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    hmm.. one entry.. one vote has always sufficed.. let's keep it that way.
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    1 HUNGRYMAN 2. JayMykal 3. Soul-Jutsu (2/3 is nuff 4 me) Mentions: JoaGymshoe, l o k a l, Morty69, Flipooster, and many more! My comment as a vote-counter: guuuuuuuys, I never experienced a week with soo many disqualified entries! :/ (my mono switch can't be convinced, however there is some room considering the snare/rimshot rule) To avoid any later discussions (list may not be complete): Disqualified because stereo: JoeMoDo Boa, Mhmory, Cosimoz, FIVEPEE, G.F.Nella Disqualified because imo rimshot/snare was used: (what do you ppl think?) BAVNZ I'm not sure about: DoktorCross: isn't that a rimshot?, Same goes for SuperSen, and DefMute Anyways: since @l o k a l is far ahead atm, that might not be important at all ...