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    GUYS. All a y'all outdone y'all selves, and you know it, you kind of making me angry right now. Because I thought I had a good thing, selected from a good four ideas I had going on in Ableton, and this week just took me to school innit I'm about to burn some of the beautiful things I heard to a CD just to cruise to (don't worry the people affected got a PM waiting for them to paypal them some I'm not naming no numbers I'm just a humble fan, shit got me in the feels nah?) in order of (reverse) likes; per.du: not expecting this.. take me back to the noughties with some ill programmed drum work, no idea I needed this bigfamily: cool bump you got there, just tight, I know on this joint I don't have to *think* or anything it's just flow TkC: digging the mixing you did of all these samples together, seems effortless you know? naturelle.boombap: yeah what the fuck. no idea where you got all this from. then the vocals come in. man fuck. you got it. and the way it cuts from the chorus to the verse kind of, it's done! naturelle naturelle! :.Nella.Good.Fella.:: been hearin' you brother. this beat. digging how you used the tones sample, it's like jazz because I can't see where the next measure is tonically/melodically going to go, but with the drums it's kind of held with its feet to the ground as well. like no biggie. we gots this. one Detritus Tabu3: couldn't figure out how to use the spacy vocals, well you did though, you took everybody there, no pressure, just these vibes Zifhang: not cliff hanging, just hanging, this that thinking back of how fucked up and how beautiful our youths were and where we think of going with this thing called life really- .gerald: where the fuuuck did you get these drums, then with the vocals this whole composition? honestly curious for your process. and that's before this little arp comes in. that's a viiiiibe honestly this rivals with the best of 'em. getting philosophical with the beats. no cure SO.ME1 a.k.a. P1: there you have it, this is like you playing the trumpet yourself n shit, hey! would probably feel kind of wrong not to drink some wine while this track is on speakers defMute: took.. it.. down.. low.. lofi.. but this mixing something that has been well thought out FatVonFree: gave my last favor... gat damn.. this shit so reel.. gone out my way more than enough.. unless you asking me what you can do for me.. don't say shit.. ugh!! I'm not even starting about the visuals that you are working on. born to create Kowalzki: too cold with the vocals, like they sprinkled in there with the high bell notes, like I said drums fit, no, fuck this this a world champion beat, fuck off man please. this that wind down, man I know my wine is all gone I'm about to do some drugs just to come down on it with this song on repeat in the back Man this playlist is something. I'm not fucking around when I'm saying this week was hard.. ridiculously difficult to order and prioritise and whatnot, everybody did a bomb ass beat ///// I'm genuinely glad and proud to be part of this. Here's the wins; 1. FatVonFree 2. .gerald 3. Kowalzki
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    STBB#593 VOTE this weeks entries: Use this thread to vote while making sure to effectively utilize: BIG lettering, BOLD fonts, and/or CRAZY-AsSCOLORS Voting allowed from 1 posted beat or 5 posts up, having listened to all beats. Do not vote for yourself! Must vote in order to be eligible for the win this week mind the special rule(s) when placing your votes VOTE 1st 2nd and 3rd place for 5, 3 and 1 points respectively Otherwise your vote will not be counted mark your Late and non-entries in your track title on SC Voting ENDS Friday @ Midnight, Pacific Time To the winner: PLEASE POST NEW SAMPLE AND RULES BY NOON ON SATURDAY, PACIFIC TIME FAQ'S CONCERNING BEAT BATTLE If you would like to follow the winner's blog, CLICK HERE
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    STBB 594 SAMPLES THE RULES 1. use at least two of the samples provided 2. no time limit 3. outside drums and bass - allowed 4. keys/synths/other instruments - allowed (but the samples must be the focus) 5. no full acapellas (not more than 4 bars) unless youre rhymin your self 6. one entry per person (can include as many flips as you like) SPECIAL RULE Must layer at least two samples at the same time The Fine Print:Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 593“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollectionEVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample to WeTransfer Happy flipping!
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    Hey congrats on the win man! I really enjoyed my first time competing here. Thanks to all the members who have made me feel welcome in this very well-mannered forum, showing nothing but love and respect. This good spirited competition beats any sport, any day! Thank you to everyone for the kind feedback. I'll be taking part in 594 too, really like the new samples! Peace
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    hehe.. dadamndetail at it again.. with his cute naivetay ;).. never has he actually entered a battle and always has he asked silly questions about the fray.. although I must say... for one thing though art true... @JJ whatever happened to those added admins.. what say you?
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    Yeah sorry man, you were about 15mins too late. Friday, 11:59PM Pacific Time is the cutoff. Your votes wouldn't have changed anything so no biggie. 👍
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    And that's it for another week folks... Congrats to Kowalzki who wins it by some way! Well done and what a great beat. 😎 Kowalzki FatVonFree B-Jam vs Enos
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    1. Kowalzki (Seriously, he is like your friend's big brother who would come downstairs while you are both watching MTV, smack both of you around and throw you into the wall and laugh at you.) 2. Nella ( Great chilled vibe) 3. FVF ( Admit it. He makes us all a little green with envy-be honest) Shout outs to defmute, Zifhang, Naturelle, Granny, SlikNik, Lonius, Jakal, TkC. Really everybody worked it well this week. Look forward to next week. Peace. Hugh
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    JAKAL - So many nice parts to this, and lots of nice little variations and changes, very intricate. Props! Kowalzki - Great that swing in the first half, and the change up half way through is ill! SO.ME1 a.k.a P1 - Nice big vibe and lovin' the drums. FatVonFree - Lovely vocal/bass as usual, and very nice atmos. All in all a very finished sounding track. Kongchain - Heavy bounce and sick keys/bass. Picking #3 was a real tough one and I could have went for 4 or 5 happily. Solid week though, and no wonder with the great sample selection. Shouts/props to the below as well: slik Nik - the cooler - great heavy drums setting off the laidback jazz chops D-Skillz Music - Great bounce TkC - great chops and lazy drums naturelle.boombap - Such a nodder of a beat Zifhang - lovin' the bass and chops ⚁N!T - Very stripped back but still heavy, nice defMute - Lofi dessert