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    STBB the Great Outdoors number 572 sample: https://we.tl/6KTCULNoQZ ruleset: outside drums, bass, vocalshots, acas, fx, instruments and synths allowed special rule: record something outside and work it into your track posting for sol.. congrats bro! s'thing different! have fun guys! pz Joa The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 567“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollection Label entries that are posted after the deadline as 'late entry' and entries that don't comply with the rules as: 'non-entry' in your track title. EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here: https://wetransfer.com/
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    It looks like DOOM's full verse from Nautical Depth was released or leaked by someone. And it's a different mix with his vocals more upfront: And another new mask, this time camo!
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    not sure what happened, but for some reason it just all clicked for me the past week or so. i've been aware of these guys all last year, but now i'm realizing just how much i had been sleeping on them since then. they're not at all what i had originally thought of them, and the more i dive in the more interested i get in the whole world they've built up for themselves. it would be like if 12 of us on the STMB just moved into a house and started making media -- beats, raps, lyrics, vocals, films, music videos, graphic design, fucking everything...all independently. i didn't realize how much they had blown up until this week when i tried buying tix to their show this Thursday in Denver. not only are these tix sold the fuck out, they're currently climbing up in price on Stubhub past the $100 point -- per ticket. also noticed a massive jump in their channel's hits, they have like 20 songs that have passed the 1 million view mark. shit's crazy...and they're just starting to blow up. has anyone else here been listening to the best boy band ever?
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    klopt!.. might wanna keep it in english for the rest of the guys.. yes, this was used for a dutch kidsshow starring a clown and an acrobat
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    Thanks Joa for helping with the posting! ♡
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    Woah thanks friends! I'll be tied up for some time but I'll post next week's sample later today when I get back!
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    1 jakal 2 s F t 3 sol sauvage resubmann3rs kowalzki x gymshoe
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    1_the jackal 2_sft 3_sol sauvage
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    DJ AGENT M Good Fellow SFT
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    Jay* but thank you and anyone else for listening. kappneffect, DJ AGENT M, c1gart, DoktorCross, Kowalzki x JoaGymshoe, Barry Studebaker 1. beatCretin 2. S.F.T. 3. Sol Savage
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    Well, I have to admit this was an awesome experience. Hearing the questionable samples I recorded and hearing you guys run with it has truely been a blessing to my ear. S/o Donutproducer for putting the votethread up. Favs: 5xvt Liked the overall energy and schratch cuts. Really like how that flute comes in. Kapnneffect: dirty lil track, dope bounce Sol Sauvage: Dope ass funky track DoktorCross: Smooth 80's style with some 90's beats Emwu23: I really dig your melodies Slick Nick : Great potential Ogi: Liked how u chopped those melodies C1Gart: really liked the melody, very lush BaVNz: Sick jungle vibe Joagymshoe: Sick flow, haha shit bro. Jack Mykal: Interesting flow, digs it Detritus tabu3: Thoroughly enjoyed that. 3.Beatcretin: Mad nice mixing on this warm track. 2.MHMORY: Shit, I love that. Dope ass broken chords and mood. 1.S F T: Incredible work, not only a dope track, but this cat managed to sample the hardest weirdest samples and combined them like a freaking boss.
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    1 SFT 2 JAKAL 3 Barry Studebaker
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    Going with 1. S.F.T. (this is so complete to me!) 2. JAKAL (less clean mix then S.F.T., but the storyline in this one is amazing!) 3. BeanTangerine (just got's me going!)
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    Nobody? I guess I´ll start then 1) DJ AGENT M (I like how the original sample sounds so peaceful and you turned it into something, that´s so gritty) 2) 5XVT 3) beatCretin
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    That version is from DOOM's own soundcloud. Ain't this new also? edit: oh I guess this is similarly longer version of DOOM's verse from 2Stings with Westside Gunn.
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    I grabbed the .flac bruh
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    whew this ish crazy i'm hi af
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    could you delete some of your posts? you posted your beat 5 times. and also twice in one post. cheers bro
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    She (Suzi Analogue) and I collab'd on a song way back in the days of MySpace ... I still got that track but never released it.
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    1. Wanna tell us something about yourself? some dude. born and raised in the bay area. used to be in a bunch of hardcore bands in high school and made ambient music and some IDM on the side. late sophomore year of high school ('~06?), I was listening to DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid - Riddim Warfare (the album that "started it all") and trying to remake one of the dnb songs in Garageband (the first DAW for most). A senior working as a TA, saw what I was doing, (which wasn't the assignment) and introduced me to Madlib - Shades of Blue... life changed. Ever since then, I've been making beats and trying to find as much electronic, jazz, dub, metal, w/e I could find. Serendipity, I made friends with another young producer, Dom$olo (soundcloud.com/domsolo) who just happened to be the younger brother of the guy who introduced me to instrumental hiphop and who would later go on to help produce some tracks on Yeezus, Big Sean, and Sia. Long story short, toured with my band, dropped that, got into pills, dropped that, got engaged, dropped that... but through all of it, I never stopped making music... Here I am! 2. How did you make use of the sample? There was an organ/piano break earlier in the track. I took parts of this, ran each part into it's own Ableton Sampler, and programmed the midi from here. If you want proof or w/e I can send you the set or do a youtube video with a run through 3. How did you incorporate the rules? The rules were straight forward; use the sample anything goes. 4. How did you go about making the drums and drum programming? I picked some drums I've been sitting on from a cassette that I left out in the sun (solar crunch). I recorded these single hits into ableton, played the drums on my Ableton Push 2, loaded them onto a newer cassette, BAM drums done 5. What DAW and or equipment did you use? I use Ableton live, push 2, Tascam Porta Studio 1, some old radioshack type 1 cassettes, and my sample library 6. Anything else you wanna add? be shameless in your production and promotion (lol) s/o to dom$olo --> s/o to myself -->