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  1. Hey guys... I haven't been posting for very long so feel free to tell a noob to sit the fuck back down and shut up! lol But yo...I was talking to DJ Sapien and I was telling him how I just left a beats forum (called The Beat INN) that was getting super weak on the flips, samples, and skill...but was, and is, still very dope for discussion of techniques for each week. I think having that element in STBB would put this board over the top in terms of all around quality. I didn't want to post this in Talk or Crates because I was hoping that maybe we could start this thread with every new battle for people to express any questions, advice, or praise about particular submissions. Constrobuz has a really long thread about sidechain compression that kind of just happened out of nowhere on his 285 soundcloud entry, and there were folks who said they wished there was something of the sort with every week. For instance, someone would start the thread near the end of the week just the same way we post the Voting thread. Anybody who had a particular topic in mind or track they liked (keep it focused on the sample for that week) could post there.....hopefully we'd be able to get some real knowledge out of it. thoughts? peace, sev