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  1. Sev Seveer

    STBB #540 VOTE

    Flobama Lonius Welcome back my dude ES-K **naturelle.boombap** <--2nd beat is rowdy!
  2. Sev Seveer

    STBB #540

    good rules yo
  3. Sev Seveer

    STBB #539 VOTE

    *Bugseed* Makkursz FloBama Kowalski
  4. Sev Seveer

    STBB #539 Dedicated to KOMPLIKATED

    peace yall. its been a long time! had to send one up, rest in beats komp! s/o my guy butterslick and my guy ras dude and my guy runrunraw!
  5. Sev Seveer

    what are you listening to?
  6. Sev Seveer

    STBB368 - Vote

    Ogi esK Kowalski ras dude bennett definitely jaames tho thanks for the love, s/o to my homies in here. glad to stop back in every once and a while
  7. Sev Seveer

    350 VOTE
  8. Sev Seveer

    Stones Throw Beatbattle #350

    peace yall. been out for a minute but i like to drop in when the sample is ill. respect
  9. Sev Seveer

    STBB345 - EDM week

    haha. yeah. because doing the STBB is how you get shine.
  10. Sev Seveer

    STBB #336

    crying at that gif tho
  11. Sev Seveer


    lmao. these rules
  12. Sev Seveer

    Julian Malone

    yo i heard through a pretty trusty grapevine that at his signing interview he saw a 45 on the desk and said "whoa, they make little records now?"
  13. Sev Seveer


    To answer everyone's question, please just make the beat lol. I feel so stupid for making this mistake in light of all the rules fuckery that has been happening. I truly am not trying to troll the group or anything I apologize wholeheartedly OFFICIALLY SNARES ARE OK. I ALEADY LIKED DINOS BEAT WITH SNARES. LOL I AM NOT AN ALL CAPS KINDA DUDE SO ALL OF THIS IS SALTY FOR ME. PLEASE JUST MAKE DOPE MUSIC AND DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELVES TO STANDARD RAP FORMATTING. I THINK THAT IS THE WAY TO EXPLAIN MY WELL INTENTIONED ERROR. PEACE!
  14. Sev Seveer


    i mean, i guess. im not a stickler for the rules, i dont even think they should be called rules. until there is a reward or something happens for winners, they are really just guidelines. if cats wanna take the challenge, go head knameen, but if not, go head regardless. until there is an actual reward for winning this competition i do not care to be honest. happy choppin! sorry about the drunk post, once again. i do like the way the record sounds though, and im glad it was felt!
  15. Sev Seveer


    FYI the previous rules were: only 16 snares allowed in any part of the beat. I wake up to find that I was hilariously drunk yesterday, chose a weird rule and I barely recall making that intro. Haha. Feel free to sample that. Lol we shouldn't be allowed to do this on a Friday night.