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  1. Sev Seveer

    STBB behind the beat/Weekly winner interview

    damn its cool to see that this post still has hints of life almost 8 years later
  2. Sev Seveer


  3. Sev Seveer

    STBB #540 VOTE

    Flobama Lonius Welcome back my dude ES-K **naturelle.boombap** <--2nd beat is rowdy!
  4. Sev Seveer

    STBB #540

    good rules yo
  5. Sev Seveer

    STBB #539 VOTE

    *Bugseed* Makkursz FloBama Kowalski
  6. Sev Seveer

    STBB #539 Dedicated to KOMPLIKATED

    peace yall. its been a long time! had to send one up, rest in beats komp! s/o my guy butterslick and my guy ras dude and my guy runrunraw!
  7. Sev Seveer

    what are you listening to?
  8. Sev Seveer

    STBB368 - Vote

    Ogi esK Kowalski ras dude bennett definitely jaames tho thanks for the love, s/o to my homies in here. glad to stop back in every once and a while
  9. Sev Seveer

    350 VOTE
  10. Sev Seveer

    Stones Throw Beatbattle #350

    peace yall. been out for a minute but i like to drop in when the sample is ill. respect
  11. Sev Seveer

    STBB345 - EDM week

    haha. yeah. because doing the STBB is how you get shine.
  12. Sev Seveer

    STBB #336

    crying at that gif tho
  13. Sev Seveer


    lmao. these rules
  14. Sev Seveer

    Julian Malone

    yo i heard through a pretty trusty grapevine that at his signing interview he saw a 45 on the desk and said "whoa, they make little records now?"
  15. Sev Seveer


    To answer everyone's question, please just make the beat lol. I feel so stupid for making this mistake in light of all the rules fuckery that has been happening. I truly am not trying to troll the group or anything I apologize wholeheartedly OFFICIALLY SNARES ARE OK. I ALEADY LIKED DINOS BEAT WITH SNARES. LOL I AM NOT AN ALL CAPS KINDA DUDE SO ALL OF THIS IS SALTY FOR ME. PLEASE JUST MAKE DOPE MUSIC AND DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELVES TO STANDARD RAP FORMATTING. I THINK THAT IS THE WAY TO EXPLAIN MY WELL INTENTIONED ERROR. PEACE!