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    Hey guys... I haven't been posting for very long so feel free to tell a noob to sit the fuck back down and shut up! lol But yo...I was talking to DJ Sapien and I was telling him how I just left a beats forum (called The Beat INN) that was getting super weak on the flips, samples, and skill...but was, and is, still very dope for discussion of techniques for each week. I think having that element in STBB would put this board over the top in terms of all around quality. I didn't want to post this in Talk or Crates because I was hoping that maybe we could start this thread with every new battle for people to express any questions, advice, or praise about particular submissions. Constrobuz has a really long thread about sidechain compression that kind of just happened out of nowhere on his 285 soundcloud entry, and there were folks who said they wished there was something of the sort with every week. For instance, someone would start the thread near the end of the week just the same way we post the Voting thread. Anybody who had a particular topic in mind or track they liked (keep it focused on the sample for that week) could post there.....hopefully we'd be able to get some real knowledge out of it. thoughts? peace, sev
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    That's fucked up and funny at the same time. There's gotta be something hidden somewhere though.
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    Stones Throw Beat Battle #537 - micro flip special Theme / Rules make as many flips as you want (in one entry) from the given sample pack. but: make sure each flip is max. 30 seconds long - outside instruments / drums / acapellas / vocal shots / fx-stuff allowed - no outside samples Samples http://www78.zippyshare.com/v/8Y6B9wrl/file.html The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 537“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: http://www.soundclou.../stbbcollection EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here: http://www.zippyshare.com
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    And surprise surprise the winner is DONUT PRODUCER DAMN DUDE HOW MANY OF THESE HAVE YOU WON?!? Come claim your prize of having to do a lil bit of extra work when you get the chance! Post some samples and a funny .gif, cause you earned it! Check the tallies here but suffice to say aside from the Soul/Joa/Doom Dap collab and FatVonFree, it was not very close. Spreadsheet Goodness
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    Not cheating at all bro.plenty of beatmakers my self include ,make similar beats of their own. it only starts to get suspicios when like 5 beats in a row sound a like,thats totally not the case here man
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    It definitely took a keen ear to spot this, or a bit of research I guess. I think your comment is a bit harsh though. There's nothing fake here or cheating either. We've been through something similar to this recently and the upshot was that it isn't against the rules to recycle your drums or arrangement. Only the rules set out at the beginning of the battle thread count. The rest is up to the individual.
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    ate something wrong.. breaking out in spots.. and running to the toilet... sorry, left no comments... 1. slanty 2. : | : | : ) 3. 2n!te eraser.. defm.. donut..kappn..don hb..swgwm...
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    My tinfoil hat theory, ST prob wants MV on ST, Madlib/DOOM want to do their own thing, ST holding recorded material hostage, Madlib/DOOM trademark Madvillain blocking ST from releasing any of it. I don't think we're ever gonna get this record lol
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    I talked to PB Wolf, he said MV2 coming out next month
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    1::::HOBGOBLINBEATS::::1 2:::RUSTEE FREQUENCY:::2 3::SOL SAUVAGE::3 Lots of dope flips in what is a tough challenge. Lots of flips go over the 30 second limit though so didn't make it into my short list. Shout out to Wigmaster and dtunez who just missed out of my top 3. Peace!
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    It depends, hard to tell, but I know that none of these compilations can bring out what the OG Dilla tapes had, it was raw organic with all the mixing between songs, interludes, his mixing and equalizing and the arrangement as a whole....nowadays these compilations contain beats that were made in different eras of his production work and they just don't bring out what all the tapes he himself had put out did. But don't take me wrong, I check out all of the new releases, especially because you always find at least 1 or 2 new beats, so I appreciate that.
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    legend RIP congrats DP ill samples and theme!
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    R.i.p. I was never a big fan, but I love this verse and song.
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    This my shit.... I don't give a damn what anyone gotta say. Beat is 🔥
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    Congratz Donut and cool theme this week "short and sweet" just like my lovemaking technique. Seriously Peace to all, Hugh
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    As I said before, both beats were entirely made from scratch. Here are the isolated drum patterns: http://www79.zippyshare.com/v/e9T2PjVV/file.html What exactly is "fake" or "cheating" here?
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    Donut - Just checked out your software and it looks so dope! Love that you can use this without ever looking at a waveform or even the screen really! Really wish I had a Mac so I could check it out for myself. Do you plan to create a Windoze version?? However, while I love your software, I've got to call you out on something. Did you use the same project file from your last win for your win this week too? Your beats for 531 and 536 are EXACTLY the same! Same drums, same timing on the chops, they're even the exact same length!! Sounds like you just swapped out the samples from 531 and posted the same beat. I've heard of sticking with a winning formula, but come on man!!!
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    Both ways are fine, but the entry has to be one single soundfile
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    nice theme! Can you retain the same beat with the different flips, or is the intention to have several 30-sec 'beats'?
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    So many different styles this week! I love it! My faves were the boom-baps this time tho. 3. Lonius - ultra chill. Def some summer SNES vibes on this one 2. Bearcutta - Way chill too. Nice with the drums 1. MOXATRON! - Absolutely killed it with these drums and patterns! Totally sounds like some 90s era MPC-bap to me. Can almost see the fingers thwacking at those pads. Love that descending synth in the hook too. Big thanks to Julian Convex for such a rad theme this week!
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    1 - Brain Sick Beats Nailed the game theme perfectly. Epic boss battle. 2 - Slanteyez 3 - 2n!te Thanks for the feeds and comments!
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    guys this was a cool week. sample were cool but i wasn't expecting this quality!! here my top 3: 3. Donut Producer dope drums, dope chopping and dope composition. but the thing i loved the most was how drums and bass played together... cooooool!!! close tied i want to mention defMute and the great playing of FatVonFree 2. Soul Jutsu x JoaGymShoe x DoomDap pretty obvious choice.. shit is lit all around. ready for radio lit like imho 1. Eraserhead Fuckers ok THIS WAS A BRICK BETWEEN THE EYES. what to say... that track has huge character and is crazy fresh. i went thru it like i do with hardcore punk tracks: 50 secs and i'm already feet in the air. would listen to an entire album like that asap. i feel like it would have been even better without the last part. f i r e f i r e f i r e have a good we and see you next week my friend. sorry for bad english!!!!
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    3. DonutProducer (your software is one thing...but your creativity and feel for dope beats...damnnneeddd!) 2n!te defMute Dr.Cross slanteyez : | : | : ) 2. Doom Dap x Soul Jutsu x JoaGymshoe (Beats all got soul and the lyrics there's a lot emotion and great story in there, diggin it!) Bearcutta 1. Eraserhead Fuckers (I am sucker for this all out mentality in beats! mental!) Lonius
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    just listened to your latest tape, cool stuff Jr. Samples! Phoenix, Look Up, Never Say and Goodbye are my favs