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  1. what are you listening to?

    JPEGMAFIA: Lena Dunham is just the stereotypical liberal. On the surface she portrays herself like she’s carrying the torch, but she’s not. She’s just as racist as these Republican motherfuckers, and proves it over and over with the little shit she does. People like her represent a bigger, wider problem. I like to point out hypocrisy on both sides. So I use people like Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, someone like that, because I want to put their name out there in a negative context to show that I’m onto you, and I’m not with that shit at all. It’s less about them specifically, and more about this gross part of white culture that I hate and never gets any attention. I think this is why I'm digging the Veteran album so much. He's obviously on the left and talks a lot of shit about the right/republicans, but isn't afraid to touch all these same type of people on the left (Lena Dunham, Bill Maher, Amy Schumer, etc). At the end of the day it's all the same people, same bullshit. Fantano interview pretty good too: ____ New Chuck Strangers album is pretty good. Didn't even know about him but Youtube played this one after that new Bishop Nehru video ha
  2. what are you listening to?

    Anyone listening to JPEGMAFIA? Heard Fantano talking about him in some video today and checked it out, really enjoying this. lol @ this one
  3. what are you listening to?

  4. what are you listening to?

    New Black Milk is really good
  5. what are you listening to?

  6. Brockhampton

    I hear ya on the softer stuff, especially on the first one. That said, by 3 I think I was even digging that stuff more. I think Fantano was a little high on 1, but before hearing how much they could improve on 2/3 I kinda understand. It's funny because Boogie was a bit too much on first listen, I was like dang they maybe changed it up too much. Def one of my favorites now though on 3. One more favorite here lol, crazy how close he got to sounding like MIA
  7. Brockhampton

    Also here's a Merlyn meme I made lol Also super bummed Follow didn't make it on any of them, so lame def one of my favorites
  8. Brockhampton

    I've been obsessed since Saturation 1, heard about them from Fantano. Easily the most exciting hip hop in years, they're clearly inspired by Odd Future but they're all much better than those dudes ever were as a group. They got Christian Clancy managing them now, same dude that did for Odd Future as well which is prob helping them blow up even more. Kevin Abstract writes some of the best hooks I've heard in a long ass time, extremely catchy (Gold is what sold me on them). The weirdness of dudes like Merlyn and Joba is awesome too, love all the energy from them. Very happy to see how much hype they're getting now, it's well deserved. Each one of the Saturation records was better than Kendrick/Jay-Z/Tyler/etc last year imo. It was bananas when they announced a 3rd album before the 2nd one even dropped. What's more crazy is how consistent each release was, each getting better than the last. What they're doing for gay folks in rap is cool too, much more interesting than Tyler's 'sorta' coming out stuff on his last one. Bummed I missed out on the Saturation box set, was totally going to buy one but didn't see them announce it until after sold out Def looking forward to Team Effort. James I dunno if you got the Saturation Demos but lots of good stuff to check out there too (Let me know if you want those!) Couple more good ones if people are curious (Couple of my favorite 'catchy' ones):

    DOOM has his own thread, thought Madlib could use one for random posts too (didn't know where to share below but thought it was neat) http://www.rappcats.com/blue-note-uncompromising-expression/ Badass that Jank was first dude on Blue Note to design cover and to perform (even if it was a few notes, still counts!)
  10. MADLIB

    Was thinking the next Freddie Gibbs record might be out this year, it would be crazy getting that and new Blackstar this year
  11. Update: Drip will stay up --- Very sad to hear that Drip is closing up next month -- https://medium.com/@drip/a-letter-from-the-founders-of-drip-91023fc5a704#.yxkvax3xh I was kind of skeptical of the service at first, thinking it was kinda lame waiting on credits and stuff but since subscribing I feel like I've gotten a lot of value out of it. I especially liked being able to get FLAC versions of new ST releases immediately. Anyway, I'm wondering if Stones Throw has any plans for what to do after Drip.com closes. Could you maybe look into working on a Bandcamp subscription service as explained here -- https://bandcamp.com/subscriptions . Also, what will happen to some of the Drip exclusives? There are still a number of them that I was hoping to get over time with credits. Any info would be cool, RIP Drip
  12. DOOM

    Still don't get the hype with Bishop, but I'm def down for some new DOOM / Kaytranada production https://www.grandmondo.com/ad-bishopnehru
  13. what are you listening to?

  14. MADLIB

    I was bummed, I paid $50 shipped for a copy, then found some other guy a few days later selling one for like $30 shipped. Bought that one too and gave my spare copy to a friend to try getting them into Brazil stuff
  15. What's good to watch these days

    I enjoyed it more than the new Star Wars lol. Wouldn't say it's a great movie, but a fun watch especially since can watch on Netflix. Cool they're doing another one
  16. What's good to watch these days

    Watched Good Time a couple weeks ago, keep coming back to the soundtrack on Warp. This and the new Blade Runner were my favorites last year
  17. what are you listening to?

    Been obsessed with the soundtrack for Good Time:
  18. Funny Shit

  19. DOOM

    Very sad, I wonder if the family has been going through some stuff for awhile with this. Might explain some of the weird DOOM stuff recently, I can see why he might not have wanted to keep sending Adult Swim shit if he's dealing with a sick kid.
  20. what are you listening to?

  21. Politics and Current Events

    An interesting article, I believe the city of Tacoma,WA nearby has sort of tried doing that. I'm seeing that Seattle also tried this as well, but the mayor said there wasn't enough interest (lol). As long as cities can be bought out by Comcast/Verizon/Time-Warner, I dunno how many of these locally owned/public internet companies will have the opportunity to exist. This is why I either wish we had a completely free market (that doesn't exist and won't exist until the federal government breaks down monopolies) or reluctantly supported net neutrality (the 'better' of the two evils).
  22. Politics and Current Events

    One thing I don't see talk about is why Net Neutrality was necessary because of the government (federal and state) selling itself to these internet companies in the first place and letting them monopolize everything. In a free market we wouldn't need net neutrality, but because of the government backed monopolies we've had to rely on the government enforcing internet protection. It's a shitty situation all around. Normally I wouldn't be in favor of the regulation, but it does become necessary when the government's made sure there is no free market for the internet. I wonder if/when the monopolies will be broken down like (I believe anyway??) Europe did awhile back. I don't see it ever happening under a Republican, but would not be surprised if Net Neutrality cannot be restored that this would be the next step for at least trying to protect internet freedom.
  23. doom conspiracy

    Doom did 9/11
  24. MADLIB

    Ha that's my Youtube channel. One more classic from back in the day