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  1. illeyes

    STBB #553 VOTE

    Dont know why in soundcloud cant see comments that i wrote. Is it bug or not, dont know. Was hard to choose, dont like such chaotic tracks/ my vote goes to 1.sam knockz 2.Sonic Skater 3.per.du many good tracks, i can name almost everyone )))))
  2. illeyes

    STBB #550 Harmony Week

    [media] [/media]
  3. illeyes

    302 Vote

    lots of delicious beats but i`ll vote for: Psych.Hop.Padz
  4. illeyes

    280 Vote

    hi y`all! everydayness caught me up, but i `ve found some time to listen all trax. my fav`s: sugoisounds Sid Juneau StR┬ęK djdantuf Renzo Garcia Casual Action Ogi feel the Beat Alphanote BEN BADA BOOM
  5. illeyes

    STMB Beatbattle #252 happy new year!
  6. illeyes

    STBB #251

  7. illeyes


    sry dont heard all beats and had few time so didnt vote. peace beat brothas
  8. illeyes

    Beat Battle 246 Voting Thread

    lots of crazy stuff, surprised alot JujuBockeryders... it was very very hard to choose for me
  9. illeyes

    245 x2

    2nd beat, surprised of sample changesorry for not commenting and voting litl busy
  10. illeyes


    greetings. i use software - fl 10 and some other plug-ins and midi keyboard oxygen61
  11. illeyes

    239VOTE - until saturday becuz of soundcloud

    like that beats: NeLL Stalgya es-k Beatz2Bump Productions TenCent Enzoeyeris Irmusic Dinobeatz Soul_UP Texelltation Plusga Ogi feel the Beat m3rlin buttaslick dfr3sh Beatinyo MOXATRON BEN BADA BOOM
  12. illeyes

    233 VOTE

    it will take a lot of time to name all crazy men) KNYT