellas...truly my apologies for not voting!!
  10. hey guys so this is my official entry...the other wasnt along the lines of what the challenge was this week....so hope you dig this one... no outside samples in this one either... thanks for the samples!!!
  11. no outside samples used. lots of shaping the drums in this. used 2 different samples...loved the guitars in that one sample so i reamped the shit out of them.....hope yall dig.... peace from Kanagawa....
  12. sorry to hear this RIP for sure.....hope yall host this next week as a tribute....
  14. 1)Nouga Jr. 2)Doom Dap 3)DefMute
  15. played 2 different guitars and ran my bass guitar into my whammy...hate electronic samples but man i am plucking away to try and get better at them....hope yall dig..cant wait to hear the epic shit folks will drop!!!! #Pushin