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    STBB #539 Dedicated to Komplicated BOOM BAP Week - in the style of a former STBB member Komplikated, who sadly passed recently, you gotta come with that 90's Boom bap ish... Flip this: http://www61.zippyshare.com/v/ULrTAPFG/file.html - time limit 3.00 - outside instruments / drums / acapellas / vocal shots / fx-stuff allowed - no outside samples The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 539“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: http://www.soundclou.../stbbcollection EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here: http://www.zippyshare.com
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    Didn't know where to put this topic, my friend and beatbattle participant Komplikated passed away this weekend.....he's been a member on this forum for quite some years and known for his old skool type of beats.....and nice collabs with some other peeps here. Wanted to let you know. with best regards Nick
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    Yo What's up people? as always some tight work from everyone. Here's my feedback on everyone's tracks, Enjoy! FatVonFree, Dope Cuts as always, awesome stutters and Heavy Hitting overall production! * Levi Tretschinken, Nice sample cuts, made rhythm and some nice filter work. Hobgoblinbeats, Heavy drums liking your precision, killer beat MichaelMichaelson, liking the drums in this one, some nice chilled vibes. Barry Studebaker , Yeah nice filter work, got my head bobbing. 92 Degrees , Yo some lovely swing on this joint! Slick beat and chops. * Butta Slick , Yeah this is some real boom bap! Yeah Dope beat, loving the simple chops on this. Killer! 2n!te , Damn this is Sick! Dope Swing, some real clean chops and a real nice chilled beat. Nice * KappNeffect , Wobble wobble seriously mad sounds loving the wonky beat. Dope as F**K! Fredson Jacobs , This is a really nice and uplifting different style, works well, Big ups! flobama , Yeah this is cool! nice bounce on the beat, kind of some 90’s flavour in there. Detritus Tabu3 , Wow another well different approach, this is pretty cool. nice one. HUXLAY , Dope drums! Lovely use of the horn, really nice atmosphere and vibe. Heavy Flip! * Lonius , oh yeah this is super relaxing, lovely build to a Sweet joint! liking the drums and the percussion. KOARAKTOR , Dope intro, this is some slick Boom bap track all right! Super tight! * 61Beatz , Bang Bang! Lovely use of the guitar, Dope Flip indeed! :.G.FNella.: , Nice Real heavy swing, digging the delay echo washed out layers! Graftaq , Yeah nice use of the sample, dope swing and a cool beat, liking the percussion on this. sam knocks , Boom! Heavy flip, chilled use of the sample. Banging Drums! Supply Arturo , Nice rhythm on this, interesting sample choice but it works. naturella.boombap , Damn! Living up to your name Sir! Killer joint. The Chops, Filter work, Bass, Drums that snare. Mmmmm. * MA Beats , Super Tight Flip, Some Dope Drums with a nice Bounce and rhythm with the snare. LithiumLion , Cool stuff, interesting space like laser sound with the sample. Organi5m , Mad flip liking the build up, cool layers works well. DAJAMAH , Hefty swing, trippy washed out sample cool sounds. c a s c a s s e t t e , Nice chilled style, my head is bopping for sure. 3. KappNeffect 2. HUXLAY 1. FatVonFree Peace.
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    The song is ended but the melody lingers on… The STBB 539 R.I.P. Komplikated, what a week it was. It has been great seeing everyone putting in so much effort and dedication to make this a memorable week! For this weeks top 3 3. Sam Knockz 2. bugseed. 1. Kowalzki Congrats Kowalzki! p.s. STBB Vote Sheet 539.xlsx
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    Thanks all for your reactions and respect. it was a hard week ...lot of memories passed, since the early 90-ties i've been friends with Komplikated aka Damce. it would be great if this weeks "battle" is for him! he was a big big fan of Boombap the early stuff, old skool hiphop .. if someone could drop some dope samples for this week with the "basic" stbb rules and make that old skool hippedihiphopboombap beats..that would be great! big thanks in advance from me pz and one Nick
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    lets dedicate the next battle to him?
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    ST selling garbage to people and they eating it up. doom must be involved somehow
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    STBB 540 Make two flips, use at least 2 of the given samples (you can use the same samples in both beats) http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/3yDYbc26/file.html http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/p637CIar/file.html http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/fFHgZrfX/file.html http://www106.zippyshare.com/v/bo9p2vPD/file.html - 4:00 minute time limit - outside instruments / drums / acapellas / vocal shots / fx-stuff allowed - no outside samples allowed -no special rule, make some dope flips 1 Entry per person The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 539“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: http://www.soundclou.../stbbcollection EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here: http://www.zippyshare.com Have a nice flip! pz
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    First of all, i'm touched by all messages and especially all entries for my friend Komplikated aka Damce.i would like to thank each and every-one for their entries to honor him.Last week was an emotional rollercoaster for me personally and other close friends and family.I don't know if anyone has read my request regarding this weeks beats, We ( me and 2 other friends ) came up with the idea to make a cd with this weeks entries, is it okay that i use your beat for this memorial cd for Komplikated? It would be great. my vote for this special week: Barry Studebaker - this is the Komplikated style Bugseed - pfjieuwww, what a nice track Flo bama - one of my faves my vote goes to: Butta Slick - u got me bigtime with this one !
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    Wanna tell us something about yourself? Hey people, I'm Sol Sauvage from the woods of the Swedish highlands. A father of two daughters, gardener, music fan and beatmaker. I started messing with hip-hop culture in the late 90's. Graffiti, rhyming and stuff with a crew from my home town. Eventually my focus of interest in music broadened and I started to explore other stuff like psychedelic rock, jazz, funk and all that goodness... For quite a while I was totally lost and unproductive musically and didn't know what to do, trying to play the flute, organ and messing with synthesizers. At some point however I found my way back to sampling and beatmaking. For me, these beat battles have been a great way of keeping the creativity going and evolving my style. As of now I'm planning to do some live beat sets this summer, which I never did before, so that'll be fun. How did you make use of the sample? Donut Producer provided lots of nice samples to play around with. 1st part is a heavily chopped bass/guitar funk sample. 2nd part is a loop with some fx which I played a synth over. 3rd part is just some raw loops and chops. How did you incorporate the rules? The rules were max 30 seconds per beat part... that was a challenge because I think often a beat needs to ”marinate” a bit. I wanted each bit to be distinctly different from each other but still transition nicely. I made more beats but these three made it. Obviously the acapella is part of a DOOM verse, huge fan of him and his crazy lyrics... How did you go about making the drums and drum programming? What I usually do is to program a snare then play the kicks/hats/perc on the pads. What DAW and or equipment did you use? I use Studio One on an old Mac Pro along with a 4x4 pad controller and a midi keyboard. Anything else you wanna add? Peace to you all, happy midsummer!
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    I think the only person who could successfully pull that off would be Nardwuar the Human Serviette. With the level of research he puts into each interview he could probably tell DOOM who Mr. Fantastick is.
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    My entry for my friend Komplikated aka Damce, In the beat you hear vocal samples from him and at the end of the beat there's a freestyle session from Komplikated (Damce ) from the early nineties recorded at my place..( i've no acapella from this so i used it with the beat as it was recorded ) hope you like! pz and one love...again thanks ya'll for your dope beats this weeks battle ....bless
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    Lets do this. I'll post samples up next week then?
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    Lets have a memorial hosted by Nick before we move on to 539
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    the voting system has changed, please give a ranking of 1. 2. 3. like the others did. peace
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    This my shit.... I don't give a damn what anyone gotta say. Beat is 🔥
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    1. Wanna tell us something about yourself? born in miami and raised in new york, and now I'm back living in miami. in between those stops, i've lived in a couple cities with very dope music scenes and i think that's helped shape my sound. i lived in london, england for a few - played some pro ball out there. i lived in minneapolis for a few - got family out there, and then lived in philly for a few. i started making beats in college around 2006, and basketball was always my first love but once i stopped playing, i filled that void with music. 2. How did you make use of the sample? i chopped up the first sample and pitched it down. i used a lot of elements from that track for the main sample chop, and i chopped up a couple stabs from the third sample and matched the key. they fit well together and i didn't really need to add much more sample wise. i tried to leave some space to let the track breathe. 3. how did you incorporate the rules? no crazy rules for this one..had to use at least two samples and had to use an acapella. i fux with acapellas heavy, i like to build beats around 16s or whatever the verses are, and it's helped me with my arrangement. probably half the beats i make ill try to find an acapella that fits so i can use it for that reason. 4. How did you go about making the drums and drum programming? i tried to keep the same energy and feel as the original heather b track, so i reached for some boom-bap-type drums, kick snare hi hats and some crashes. i banged the pads on the mp and fattened em up in the mix. 5. What DAW and or equipment did you use? i use logic for everything, and i use the mpd24 for all my drums and sample chops. i played the bassline on my keyboard and i also played a similar bassline with my 4 string bass, but i liked the feel of the synth bass more so i ran with that. i added a few scratches with my turntable. 6. Anything else you wanna add? shout out to kowalzki for the ill sample! its really dope to hear how different cats reimagine the same track. the thing stbb has helped me with the most is finishing. i used to take weeks and months trying to perfect a beat, but having 3, 4, 5 days to track it out, mix it and throw a weak attempt at mastering it has done amazing things for my workflow. peace and much respect!
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    oke..... this picture needed a thread ?
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    VOTING HAS ENDED.... Rainman has counted the votes and he told me that the results are as follows: 1. Koaraktor - 43 2. Huxlay - 28 3. Fredson Jacobs – 24 (i counted 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd... let me know if i'm wrong and if i'm not allowed to count )
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    1 - fredson jacob 2 - 2n!te 3 - Detritus Tabu great stuff everybody, some really ill works all around.
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    ...thanks for letting us know Moxatron.. I only came across your post coz I was haveing a sleepless night on my vacation and happened to check.. there is supposed to be someone filling in for me as I repost wednesdays but I dunno what happened ... appologies for it though on a similar topic... I decided to let go of the "controle" a lil' a couple a weeks ago. and I'm surprised to see that things aren't really being picked up. although I guess most were used to things being done, the forum can actually be run by the community. I hope these few events make it clear you have these powers. like there wasn't a sample posted till way after the sample posting deadline last saturday.. there's the faq guys... noon LA time.. then it's the runner up..or anybody really... the show must go on also...anyone may start the Vote thread from wednesday night 12 LA Time so go ahead and run this mofo fellas I'm gonna repost the tracks and the Vote will start again in case something goes wrong with reposting again.. best to write one or all the mods.. they are listed on the STBB Collection page pz Joa p.s. really enjoyed the banter and honesty about the rules etc. in th posting thread.. 1 <3
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    STBB #541 No outside samples but bass samples http://www65.zippyshare.com/v/mueexXpE/file.html & https://we.tl/cww2RF4Ysv - no outside instruments, keys , synths or drums allowed... - acapellas / vocal shots / fx-stuff allowed - only outside bass related samples allowed So the bass must be sampled! Congrats es-K The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 541“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: http://www.soundclou.../stbbcollection EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here: http://www.zippyshare.com Happy flippin' pz Joa
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    Apparently he sold over five million albums more than Tupac... crazy that ive never head of this dude.
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    yeah aight lol. i feel that. either way, i personally hope that closing its offices was them realizing their mistakes and deciding to make changes to run their business better and it was not born out desperation. Chance the Rapper i guess spoke with the CEO and they announced together that Soundcloud will live beyond 50 days and well into the future. Apparently the "dead in fifty days" thing wasn't true according to them. there seems to be theories floating around that this was all a big publicity stunt. none of this really matters tho i mean if soundcloud can thrive it'll continue to be one of the big platforms for underground artists to make a name for themself. if not, it'll die, and something new will fill the void. such is business.
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    well the thing we keep arguing in circles over is what Soundcloud should be used for. you seem to be dead-centered on the idea that it's like FUBU for independent music creators specifically, including fans of indie artists, indie artists themselves, indie labels, and indie artist collectives. i'm saying it could easily expand its influence and be more than that if it was managed properly, which we both agree it is not. let's just agree to disagree and be glad we don't own a business like Soundcloud together lol. nothing like a good, long-winded argument on a message board to really get the blood flow going
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    i apologize btw for putting everything everyone says under a microscope. i'm on a shit ton of adderall right now lmao
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    SO MUCH GOLDDDDDDD MENTIONS: Zenra, [KappNeffect], Es-K, Fernando, Wigmaster, BLeS24, naturelle.boombap #3 ORGANi5m - that horn bro.. engineering on point too #2 Fredson Jacobs - Everything was incredibly clear. great groove #1 Hungrym4n - the hats, the engineering, the halftime, instrumentation too, second flip gets weiiiiird. love it
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    MAN!!! Or should I say woman...I am on a D'Angelo tip for days now, particularly this song
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    $599 on discogs?! HAHAHAHA
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    Just came across this, fluent drops a ton of old unreleased shit. Majority I've never heard. Downloading now then plan on ripping the gym of its foundation tomorrow morning. https://jethrodumont.bandcamp.com
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    Wolf was his first good record, was bummed about how Cherry Bomb turned out. All the stuff off this one is sounding great, that video with Rocky is pretty cool too. This record is sounding promising so far, looking forward to it
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    classic rules, cool! great win fam can't wait to get chopping.
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    Never listened to Jay Z much but this new album ain't too bad:
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    Question to all STBB who participate in this week "battle"for Komplikated. ive just got a call from one of his other best friends, ive told him about our tribute here in STBB , we came up with the idea to make a tribute cd for friends family etc is it okay to use this weeks entries for this tribute album? that you send me your beats in mp3? lookin forward to your reactions and if ya"ll feel this and theres no problems with this idea then ill drop an enail adress to send them to. ( or that i can doenload them somewhere this weekend ) thanks in advance all the best pz nick
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    Good question dude DonutProducer is an amazing software for making beats with your MacOs keyboard !! Create random chops who can assign very easily, i started to use it since 7dayz. It's very dope, it change my way of making flip ! I recommend it for everybody
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    Rest in Peace man ... i dedicated this flip for you even if it's not sounds like the 90's boom bap era !! Big up to HOBGOBLIN for the win & those nice samples ENTRY MADE WITH the DONUTPRODUCER's SOFTWARE !!
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    My heart goes out to the family and friends of Komplikated, I have been a fan of his music for a long while. He will be missed here. As a guy who has been here for years, I have seen many people come and go from the beat battle but rarely do you recall their music and comments as soon as their name is mentioned, Komplikated as soon as I saw it I knew who he was and became sad, I have never spoken to him just listened and became a fan of his music that is the thing about art it will live on for the artist years after he or she has passed giving that person soul new life every time someone hears or views their art. Rest in Paradise family I hope all of your kicks are fat and chops loop right peace. R/ Yusef Efe aka Butta Slick
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    What....what is that??? The voting has ended?? Damned well in that case here are the results for the class of 538 (not to be confused with a dutch radio channel) On spot number 3 ....he is part of the famous dragon ball z bom power slogan...he is dropping them hot and full blast...it's KAMEI!! On spot number 2... and that was a close finished with number 2....this man is becoming a hall of fame-er (not sure how to spell that) and is upping his game consistenly...its the man formerly known as the MABMATTAZ...it's DONUTPRODUCER!! And this week's number one...he sprinted a way from competition on the last coll and with that give a great intro for the tour de france to start this weekend. He has been fighting spiderman for some years and had a horror movie made after him....it's HOBGOBLINBEATS!! Congrats STBB Vote 538.xlsx
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    1. 2n!te 2. Hideyuki 3. Lif
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    sorry to hear about this. i definitely remember the dude, and feel like all the beatmakers from the boards are an extended family
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    They both have super short discographies so go ahead and just get all their stuff. He does a very similar style to both of them, what with the sweet melodies on top of clickety clack found sample drums
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    Anyone having problems embedding, here's a website that creates codes using your URL. http://embed.ly/
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    is that a buffet table?
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