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  1. DOOM

    Yeah Lil Mufukaz is tight. I always thought El-P would be a good match for a Vik record. But, older, more dialed-back El-P, not RTJ, party El-P. If that makes sense. Cold Vein El-P.
  2. DOOM

    He'll never be the same '03-'06 DOOM we all love and hold to such high esteem. But for a project coming out essentially 15 years past his prime, I'd say its better than any of us could hope for. Plus Esoteric is probably my second or third favorite rapper, so that helps. Still doesn't quite satisfy my craving for a new full-length solo DOOM record though. Hope that's in the pipeline (VV3 please!)
  3. DOOM

    On track 9. Flames.
  4. DOOM

  5. DOOM

    Damn I'm jealous. Wish the dude could rip/leak it.
  6. DOOM

    From where?
  7. DOOM

    First song from the Czarface collab:
  8. DOOM

    Holy shit! CZARFACE x DOOM album coming out next month! Esoteric is probably my second favorite rapper after DOOM so this is huge!
  9. DOOM

    Woahhh, a new track with DOOM on TWO verses?! That's unheard of lately! I fuck with Lil Mufukuz.
  10. DOOM

    Hey remember back in the day when we thought we were gonna be getting a new DOOM track every week for like 4 months straight? Miss those days...
  11. DOOM

    Are these WSD tracks going to be released as an EP or anything or are they already available for purchase? All I've seen is Soundcloud links with nowhere to download. Edit: Just noticed this new one has a link to download for free, but what about the first one?
  12. DOOM

  13. DOOM[PRE-ORDER_EST_SHIP_DATE%3A_12%2F1].html New Operation Doomsday 7" boxset coming. While this is tempting and looks to be a really nice set, the idea of having only one track per side just seems odd to me and wouldn't make for a very great listening experience.
  14. DOOM

    DOOMs gonna DOOM
  15. DOOM

    What the fuck