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    Yo What's up people? as always some tight work from everyone. Here's my feedback on everyone's tracks, Enjoy! FatVonFree, Dope Cuts as always, awesome stutters and Heavy Hitting overall production! * Levi Tretschinken, Nice sample cuts, made rhythm and some nice filter work. Hobgoblinbeats, Heavy drums liking your precision, killer beat MichaelMichaelson, liking the drums in this one, some nice chilled vibes. Barry Studebaker , Yeah nice filter work, got my head bobbing. 92 Degrees , Yo some lovely swing on this joint! Slick beat and chops. * Butta Slick , Yeah this is some real boom bap! Yeah Dope beat, loving the simple chops on this. Killer! 2n!te , Damn this is Sick! Dope Swing, some real clean chops and a real nice chilled beat. Nice * KappNeffect , Wobble wobble seriously mad sounds loving the wonky beat. Dope as F**K! Fredson Jacobs , This is a really nice and uplifting different style, works well, Big ups! flobama , Yeah this is cool! nice bounce on the beat, kind of some 90’s flavour in there. Detritus Tabu3 , Wow another well different approach, this is pretty cool. nice one. HUXLAY , Dope drums! Lovely use of the horn, really nice atmosphere and vibe. Heavy Flip! * Lonius , oh yeah this is super relaxing, lovely build to a Sweet joint! liking the drums and the percussion. KOARAKTOR , Dope intro, this is some slick Boom bap track all right! Super tight! * 61Beatz , Bang Bang! Lovely use of the guitar, Dope Flip indeed! :.G.FNella.: , Nice Real heavy swing, digging the delay echo washed out layers! Graftaq , Yeah nice use of the sample, dope swing and a cool beat, liking the percussion on this. sam knocks , Boom! Heavy flip, chilled use of the sample. Banging Drums! Supply Arturo , Nice rhythm on this, interesting sample choice but it works. naturella.boombap , Damn! Living up to your name Sir! Killer joint. The Chops, Filter work, Bass, Drums that snare. Mmmmm. * MA Beats , Super Tight Flip, Some Dope Drums with a nice Bounce and rhythm with the snare. LithiumLion , Cool stuff, interesting space like laser sound with the sample. Organi5m , Mad flip liking the build up, cool layers works well. DAJAMAH , Hefty swing, trippy washed out sample cool sounds. c a s c a s s e t t e , Nice chilled style, my head is bopping for sure. 3. KappNeffect 2. HUXLAY 1. FatVonFree Peace.
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    VOTING HAS ENDED.... Rainman has counted the votes and he told me that the results are as follows: 1. Koaraktor - 43 2. Huxlay - 28 3. Fredson Jacobs – 24 (i counted 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd... let me know if i'm wrong and if i'm not allowed to count )
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    1 - fredson jacob 2 - 2n!te 3 - Detritus Tabu great stuff everybody, some really ill works all around.
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    http://www.thisisforthehustlers.com http://originalrootsound.blogspot.com http://dieordiy2.blogspot.com http://krautrockmaniac.blogspot.com http://flabbergasted-vibes.org
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    ...thanks for letting us know Moxatron.. I only came across your post coz I was haveing a sleepless night on my vacation and happened to check.. there is supposed to be someone filling in for me as I repost wednesdays but I dunno what happened ... appologies for it though on a similar topic... I decided to let go of the "controle" a lil' a couple a weeks ago. and I'm surprised to see that things aren't really being picked up. although I guess most were used to things being done, the forum can actually be run by the community. I hope these few events make it clear you have these powers. like there wasn't a sample posted till way after the sample posting deadline last saturday.. there's the faq guys... noon LA time.. then it's the runner up..or anybody really... the show must go on also...anyone may start the Vote thread from wednesday night 12 LA Time so go ahead and run this mofo fellas I'm gonna repost the tracks and the Vote will start again in case something goes wrong with reposting again.. best to write one or all the mods.. they are listed on the STBB Collection page pz Joa p.s. really enjoyed the banter and honesty about the rules etc. in th posting thread.. 1 <3
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    yeah aight lol. i feel that. either way, i personally hope that closing its offices was them realizing their mistakes and deciding to make changes to run their business better and it was not born out desperation. Chance the Rapper i guess spoke with the CEO and they announced together that Soundcloud will live beyond 50 days and well into the future. Apparently the "dead in fifty days" thing wasn't true according to them. there seems to be theories floating around that this was all a big publicity stunt. none of this really matters tho i mean if soundcloud can thrive it'll continue to be one of the big platforms for underground artists to make a name for themself. if not, it'll die, and something new will fill the void. such is business.
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    well the thing we keep arguing in circles over is what Soundcloud should be used for. you seem to be dead-centered on the idea that it's like FUBU for independent music creators specifically, including fans of indie artists, indie artists themselves, indie labels, and indie artist collectives. i'm saying it could easily expand its influence and be more than that if it was managed properly, which we both agree it is not. let's just agree to disagree and be glad we don't own a business like Soundcloud together lol. nothing like a good, long-winded argument on a message board to really get the blood flow going
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    i apologize btw for putting everything everyone says under a microscope. i'm on a shit ton of adderall right now lmao
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    Instead of saving it, they seem to be restreaming the archive on loop, managed to catch it anyways. Stack of cd-r's, but quite safe selection of music. Couple known originals like for Healer and Meat Grinder. During the usual Zamrock tunes Madlib went "ain't none of you hearing this shit unless I'm here". Two Mobb Deep tracks. Wanna say he played two new beats, he threw 'a world premier' vocal sample during those. Towards the end he played three trap mumble tracks or whatever, and the crowd went cuckoo especially for Mask Off. ..... Trap Konducta???
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    Just came across this, fluent drops a ton of old unreleased shit. Majority I've never heard. Downloading now then plan on ripping the gym of its foundation tomorrow morning. https://jethrodumont.bandcamp.com
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    Never listened to Jay Z much but this new album ain't too bad:
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    They both have super short discographies so go ahead and just get all their stuff. He does a very similar style to both of them, what with the sweet melodies on top of clickety clack found sample drums
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    Thanks again! Shout-outs to everyone who participated! STBB 542 You know the drill: Make a flip using at least one of the samples. http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/xf00gZfs/file.html http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/2x1UDFRF/file.html http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/f4x9uOtb/file.html - 4:00 minute time limit - outside instruments / drums / acapellas / vocal shots / fx-stuff allowed - no outside samples allowed The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 542“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: http://www.soundclou.../stbbcollection EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here: http://www.zippyshare.com (got this one from kowalzki - thanks dude) Do your thing! peace
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    You probably missed this in hype. Wake Up!!! FREE DOWNLOAD for a limited time... Share it while you can! The LONG AWAITED ONLY SOLO ALBUM by GODS GIFT... For a limited time, God's Gift of Pure Order is giving away his solo album with Dj Shag (De Bergerac: The Valkyrie) for FREE! Yes, download it for free today! Skillfully crafted conscious rhymes, poetry and beats. Features #BlameOne (#DirtyScience) #Nemesis (#PureOrder) #KrycisElement and #DVOO (#MysterysExstinction). See why #PBWolf (#Stonesthrow) called Gift one of his "favorite emcees"! Again, this is a limited offer! Download it now before it's official release Aug. 3rd. Please share this links with your friends! http://debergerac.bandcamp.com/album/the-valkyrie-2 Also: CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE NEW GODS GIFT VIDEO Under 30 Days and Gods Gifts FIRST album will be available... Please share! THE WEBSITE
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    Beats+Chill is one of my favorite shows on the tube. You up on his music?
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    Been up for a while he's one of the dopest producers here in the ATL. He's at Controllerise (at Slice) every Thursday doing live sets. https://www.facebook.com/events/1444666158937621/
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    yo bamajoe that count shit is smooth AF i'm trying to get the count on one of my beats doing some shit like that beat fosho
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    Funk Farm was the crew. All of us who made music with Kan at his house.
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    dope! great progression and changes super soulful like how you do boom bap along with uptempo jams my fav tracks are the check and more trife
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    I like it, but it's different from the first 2 seasons though. Some folks think it's been kind of a combination of all of Lynch's movies so far. If you haven't already seen Fire Walk With Me try to watch it before you start the season. Or at least a youtube summary. You won't know everything that's going on if you don't. And read or watch a youtube summary of The Secret History of Twin Peaks by TP co-creator/co-writer Mark Frost. Hell, I'd probably at least watch summaries of the first 2 seasons too. A few more things: You might be disappointed if you're expecting season 1 or 2. It can be confusing to keep up with because there's at least a handful of different plot lines. I've had to watch youtube summaries of each episode. Because of the way it's paced some people think instead of being an 18 (or however many) episode season it's an 18 hour movie with however many different parts. It's supposed to be "18 new hours of Twin Peaks", but I'm not sure how many episodes. Oh and there's at least 1 new character that so far has been divisive... Very divisive.
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    Only came across this last night. Damn! http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/2-live-crew-co-founder-fresh-kid-ice-dead-at-53-w492045
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    Congrats!! nice samples..
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    much love to everyone for another bless battle 1. KOARAKTOR [the grooves & sonics] 2. Lonius [the textures] 3. naturelle.boombap [the snap] honorable mentions: c a s c a s s e t t e organi5m Hobgoblinbeats [KappNeffect] FatVonFree Fredson Jacobs give thanks to everyone, keep digging bless
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    2N!te Fredson Jacobs naturelle.boombap shouts out at MOXATRON, all others that I liked, well, I liked. Lots of dope shit this week, dope sample pack too Joa
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    Amazing album! The world needs more of this. Thank you.
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    1. Fredson Jacobs 2. Lonius 3. Sam Knockz * Hob
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    1. Lonius... the absolute perfect beat. I wouldn't change a single thing. 2. Flobama.... that shit was magic! 3. Huxlay... that vibe + bass is everything 4. KOARAKTOR... like, wow. Them horns and stabs and bass and vocals and aaaaaaaalllllll that shit KNOCK 5. :.G.F.NeLLa.: gotdamn kicks are everything, Bassline is so perfect. 6. sam knockz .... can I claim this beat? Lol. Shit is sooooooooooo fire. I hate the vocals on top. Wanted to hear the beat intricacies melt in my ear. Hobgoblinbeats .... Bruh! Perfect. **Top 3 are my votes**
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    I re-read the rules and realised i broke the rules by layering my drums with other drum samples, therefore my entry is a non-entry. Beat came out dope though, so no biggie!
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    lol not really feeling the Soundcloud Apologist argument up there ^ every counterpoint that was made could be dismissed by bringing up YouTube... sorry, there's way too much for me to respond to so i'll just pull this little nugget of rhetoric to address. you seem to have missed my entire argument -- the main problem Soundcloud has is that despite its popularity, it's not JUST music. you even said lol, when you addressed me uploading podcasts regularly further up in your response...you know there's more on there than just music. the platform is literally YouTube for audio, and if they want to stay afloat they need to act like it. not being able to host as many ads just means they need to scale back their expectations. Spotify makes it work. Pandora makes it work. Audiomack makes it work despite having a fraction of the popularity...that's why Soundcloud is a miserable failure imo. popularity doesn't pay the bills, and they don't need "hundreds of employees" and a dozen lavish offices to run it. the problem is they expect people w/o the means to afford $84-180 per year to pay that kind of $ for something that, like you admitted, isn't crucial for anyone besides bedroom producers who are trying to make it and get noticed. YouTube offers exclusive content via Red and Music, they don't just fuck you over and make you pay to keep your channel after you've established it; Soundcloud does. they literally punish the concept of regular uploads...and yes, it is completely reasonable to expect a website whose sole purpose is hosting audio to allow you to host as much audio as you damn well please to promote yourself THROUGH their platform. Soundcloud owes just as much to Chance the Rapper as Chance owes to Soundcloud. social media celebs not only make a name for themselves, but essentially become brand ambassadors and representatives of their respective platforms...from Facebook to Vine, there's successful people on every platform creating regular content that allows people to indulge in the service and (duhhhhhh) USE IT MORE FREQUENTLY. when you limit access, limit content creation, and limit a potential audience that could expand into places like, podcasts, concerts, talk radio, radio plays, audio books, audio reviews, etc. (i.e. content that is NOT created by small-time bedroom beatmakers, but stuff that is more corporate and more consistent in nature, allowing more frequent uploads of episodes)...well then, i'm not really all that wistful about a company's failure. you're acting like there will never be another Soundcloud; i'm telling you Soundcloud is the MySpace of audio hosting platforms. it can and will be replaced by something better, and we all will rejoice on that app where we can have the freedom that old Soundcloud provided us.
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    everybody should get their gifs from joa in the future...well done. for the bass, i took a stab from a charlie haden track and processed the shit out of it.
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    Also yo, whaaaat is this archive this
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    I can only think of two similar ones, or at least having unknown origins... The "Doom" aka "No Refunds" track on Think Differently Music's DOOM! compilation. I would've guessed it's Jake One produced Born Like This scrap, but the track is referencing Viktor Vaughn, and a YouTube link I found had been taken down by NatureSounds. Second being this acapella played by J. Rocc 13:20. I posted it here before, nobody reacted so I assumed we quietly agreed it's most likely off that one certain project...
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    Tryna resurrect some inside joke that originated since like 2005 on the defunct SOHH boards in 2017 really breh. What are you ? The first meme digger ?
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    I saw this earlier and came in here to see if anyone was talking about it. Hopefully someone buys it, would be sad to see it go
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    oof. i fucks wit it. I really dug the shrek vid you posted on twitter with this song playing lol. it was dope.
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    Fargo Season 3, love this show keeps getting better and better Also looking forward to Twin Peaks
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    OT: dude primus is not my favorite band but they must be dope live
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    ^^ SUPER FIREEEE FYI, in our interview God's Gift referred to THE [FUNK] FARM simply as Kan Kick's studio/ house and Crate Diggas Palace as Madlib's studio/ house