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    STBB#567 VOTE Playlist #567 the new STBB - Collection account all tracks will be reposted and added to the weekly playlist by the mods Use this thread to vote while making sure to effectively utilize: BIG lettering, BOLD fonts, and/or CRAZY-AsSCOLORS Voting allowed from 1 posted beat or 5 posts up, having listened to all beats. Do not vote for yourself! Must vote in order to be eligible for the win this week! VOTE 1st 2nd and 3rd place Otherwise your vote will not be counted!!!! Voting ENDS Friday @ Midnight, Pacific Time To the winner: PLEASE POST NEW SAMPLE AND RULES BY NOON ON SATURDAY, PACIFIC TIME FAQ'S CONCERNING BEAT BATTLE If you would like to follow the winner's blog, CLICK HERE
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    Ok sorry, maybe i got a bit sensitive, cause i got the feeling that you thought i want to make a name for myself on this topic... So i think i start flipping now... Cheers, G.
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    yo! I had no idea it could be this "unbound". It'd be interesting to do something outlandish like "no drums allowed!!"