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  1. Zexual

    STBB #261 VOTE

    Nice slection of flips in different styles. Mad props to Areou/Ɖirȶy ⱣørℂɛLд!N, J Sense, RunC.T., OSØ, kynes, Jones FoSho, Rums Kanuba, McCOY, uPprhand... My vote has to go to: MortenParket The Illuminati ▲ made me do it
  2. Zexual

    STBB #261

    I’m in
  3. Zexual

    STBB #261

    Congrats to Erratic and everyone who made dope beats and got kudos. I don’t get the “winner cannot re-enter a hosted battle”? You mean the winner skips the follow up? I like when the winner takes part, but does something stupid and funny, just to be sporting, but whatever I don’t think people should be allowed vote unless they have at least 10 posts, but whatever ... Cool sample. Tons to work with. I’m gonna do this with a ear and sinus infection. Bring it on. LOL
  4. Zexual

    Some vocal/tv/radio samples for you

    a few bbc language training records, a radio advert classics lp, an old religious preaching record, an old anti smoking record, some bbc comedy stuff, and a cool record called “God Is For Real, Man” where ghetto dudes give their interpretations of the stories of The Bible.
  5. Zexual

    STBB 259 - Vote

    I think I know whos gonna win this one
  6. Zexual

    STBB 259 - Vote

    I had a busy week so no entry from me, but man that sample is great. I’m still going through them. The standard this week is off the freakin scale. ....EDIT... Right, here’s my thing: E-lctro - You have two different flips this week? Anyway, I love the first one, with the question mark. Alphanote - Love the intro. No fucking around. Just BAM... Here’s some good funk. Rebuilder - Flying Lotus vibes but a bit more Hed Kandi Ibiza chill sort of thing goin on. This is right up my street. enzoeyeris - Crazy shit. Loved it. e-wah - Head noddin. Funky. Areou - Nice melodic indie vibes. Stapler - Brilliant intro and dark vibes. Tuamie-Osiris - Funky stuff. I loved the flute and the oldskool vibe. nappychan - I think a lot of people will be like WTF. But I love this psychedelic shit. BEN BADA BOOM - Big Big Big simple blasta - so mellow and subtle with tons of texture. beautiful. Guts the Cutter - Nice aggressive funk. It was very close, but my vote goes to. ....... djerratic ....... Very current sound. People struggle to get it right. You don’t. Also a great mix and arrangement.
  7. Zexual

    Diggers... What WAX did you buy today?

    Was very happy to pick this up recently:
  8. Zexual

    258 - VOTE ...

    I guess I’ll fire ahead. Mad props: C.Z. E-lctro Jones FoSho BattleBeats Ogi feel the Beat DISMAL ZERO CABRERA MF Kauz (The RUM1) Groove Cereal JDarms beatfux aka sysout Kovayzla daikumo 大 雲 almost voted for: ThroughTheBeat but my vote has to go to: stanscrates
  9. Zexual

    STBB #258

    I wasn’t sure if anyone could make the voting thread, or it had to be the previous winner or a mod, but anyway, I made a voting thread here: http://www.stonesthrow.com/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=22906
  10. Zexual

    258 - VOTE ...

    BEAT BATTLE # 258 .. vote .. LISTEN TO THE BEATS >>HERE<< Vote for your favorite in this thread with... BIG BOLD FONTS and CRAZY COLOURS ----------------------------------------- Everybody votes! Even if you didn't make a beat you can vote. List as many beats as you like but only vote for 1. DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF. Respect yourself and each other by keeping it legit! ------------------------------------------ Voting until SATURDAY 9AM- NYC time Winner: Post new sample, rules, etc - by Saturday Noon - NYC time __________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions! __________________________________________
  11. Zexual

    STBB #258

  12. Zexual

    R.I.P. Whitney Houston

    Rest In Peace. Another sad day for music.
  13. Zexual

    Diggers... What WAX did you buy today?

    I’d love if this could become a wax only thread for us diggers, because the “rep your purchases” thread in the other section is mostly clothes and games and stuff that don’t interest me much.
  14. Zexual

    STBB Finalists Archive

    Great idea
  15. Zexual

    STBB #258

    Congratulations to Kovayzla and St.Rock. Cheers for the sample. Interesting. DJ Sapien good luck with your marriage proposal. I hope she says yes.