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    sang, played bass, played guitar, played drums. fun stuff. hope ya dig.
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    another year, another mixtape! 40 winning beats from the past year or so, highlighting some of the best music from the battles *same concept as the last, with only one track from each producer. totaling 40 unique winners/songs, all mixed by yours truly* HUGE thanks to everyone involved with the battles, the message boards, and YOU the listener TRACKLIST- ----------------- 1 - elan vital 2 - julian convex 3 - the deli 4 - banizzz & joagymshoe 5 - thedgtl 6 - fatvonfree 7 - jay mykal 8 - l o k a l 9 - kowalzki 10 - sim 11 - sixfingerz 12 - buddahkillah 13 - lonius 14 - kris van huystee 15 - linkrust 16 - ras dude 17 - acktron 18 - defmute 19 - mnstrmkk 20 - breakmaster cylinder 21 - barry studebaker 22 - slanteyez 23 - super sen 24 - per.du 25 - mawakening 26 - osø 27 - ephexone 28 - mellowyouth 29 - fredson jacobs 30 - el-r 31 - dtunez 32 - donutproducer 33 - beantangerine 34 - scottie royal 35 - setta 36 - :.g.f.nella.: 37 - sol sauvage 38 - vox monkey 39 - beatcretin 40 - billinski & nothing/masters *41 - liorando
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    This was really hard to choose so I'm going to go with the ones that struck me pretty immediately. 1. l o k a l 2. kokosovyj matras 3. _.• βąℓ$ţ¥яɨȼ๏ •._ Great job everyone! Honourable Mentions: Joa Gymshoe, Butta_Slick and Lonius
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    7th installment.. that's dope Mellow.. https://stonesthrowbeatbattles.wordpress.com/
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    Pfjieuwwww what a dope week with a lot of dope entries, really enjoyed the creativity with this bad ass sample ( thnx Lonius ) 3rd Place: KAPn N eFfEcT - one big space trip! Luv it, good chops and effex 2nd Place: gRaNnY David - dope dope flip, listened to this one on repeat 1st Place : FaT VOn FrEE - man , i loved your one from the first sec till the end, nice vocals nice everything😊👌
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    Joa had the great idea of us creating playlists of our favourite STBB tracks, and I suggested putting it in its own topic, as it would make a good topic for people visiting the forum to check out a selection of choice submissions without having to do too much digging. Plus I'd also love to check out what others who have been here far longer than me are rating as i'm keen to hear older stuff, but digging through ~30 tracks from each weeks vote playlists would take an age! I know there is already a playlist that has each weeks winner, but let's feel some love for more some of the many other great tracks you guys are making. 😎
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    First time participating in the STBB, excited! Here's my contribution, a 100bpm hip-hop track featuring multiple samples, original bassline and drums and an acapella w/ Kanye, Nas and KRS-ONE. Full Disclosure : I sampled a CD quality source of the same recording posted by OP. The bits I wanted to sample had pretty bad vinyl crackle and I wanted to sample a clean source. I imported both tracks into Ableton and compared them side by side and they are the identical recording. If this is against the rules, please feel free to disqualify me.
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    Congrats Lonius! Beautiful song by Gabor Szabo, 6 millions ways to flip choose one
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    Just saw your reply guys, thank u! @JoaGymshoe @Granny David
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    Good to get back on it after a couple of weeks vacation. It's an explosive one! 🌟
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    lil sump'n, props to the last winner!
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    Congratz Lonius on the win! heres my entry , only outside drums and voice samples used, hope you enjoy my entry for this week! Greetz GAIT, dope sample btw😊
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    My (current) top lot in rough order, based on what i've heard in the few months i've been here, plus some older submissions that I have stumbled across along the way. I'll keep updating it as time goes on. Such great work guys, keep it up! ☺️
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    Damn some have hitters submitting entires in here, I went with which ones had me stop what i was doing to see who it was. I enjoyed listening to all of them dope work everybody for real!! 1. DAJAMAH 2. RUEDENZ 3.TKC Honorable mentions lonius butta slick kapp granny......That ashley blue? lol had to turn that down didn't want my neighbors thinking there was some other type of beat session going on in here. psych slik nik unsound scientist
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    Oh shit!! That is badass. Now I know why ST did some random uploads recently, love that he featured that James Pants / Vex 7" on there. Looks like that's why they added Crow44 as well, another overlooked one for sure. Happy ST has been more involved on Bandcamp, really becoming my most important site for music these days
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    It's a Leroy Hutson tune - Situations
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    I'm of course talking about the amazing mc who guested on MF DOOM's "Anti Matter" and "Rap Snitch Knishes". Trying to find out who and where he is has become a fairly popular topic over the last few years on various Hip Hop forums, and so far nobody has been able to learn anything. The most information anyone has come across is that he possible lived in Florida, and at one point there was a single interview done with him on a random Hip Hop site that has since seemingly been lost. Dude only had a few guest appearances to his name, but he made a huuuuge impact on everyone who head him. I've literally seen people who hate DOOM's music with every fiber of their being stop and ask about who this dude was because he absolutely beast his verses. Thought it might be fun for us all to pull together and see what we can learn. I know some of the Stones Throw staff post here as well, and it seems like if anyone were to be in a position to unearth this dude it would be these boards. So there you have it fella's. I've seen this board hear .5 seconds of a random sample and someone track that joint down to some random south African cassette tape that only one person in the world owns (kidding...sorta). Let's see what we can do
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    http://stmbforever.com/ Paid for 3 years, I will be putting in a lot of work to get it working well. Despite things being a little dead here recently, I want to make sure we can try keeping this community together. As I mentioned in the main JJ thread, love talking about music here and finding all sorts of stuff I wouldn't have known about without seeing it here. Everything looks super generic/basic there now but I plan on trying to make this look a lot better soon before things close up here.
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    Can I just say how amazing the community has been here: the knowledge, sharing news, finding dope music new and old....Nerding out over the smallest details in all sorts of records. Where yall going??
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    Yesss, the Packumentary. Part of this interview they were playing Tekken. Shame this current board wasn't customized back to the orange color palette.