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  2. overrated rapper list

    andre 3k isn't overrated I just wished to hear him continue to rap, Kweli is a bit overrated due to his annoying voice at times but his new album is a banger. guru had his moments and had a nice flow but he can be at times. Snoop is overrated but had his spots. Mos Def is a beast but needs the right beats, he tends to pick some terrible ish. onyx is whack imo. For me Eminiem is overrated, I know he can flow but I never liked his stuff
  3. NxWorries

    what are u guys opinions on the remixes? pretty dope but not toping the originals outside of a few. knx bandcamp is LIT!!!! I really hoped they would release the nxworries instrumentals but its all good
  4. NxWorries

    the jewz tried to fk him at a meeting n it bugged him out, he was able to get away and turned down big money in doing so!!! thus the status
  5. Count Bass D

    we're living in the worst case scenario.... Isaiah n John told us so....
  6. NxWorries

    cant wait, Iman omari just dropped a new album DONT SLEEP BROTHERS!

    man that was great thanks for the plug but why is it only on facebook, found half of it on youtube wish I could get the podcast or mp3 geech!

    I know I was just joking around, I have damn near everything I could scrounge up from you guys and that era