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    Hey Joa and All, The “bollocks” part was my history of being a fan of Mark E. Smith not the charges brought against him in this thread, which are quite serious and hard to defend and I honestly cannot defend his words. I was not aware of these lyrics before but I have to say it is not surprising to me given his deliberately provocative and contrarian stances. I would never pretend to be able to say what was going on in his mind when he decided to put those words in a song outside of his own comments which seem to be him doubling down on the correctness of his intent. The language was ignorant and cruel but probably pretty common in the pubs he would be frequenting at that time, again not excusable but a statement of fact. He is from a working class background and is proud to be “the crap that talks back” in a very class oriented society. He said he could not be an oppressor of black people because the working class shares the same economic oppression from those who hold the power that black people have dealt with historically. He is pointing out that middle class values are hypocritical in that they have the token black person in organizations that have no real desire to change the current power structure. I read that the band revisited the song in 2003 and the line was cut from that version. That is the closest Mark E. Smith could ever come to making any kind of apology. This inability to admit mistakes and apologize must have been hell for those closest to him. Personally in my experience people who behave like this are masking a deep insecurity and cannot allow themselves ever to be vulnerable. Often we are disappointed when our idols are all too human but in a way it makes them more real and brings them closer and into focus. My children are bi-racial and anybody that would hate them for the way they look is not worthy of my respect. I will say that I really don’t think racism was a core principle for him or was a catalyst for his artistic output and because of that absence of racist intent he keeps my respect on the merits of his art. He was like the great “piss taker” of rock music, a role he played admirably for so long. So much for you guys avoiding my “bollocks”. Peace, Hugh
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    Stbb 580 Hey thanks some much for the likes and comments last week, really appreciate it! Rules Yo, make something dope using both of the samples provided "Sounds simple son, what's the damn catch?" NO OUTSIDE BASS Also NO outside samples - except fx/vocal shots/cuts Everything else fine - though if you're using synths, make sure you don't use them for bass! Samples (there are 2): https://we.tl/hCpsH0gWxJ The original choral sample is here if you'd like to give it a watch Happy beatmaking! Peace élan vital The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 577“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollection EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample to WeTransfer
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    This used to be linked on the demo page lol
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    whats good people. except some percussion and vocal cuts, all sounds originate from samples.
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    collabed with Lonius
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    Now-again has started a great digital subscription at Rappcats. Ten bucks, 1st month for free-trial, all new releases come with mp3 & wav. Immediate downloads contain african fuzzy rock, spiritual freeminded jazz, reenlighted psych rock, ethio funk breaks and a crazy ass brazilian mix from a guy you may have heard of. Everything goes on on their own website for a really good price. Now-Again was being a bit exclusive with all the LP-club, fancy reeditions, expensive shipping rates so I think this is a pretty good option to listen to their catalog and support them.
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    Yep outside drums/synths/instruments etc all good
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    ..Congrats again Elan.. hehe.. that face she pulls in the gif.. she seems to be summoning the ghost of Mark E. ! can't wait to hear the samples when I get home.
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    1. Jakal (certified headbanger) 2. Elan Vital (laid back and smooth as hell) 3. ChillWill1013 (made me think of spy movies, great chops and drum work) Another fun week, glad to be a part of it.
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    1. Jakal (The term "virtuoso" would never be applied to anyone in the Fall but I give it to this track.) 2.The Wolf ( Ready for the football stadium) 3.Bleep ( Captured the theme spot on) Being a fan I have to say everyone did justice to the Fall. They had great riffs and attitude. Looking forward to the next battle. Peace, Hugh
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    Yo Peps, what’s good? some Awesome work by all this round, everyone bringing the goodness. Damn hard to chose my favourite top 3 3.Lonius 2.Jakal 1.Elan Vital Peace.
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    yow Wig, yea, I recall like two single homeboy votes in the last couple of years with the 123 voting it's more likely someone has actually listened to all the tracks.. however it says so in the FAQ/ruleset and moderators are not reachable at all..I tried to get them to change the the ruleset on several occasions for the 123 voting.. to no avail.. so yeah.. dunno hehe
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    already know my top three so I might as well post them now.. will fave and comment later.. 1.Jakal.. Epik-u !..fits the brief vibe wise too imo 2. Elan Vital.. smooth run..vibe !.. only just came in second 3. Bleep.. yes jsumbi that good trap.. way better than my attempt
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    1. Jakal (crazy, on repeat!) 2. FIVEPEE (that sawbass is cutting through everything! great composition!) 3. Detritus Tabu3 (great build up, does justice to the music!) CHiLLWiLL1013 WigMaster
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    you probably won't be missed. you were mostly misused for hype posts anyway. i loved you though
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    damn!!! sorry man I hit a bar after work. Thought the pick would just go to the next person on the list 2nd/3rd/4th etc I didn't realise I had to wake up extra early on a Saturday morning to audit a spreadsheet for a beat battle L0000000L!!!!!!!! I'm just clowning shout out to The Guen. HA!!!! THIS DUDE!!!!! So he dropped the pick but we're doing something else. this place is confusing. Again, sorry for the hassle.
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    1. Wanna tell us something about yourself? some dude. born and raised in the bay area. used to be in a bunch of hardcore bands in high school and made ambient music and some IDM on the side. late sophomore year of high school ('~06?), I was listening to DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid - Riddim Warfare (the album that "started it all") and trying to remake one of the dnb songs in Garageband (the first DAW for most). A senior working as a TA, saw what I was doing, (which wasn't the assignment) and introduced me to Madlib - Shades of Blue... life changed. Ever since then, I've been making beats and trying to find as much electronic, jazz, dub, metal, w/e I could find. Serendipity, I made friends with another young producer, Dom$olo (soundcloud.com/domsolo) who just happened to be the younger brother of the guy who introduced me to instrumental hiphop and who would later go on to help produce some tracks on Yeezus, Big Sean, and Sia. Long story short, toured with my band, dropped that, got into pills, dropped that, got engaged, dropped that... but through all of it, I never stopped making music... Here I am! 2. How did you make use of the sample? There was an organ/piano break earlier in the track. I took parts of this, ran each part into it's own Ableton Sampler, and programmed the midi from here. If you want proof or w/e I can send you the set or do a youtube video with a run through 3. How did you incorporate the rules? The rules were straight forward; use the sample anything goes. 4. How did you go about making the drums and drum programming? I picked some drums I've been sitting on from a cassette that I left out in the sun (solar crunch). I recorded these single hits into ableton, played the drums on my Ableton Push 2, loaded them onto a newer cassette, BAM drums done 5. What DAW and or equipment did you use? I use Ableton live, push 2, Tascam Porta Studio 1, some old radioshack type 1 cassettes, and my sample library 6. Anything else you wanna add? be shameless in your production and promotion (lol) s/o to dom$olo --> s/o to myself -->
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