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  1. Politics and Current Events

    The problem is what happens after that? Does South Korea take over? That means China will will have America right at its border again. This is why the Korean War wasn't won, China doesn't want to deal with our shit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_War#China_intervenes_.28October_.E2.80.93_December_1950.29 . I wish Trump had the balls just to give China the North Korean territory so we could collaborate on wiping the dictatorship out.
  2. Conspiracies

  3. What happens to the Stones Throw Drip?

    Oh dang, that was fast lol I do hope you bring it back in one way or another, getting new music monthly was really awesome. Paying the $10 a month was worth it to me, there were quite a few releases I probably wouldn't have bothered with if I didn't get them there and I've ended up becoming a big fan (Especially true for Mild High Club, Surface to Air Missive, and that Frankie Reyes that come to mind) I just wish that the new setup was in place before this goes down, it seems a bit of a missed opportunity if the Drip is closed before announcing where you will continue this type of program (especially since I'm guessing many people there aren't on STMB or visit the website very often). I know you guys probably can't say, but it's also interesting to think about how many people were actually subscribed and whether there was value to ST with it (I would hope so!!). I'm very biased because I like Bandcamp a lot, but it is hard imagining transitioning there not having an even bigger impact than Drip had. Anyway, as long as you keep uploading new albums to Bandcamp I'm happy enough for those sweet FLACs
  4. What happens to the Stones Throw Drip?

    There are a lot of technical issues with Drip now and it seems Kickstarter is not interested in keeping everything working. I've noticed that all the official 'Drip' channels are dead. Has Stones Throw thought about changing their monthly music program provider? I know you guys are putting more stuff on Bandcamp these days and I think there could be more money to be made through visibility of such a program if it were hosted there instead. It sounds relatively easy to set up too -- https://bandcamp.com/subscriptions I'm at the point of wanting to cancel my subscription because Drip's platform sucks, but haven't yet because I don't want to miss any exclusive goodies.
  5. Politics and Current Events

    I thought Trump was retarded for comparing the removal of these statues to going so far as to have people complain about statues of presidents, but then Trump has to be right again lol http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2017/08/16/jackson-washington-park-protest-presidents-slave-owners/ . Should we tear down the White House, Capitol building, and all the other monuments in America now?? As far as the confederate statues go, they should be removed from any publicly funded space in my opinion. Tax payers shouldn't be paying for the upkeep of confederate loser statues. They should instead be put into museums like I've heard a lot of folks say to maintain the historical aspect/etc.
  6. Politics and Current Events

  7. what are you listening to?

  8. Nasimoto

    https://davidbegun.bandcamp.com/album/nasimoto-nas-quasimoto-remix Saw this on Bandcamp's top seller list on the front page. Quick listen on some of the tracks, some good mashups
  9. Update: Drip will stay up --- Very sad to hear that Drip is closing up next month -- https://medium.com/@drip/a-letter-from-the-founders-of-drip-91023fc5a704#.yxkvax3xh I was kind of skeptical of the service at first, thinking it was kinda lame waiting on credits and stuff but since subscribing I feel like I've gotten a lot of value out of it. I especially liked being able to get FLAC versions of new ST releases immediately. Anyway, I'm wondering if Stones Throw has any plans for what to do after Drip.com closes. Could you maybe look into working on a Bandcamp subscription service as explained here -- https://bandcamp.com/subscriptions . Also, what will happen to some of the Drip exclusives? There are still a number of them that I was hoping to get over time with credits. Any info would be cool, RIP Drip
  10. MADLIB

    DOOM has his own thread, thought Madlib could use one for random posts too (didn't know where to share below but thought it was neat) http://www.rappcats.com/blue-note-uncompromising-expression/ Badass that Jank was first dude on Blue Note to design cover and to perform (even if it was a few notes, still counts!)