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  1. K▲LYYUG▲


    New Track thought i'd share
  2. K▲LYYUG▲

    Es Ta Te

    Uploaded another quick track. Hope you guys enjoy. Happy Holidays!
  3. K▲LYYUG▲

    New New

    Cheers brother
  4. K▲LYYUG▲

    New New

    I'm always on here listening! Thought i'd share a new beat https://soundcloud.com/y_a_n0/from-a-distance
  5. K▲LYYUG▲

    STBB#513 VOTE

    So many good beats to bring in the year. My final vote goes to BarryStudebaker I really dug: dub_1 , hb, huxlay, resubmann3rs, RAS-H
  6. K▲LYYUG▲

    STBB #513

    BTW super unrelated anyone know how to change username?
  7. K▲LYYUG▲

    STBB #513

    So the last time I posted a beat on STBB was in 2012. I've been on this forum wanting to participate for too long. In that long while I've been at my lowest lows in terms of my self confidence in my music due to a whole bunch of stuff. I've also been stuck changing careers after years, other music ventures, other BullSh!t... While all this shit was going on I've been downloading the samples off the forum and making beats secretly every week but never released them. This year I've decided to release more shit and be proud of what I do. I want to share it with like minds. Anyway that was my change for the year and future. Here's my beat
  8. K▲LYYUG▲


    Going with Turquoise Crown. Good battle mang.
  9. K▲LYYUG▲


  10. K▲LYYUG▲


    I haven't posted in a while but here is my flip. I used all the instruments in the sample.
  11. K▲LYYUG▲


    http://kalyyuga.tumblr.com/ I'll follow back!
  12. K▲LYYUG▲


    BTW OSO dope beat nice win
  13. K▲LYYUG▲


    what a dope sample I wonder what peoples take on this will be
  14. K▲LYYUG▲

    STBB 273 Vote

    I heard plenty of dope beats. OSØ
  15. K▲LYYUG▲

    STBB 273

    Nice work on the beats ST peeps