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  1. Politics and Current Events

    One thing I don't see talk about is why Net Neutrality was necessary because of the government (federal and state) selling itself to these internet companies in the first place and letting them monopolize everything. In a free market we wouldn't need net neutrality, but because of the government backed monopolies we've had to rely on the government enforcing internet protection. It's a shitty situation all around. Normally I wouldn't be in favor of the regulation, but it does become necessary when the government's made sure there is no free market for the internet. I wonder if/when the monopolies will be broken down like (I believe anyway??) Europe did awhile back. I don't see it ever happening under a Republican, but would not be surprised if Net Neutrality cannot be restored that this would be the next step for at least trying to protect internet freedom.
  2. doom conspiracy

    Doom did 9/11

    Ha that's my Youtube channel. One more classic from back in the day

    DOOM has his own thread, thought Madlib could use one for random posts too (didn't know where to share below but thought it was neat) http://www.rappcats.com/blue-note-uncompromising-expression/ Badass that Jank was first dude on Blue Note to design cover and to perform (even if it was a few notes, still counts!)
  5. Besides Krista we haven't gotten much from JP lately. Has anyone heard anything about a new record? I've played the last three albums and many of his mixes to death, would love some new material.
  6. What is James Pants doing?

    Not JP, but ran into this version on some old DJ Taye thing
  7. DOOM

    Some Madlib too

    @JJ Any word on how limited this is? -- http://www.rappcats.com/dinner/ Got mine ordered tonight, sweet print!

  10. MADLIB

    Man J Rocc and Benji B always good radio, goddamn that beat. Thanks for sharing! Edit: Dang guess clean version on Mind Fusion 4 under track 11, props to hhh
  11. Nasimoto

    Lame, ST killed that fast. Saw an e-mail about it but didn't download
  12. Nasimoto

    https://davidbegun.bandcamp.com/album/nasimoto-nas-quasimoto-remix Saw this on Bandcamp's top seller list on the front page. Quick listen on some of the tracks, some good mashups
  13. what are you listening to?

  14. R.I.P. (?) Charles Manson

  15. R.I.P. (?) Charles Manson

    It shouldn't cost 20+ million dollars to kill someone. A breakdown of how the government somehow finds ways to waste that money would be interesting for sure. Edit: I guess it's all the lawyer fees to keep them alive on death row lol. I don't think capital punishment is always the best option, but when it comes to fuckers like Manson I'm all for it
  16. DOOM

  17. Where can I get some black and white musician portraits?

    What do you want? lol
  18. What happens to the Stones Throw Drip?

    Also, big heads up that the old Drip seems to be completely shutting down -- https://drip.kickstarter.com/me Now it's just becoming a Patreon rip off lol https://www.kickstarter.com/blog/introducing-the-new-drip
  19. Update: Drip will stay up --- Very sad to hear that Drip is closing up next month -- https://medium.com/@drip/a-letter-from-the-founders-of-drip-91023fc5a704#.yxkvax3xh I was kind of skeptical of the service at first, thinking it was kinda lame waiting on credits and stuff but since subscribing I feel like I've gotten a lot of value out of it. I especially liked being able to get FLAC versions of new ST releases immediately. Anyway, I'm wondering if Stones Throw has any plans for what to do after Drip.com closes. Could you maybe look into working on a Bandcamp subscription service as explained here -- https://bandcamp.com/subscriptions . Also, what will happen to some of the Drip exclusives? There are still a number of them that I was hoping to get over time with credits. Any info would be cool, RIP Drip
  20. What happens to the Stones Throw Drip?

    Heads up on the Stones Throw Bandcamp subscription! https://stonesthrow.bandcamp.com/subscribe
  21. Where can I get some black and white musician portraits?

    Sounds dumb, but have you tried doing Google Image search, clicking the Tools button, then selecting large size images only? Most of them should be suitable for printing /etc https://www.google.com/search?q=miles+davis&tbm=isch&source=lnt&tbs=isz:l&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwib18GF9dPXAhUbHGMKHfw4A78QpwUIHg&biw=2560&bih=959&dpr=1#imgrc=kXfxCZOp-hgIzM:
  22. what are you listening to?

    Great live set, dude is awesome on the keyboard. Feel like his album got overlooked earlier this year, worth checking out http://www.stonesthrow.com/news/2017/02/kiefer-kickinit-alone
  23. what are you listening to?

    If anyone is interested in footwork stuff, def highly recommend checking out this full album. Shit is next level, Jlin is crazy. Just found out about her stuff the other night, need to give a listen to the new one that came out this year.