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    overrated rapper list

    andre 3k isn't overrated I just wished to hear him continue to rap, Kweli is a bit overrated due to his annoying voice at times but his new album is a banger. guru had his moments and had a nice flow but he can be at times. Snoop is overrated but had his spots. Mos Def is a beast but needs the right beats, he tends to pick some terrible ish. onyx is whack imo. For me Eminiem is overrated, I know he can flow but I never liked his stuff
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    what are u guys opinions on the remixes? pretty dope but not toping the originals outside of a few. knx bandcamp is LIT!!!! I really hoped they would release the nxworries instrumentals but its all good
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    the jewz tried to fk him at a meeting n it bugged him out, he was able to get away and turned down big money in doing so!!! thus the status
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    Count Bass D

    we're living in the worst case scenario.... Isaiah n John told us so....
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    cant wait, Iman omari just dropped a new album DONT SLEEP BROTHERS!
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    man that was great thanks for the plug but why is it only on facebook, found half of it on youtube wish I could get the podcast or mp3 geech!
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    I know I was just joking around, I have damn near everything I could scrounge up from you guys and that era
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    I agree, her and jamma dee!!!!!
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    Kendrick Lamar Fanboys Unite!

    yeah I hear he will die 3 days and then release another like jeezus, I agree JF he did his thang on this one that art cover fits it well
  11. gEEchieDan

    Kendrick Lamar Fanboys Unite!

    ok I overreacted still a good album, I just played TPAB out
  12. gEEchieDan

    Kendrick Lamar Fanboys Unite!

    this is a classic IMO I think its better than TPAB for some reason .... maybe im trippin and need to re listen... but that momma track will never be topped knx put his soul into that track ill never get tired of that. Im a believer in
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    unreleased bad neighbor track ft Oh Nizzzo
  14. gEEchieDan

    DJ Harrison

    yes indeed this guy is a beast, he records the old school way as well
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    Any Karriem Riggins beat album info?

  16. gEEchieDan

    what are you listening to?

    Ill Camille "Hierloom" cop that yo!
  17. gEEchieDan

    Best of 2016

    naw im just talking ish! but its a good idea to do it helps me energy wise I just take oxy powder 2x a week, hopefully yall didn't think I meant to stick a tube where the sun don't shine like usher
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    Jeff NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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    dang I was reading an interview on okayplayer riem said they had 2 albums worth of jazz
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    will I get trashed if I say I want supreme team over MV2? im tired of the anticipation of MV2 id rather supreme team
  21. gEEchieDan

    Best of 2016

    lmaooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! bambatta was a low point in 2016! mangoes u cant ban the geech, colon cleanses add 4 years to your life!!!!!!!
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    man if we get supreme team I will be very happy but would u guys rather supreme team or to hear those 2 albums of jazz they have hidden away?
  23. gEEchieDan

    Best of 2016

    discovering iman omari, knx,Trump, josef liemberg, solange, breakfast with ringo, sofies mixes on SOS, whole foods rotisserie chicken, white girls, the hebrew israelites, HEAD, white people losing their damned minds, black people thinking either trump or hilary would benefit them after 8 of the worst years in black history under obama, BIG GIRLS, eating healthy, Trap instrumentals, getting cursed out by ST BOT, getting tired of madlib, Loving madlib again, PBW responding to me on IG, boxing, colon cleanses, Jamma Dee, underground 80's n 90s/new jack swing, being broke but rich in the spirit!, MNDSGN, Luke Cage (i guess), Jamma Dees Mixes, jsand777 mixcloud, a brother Finding Gods Gift after all those years of wondering what he looked like, ignoring the DOOM thread on STMB.... Geech
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    PBW aint letting ish come out, ever since madlib made that "hands in the weed cookie jar" comment everything changed... lol he has all the quasimoto and YNQ, supreme team, professionals, etc albums sitting next to that damned top hat just sitting there.... ST bot cursed me out for posting unreleased jaylib then made it to where I couldn't respond smh, I was going to apologize but I also wanted to curse back at it or him.... I think Bot is PBW on the LOW, what will madlib drop next??? im eager to hear that kankick that's supposed to drop on the madlib invasion. they need to hurry up before WW3 starts!!!!!!!! gEEch
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    with all the info that has been circulating for years with pedophilia in the catholic church, Hollywood, elites, etc how can one just call this merely a conspiracy? so none of this has any Merritt????? George bush threw out the term conspiracy theory and anytime anyone looks into the wickedness they do or talks about the higher ups that run everything including the reserve bank, etc.... that conspiracy theorist term is thrown out to describe the person as crazy. now some people do go to far I agree.... but there is truth to these allegations. to conspire means 2 or more people planning to do something weather it be going to the store or trying to take over the world. Knowing the meaning of words is vital. a theory is merely an idea. looking at the condition of the world and America how can one not come to the conclusion that something is clearly wrong with the people who run it???? weed illegal but chemo theraphy which kills is legal?? the condition of food, families, air, water, animals, plants etc should have any human being wondering whats wrong.... one is not crazy in having an idea that the people who run this world are sickos and into some serious wickedness, they put it out there for people to see. transgender children is the newest attack on humanity, look at music, there are definitely a group of people conspiring to ruin humanity and control the minds of the masses. much love my brothers Geech