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  1. Flops/Fails/New Lows in Hip-Hop

    While looking back at old rap beefs, I started looking into all the stupid shit that's gone on in Hip-Hop, from rappers doing embarrassing/cringe shit, to terrible choices musically and of course dudes fully ending their own careers. In essence, I'm kinda looking for all the stuff that contributed to all the shit stuff in Hip-Hop today...Anyone able to help? What ruined Hip-Hop for you?
  2. UK Hip Hop / Hip Hop Outside of the U.S.

    Ragz Sweet Jones, love this guys writing...
  3. Who The f#ck Is MC Entire?? Sold more albums then the goat 2pac

    Something ridiculously admirable about that...
  4. Decay the Llama ft. Psalm One, prod. Selfish

    Listening to Decay's Soundcloud now, dudes solo work is remarkable. Definitely need to keep an eye out for everything puts out.
  5. King Cesar (MIC) - All The King's Men

    Got this on the playlist, can't wait to bump it.
  6. THE WAS Soda_Jerk Vs The Avalanches

    They really managed to exploit the nostalgia with that video, while at the same time not disgusting, annoying or offending me. Really had a hypnotic quality to it.
  7. Count Bass D

    Can't wait for a UK show, although I'd imagine a show in London wouldn't be as intimate as I'd imagine...
  8. Baker's Dozen: Dibia$e

    Mr.Dibia$e is legit, hope I can reach a show or something if he comes thru londaan.

    Sometimes you just need that extra motivation though... I can hook you up with vocals
  10. DOOM

    Hahahaha! Ages since I've seen this! How the fuck do this shitty videos happen? Aren't directors/editors everywhere, how do these guys keep finding the worst?
  11. The Grammy's Suckā€¦ Right?

    The way people talk about Kendrick on twitter is like he's some "held back" talent the world isn't ready for yet. Almost as if when you type the letter 'k' into Youtube his name isn't on the list. I don't hate the guy, he's a fine artist. It's the near unavoidable fan base, so loud and rabid it's becoming cringe to even hear his name.
  12. kanye / madlib

    I remember 9th done that with David Banner...I think even Madlib knows Jay Elec won't get anything done for at least 6 years.
  13. kanye / madlib

    It's been a while since I've seen a post on this subject this correct.