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  1. DOOM

    From where?
  2. DOOM

    First song from the Czarface collab:
  3. DOOM

    Holy shit! CZARFACE x DOOM album coming out next month! Esoteric is probably my second favorite rapper after DOOM so this is huge!
  4. DOOM

    Woahhh, a new track with DOOM on TWO verses?! That's unheard of lately! I fuck with Lil Mufukuz.
  5. DOOM

    Hey remember back in the day when we thought we were gonna be getting a new DOOM track every week for like 4 months straight? Miss those days...
  6. DOOM

    Are these WSD tracks going to be released as an EP or anything or are they already available for purchase? All I've seen is Soundcloud links with nowhere to download. Edit: Just noticed this new one has a link to download for free, but what about the first one?
  7. DOOM

  8. DOOM[PRE-ORDER_EST_SHIP_DATE%3A_12%2F1].html New Operation Doomsday 7" boxset coming. While this is tempting and looks to be a really nice set, the idea of having only one track per side just seems odd to me and wouldn't make for a very great listening experience.
  9. DOOM

    DOOMs gonna DOOM
  10. DOOM

    What the fuck
  11. DOOM

    How much do you guys think a poster signed by DOOM is worth? I have a guy on reddit asking me how much I would sell mine for, and I can't land on a number since I don't see any for sale anywhere. Not to mention I'm not even sure if I want to sell it or not, but it has just been sitting in a drawer for a while now.
  12. DOOM

    Anybody have any idea what's going on on DOOM's fb page right now? He just posted some governmental looking ethnicity paper with Subroc's name on it. And before that he posted this:
  13. DOOM

    Anyone notice if this version of No Refunds is any different at all to the one we've had for a while or if they're completely identical? Even in terms of quality.
  14. DOOM

    Lmao. I really thought this week was gonna be that WSG track. These 15 weeks are gonna end up boiling down to like 5 new DOOM verses.
  15. DOOM

    Tried to PM you but got an error saying you can't receive messages. Shoot me your email address and I'll hook you up.
  16. DOOM

    What are our other options? No Refunds maybe? Travis 911? The Untitled Madvillain track with MED?
  17. DOOM

    Doomsayer (prod. The Alchemist)
  18. DOOM

    Where is it? Pretty sure it went up around 10-10:30 EST last week
  19. DOOM

    What will track 3 be today...
  20. DOOM

    Someone on r/hiphopheads turned down the flute a little bit. Sounds much better IMO:
  21. DOOM

    I don't have any idea what you're talking about
  22. DOOM

    Somehow Light Years is a KMD song and Sorcerers is not...
  23. DOOM

    Damn. If they had to release songs we already heard it would have been nice if they at least waited a few weeks. Give us a handful of new ones to hold us over for a bit. I'm really not a fan of this trickle-out week by week release strategy.
  24. DOOM

  25. DOOM

    Does anyone else get slightly disappointed every time he releases something and it's credited to just DOOM, not MF DOOM?