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  1. Sounds new to me. Is there a non-remix version?
  2. Yup, pretty much identical, just smaller.
  3. Anyone else notice the back of the Dangerdoom cd is identical to the back of the vinyl? Meaning instead of having each track have just a number next to it, they have sides and numbers. Pretty lazy.
  4. Finally... Hand for scale.
  5. Just ordered my third (and last) copy of the Dangerdoom cd from Amazon. I spoke to someone who assured me I will receive the correct item this time, but I'm not convinced. But hey, they gave me a refund on both vinyls and let me keep them so no harm, no foul. We shall see tomorrow what shows up.
  6. Honestly, I wouldn't even count NehruvianDOOM as a full-on DOOM project, so really what you're saying is only DOOM's most recent album was below standard. Hard to say how the next one will sound, but I think the track record is pretty solid. Obviously my hope is yes he does have it in him, but it has been a long time.
  7. Did you order the vinyl or have the same mixup as I did? I spoke to an Amazon rep before to see if I could swap em and she said since there are none in stock I can just keep the vinyl and get a refund. So now I have two vinyl versions when all I ever wanted was a cd. Maybe I should buy a turntable lol.
  8. Did you end up with the cd or the vinyl? I ended up ordering a second copy, came today and sure as shit it was vinyl again (this time undamaged thankfully). I went back on Amazon just now to see if I could exchange it but now it says they're all out of cds. Maybe they never had them?
  9. So anybody else order the CD version of the DD reissue from Amazon, have it delayed about a week, then receive the vinyl version? No? Just me? On the one side, it's nice that I got the more expensive version for a much lower price, but unfortunately it came bent on the back. Just ordered another one so we'll see what I get this time.
  10. So anybody receive their special editions of The Mouse and the Mask yet and willing to share the other new song? I preorded mine on Amazon weeks ago and just received an email stating it is expected to arrive next Wednesday...
  11. Pretty funny that Vinny Price turned out to be a Vincent Price sample.
  12. Mad Nice: Pre-Order:[PRE-ORDER_•_EST_SHIP_DATE_5%2F5].html
  13. At first I was like, DOOM and Vinnie Paz on a track together? I can't see that working. Then I clicked your link and it actually says Vinny PRICE. Not sure who that is...
  14. "Waiting for the date to drop the tape like bait" Ughh
  15. MF DOOM recently reissued his sole album as King Geedorah, 2003’s Take Me to Your Leader, via Big Dada. Now, he’s resurrected the persona for a new mix on Solid Steel. Listen to the mix of DOOM-related cuts below, and scroll down for the tracklist. It includes a new remix of JJ DOOM’s Key to the Cuffs track “Banished,” in which DOOM—as King Geedorah—samples DJ Khaled’s “I Got the Keys” [ft. Jay-Z and Future]. Also featured are three new songs from an upcoming project that DOOM curated: “RE: (No Subject)” by Paul Barman, Hassan Chops’ “Fresh Cutz,” and “Shake Charmer Freestyle” by Kurious Jorge.