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  1. SG Omen

    STBB#552 VOTE

    What's good, people? 3. [character]N!T3 2. Butta Slick 1. bruuudi - daaaaaamn
  2. SG Omen

    STBB #551 VOTE

    3rd: ma_ma 2nd: Swoop-Man 1st: Kowalzki
  3. SG Omen


    What's good, people?
  4. SG Omen

    STBB#511 VOTE

    Kowalzki Also enjoyed the tracka of KappNeffect, OLOS, and Lonius
  5. SG Omen


    What's good, STBB?
  6. SG Omen

    STBB 455 VOTE!!!

    If jazz sold, then truth be told, I'd probably vote for ANTCNY... but I vote Dylan C Greene
  7. SG Omen

    STBB#455 We Got the Jazz!

    What's up and what's good?
  8. SG Omen

    STBB #403 VOTE

    Crockett King
  9. SG Omen

    STBB #402 VOTE

    Nariman x J Sense Impossible Nothing Vox MoNkey mariolenard Lynchfuchs DJSapien oak isle baaskat BEATS
  10. SG Omen

    STBB 402

    Thank you to listening.
  11. SG Omen

    STMBBB 397 VoTe!! #hashtagthevote

    sicboy YUBA blisS PerrinoiD firepee CardboardStapler lefi. VoxMoNkey HUXLAY Farmer Dillo
  12. SG Omen

    STBB 373 VOTE

  13. SG Omen

    STBB 372 VOTE

  14. SG Omen

    STBB #356 VOTE

  15. SG Omen

    STBB 352 VOTE

    seizebeats Three-0 & miRSs had some good shit Everybody: consider the feel and timing of your vocals when you're mixing up instrumentals. Even if the timing matches up, think about the flow of that artist compared to the music... who gives a crap?