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  1. captaincookie

    Wayniac Mondays

    Took a second, guys. Forgot my password. I won't try to defend or repeal any opinions of me. What's the fun in that? I'd much rather you have interpretations of your own. In this post I'll simply state facts. I've had quite a few magazines and websites ask me about the events that caused my moves in the recent past and I never once said yes to an interview or offered up my relationship with any of my colleagues for publicity. My story, however, is mine to tell and I'll do so when I feel comfortable. The upcoming LP is written about these events, by large, so my decision to include this private information serves the concept. Considering this is all years behind me, I didn't see revealing this information to others as anything but providing historical context. Even so, my life is my work and vice versa, and I find it odd that anyone could be capable of cherrypicking what, of an artist's personal life, they personally deem acceptable to use as a jumping-off point. It seems irrational to ask someone who makes art to remove themselves from the presentation of it, in any regard. Fine, if you like ambiguity in your artists, though that might be a personal taste. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, most of us here worship people like DOOM and Madlib. I hope that clears up some confusion, and I hope some of you appreciate my response. If not, that's alright as well. Either way, I don't think it's a good idea for me to respond further. I just figured I owed explanation to a message board that I still feel indebted to. P.S. The record industry is dead. No one will be making money off "exploiting" personal turmoil.
  2. captaincookie

    STBB 437 (Bodies)

  3. captaincookie

    Marion Morrison

    It doesn't feel good or bad, just is. It's not something that's on my mind too often. Though I appreciate people who can appreciate what I make. I'm blessed to be able to do what I do at the level in which I do it. Just gotta keep moving,
  4. captaincookie

    Marion Morrison

    There were lots of requests to have certain songs from the series on vinyl, and I'm a sucker for the format so I figured it would be nice to do it. It isn't holding any other releases back or keeping me from releasing new shit. New things are coming, don't worry. I swear muhfuggas will complain about anything.
  5. captaincookie


    Been a minute. Not submitting, just liked the sample and decided to kill 20 min. Posted on my soundcloud hoping maybe to get some fresh faces in here.
  6. captaincookie

    Jonwayne - Numbers on the Hoard

    Sup guys I did this joint this morning. Just putting it here so you guys can hear it. pce.
  7. captaincookie

    Stones Throw in Boston

    coming out of retirement to LOL at that. ok bye.
  8. captaincookie


  9. captaincookie

    what's up stmb !!!

    Who's this dude trying to be me?
  10. captaincookie

    Stones Throw Ipad Sleeve?

    You guys need to stop being Debbie downers. They just released some dope hip hop shit today (mind you i was on it but wtvr) and no one mentioned it, yet the minute someone finds opinionated fault in the ST flow, you got two dudes talking shit while the rest defend it, which is dope but its rendering any actual music getting released unnoticed.
  11. captaincookie

    Stones Throw Beat Battles - Mixtape - Vol 1

    I never won a battle. Sad face. Ima download this business and see if there's some good shit.
  12. captaincookie

    JJ DOOM (Jneiro Jarel & DOOM) Album ‘KEY TO T

    Best doom shit I've heard since born like this...
  13. captaincookie

    J Rocc & The Stones Throw 2012

    New Jonti.
  14. captaincookie

    How does one achieve a custom "Member Title"?

    I think you just had to have a certain amount of posts under your 1500 or something.
  15. captaincookie


    I don't miss it, personally. They really improved the 12 compressor w the SX, considering the of 404 comp sounded like ass.