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    http://stmbforever.com Set this up tonight, hosting is paid for 3 years. I am going to put a lot of work into making it look good and giving us the functionality we need. I have never been part of the Beat Battle crowd but really want to keep supporting you guys any way I can. I would love to have someone help me mod that section of the board, if you're interested can you e-mail me at waxramble at gmail Very sad to see this place shut down officially, but I want to do anything I can to try keeping this community together. This is like the only outlet I have for talking about music and it's been a massive resource for me over the years to keep up with music and learn about things I've missed out on, etc etc.
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    damn, this is very sad to hear. music is a universal art form that so many people, every single day, listen to and get influenced by. music has the power to heal, to inspire great change, or just wyle out to. this particular board and its beat battles are absolutely a part of hiphop culture. yes, there are other message boards with beat battles (sp beat battles, mpc beat battles, etc) but you can go and ask those people involved with those battles and they will Definitely know about the stonesthrow beat battles and the weight they have on the battle scene. these beat battles have breed some of the best producers ive ever heard. hands down, some of the most gifted producers i know are from these message boards. these are people that live and breath beat machines, and have a very real love for the craft. to see this place go away would be like the Comedy Store in LA closing its doors. or Amoeba Records closing all its stores. or like, a record label that started in 1996, that garnered some of The most respect from DMC battle DJs and hiphop heads, to close off a well established/respected avenue for up-and-coming producers from around the world to train and share the love of hiphop. to be honest, a good chunk of the clout for stonesthrow records Specifically comes from these beat battles. i dont mean that to be disrespectful, it may just be my opinion, but i definitely feel like alot of stonesthrow's credibility would be lost without the battles. this place is like the "last hope" for real hiphop to flourish. like a hidden garden of beat makers that have nurtured spectacular creations for the community to enjoy. if i were running stonesthrow records, i would never close these forums for that exact reason. it looks like JJ has said that he would be willing to hand over the keys to a new website admin as a possibility, and i think that would be a great idea. being a website admin isnt nearly as difficult as you would imagine, if you have the spare time to do it, and GC90 has made it clear that he would be willing to do that, if it meant these boards could survive. and i agree with that. i am Truly grateful for the time i got to share with all of you, am very thankful for stonesthrow for allowing all of us to do this for so long, and it will 100% feel like losing a family member when/if this place goes away. i dont get to participate in the battles nearly as much as i used to, but it always surprises me to hear the talent from these boards
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    yeah, but: that would basically mean splitting up the community... there are a ton of beat battles online ... but none with such a nice community as we have/had it here..
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    Jeff, is there a possibility for some of us (me included) that we could pay off the hosting expenses for the STMB from this point on so we could keep this train running? We would manage, maintain and do everything necessary in that regard, and the forum wouldn't have to be associated with StonesThrow if that would be an issue, but rename it to "Stones Throw Community Forum" or something else? I don't want this to look like the issue is getting overblown, but if you only knew the number of phenomenal producers this community has yielded through the years you would understand the significance of this thread and most importantly this evergoing beat battle, which is why the people here are concerned about keeping it going forward.
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    so hard to choose Lonius : so jazzy chill flips The Wolf: so strong beautiful sense , feelin like I stand at the top of the highest mountain :.G.F.NeLLa.: : so groovy shit , make my whole body keep movin on brogrimm: yeah , dooope beat & rap Bleep : hard shit , hard drum , great mixing , bang 黒宮秀幸 : club banger , great synth , exicting feelin Detritus Tabu3: great flips , cool atmosphere , (switched pitch )vocal is interestin', nice process Setta: all sound dope , cool bass , little japanese melody , cool Hoody: very cool sax , nice beat!!! JoeMoDo Boa : so abstract , feelin like midnight [KappNeffect]: dope dirty shit Barry Studebaker : every sound dope , clean , dope synth , whole track very very cool defMute : underground , raw shit , dope , love this track !!! rumpetaske : i really love this feelin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!( i want 2 say more , sorry 4 my english...)!!! CHiLLWiLL1013: the noise sound very warm & cool , dope track PiñataMan.Records : dark shit , cool Unseen Era : love the drums,crash sound cool , love the flips Super Sen : wow , wow , wow BLeS24 : very nice cool dope atmosphere!!!love this track Rob Chop The Vinylator: i can loop this track , vocal & beat fit dope , back in the days keith's lard : good sampling , dope hats vally:nice drum l i f:crazy shit , doooope/unique feelin' Banizzz:chill chill chill yo , dope yoni den: game synth sound , yo cool fivepee: nice buildin' , dope TkC:dope , feelin like old times enzoeyeris:drums so hard , every parts dope Fla : beautiful sound just as the title icon of this track 1,Super Sen 2,The Wolf 3,defMute ------------------------- (4)rumpetaske,Bleep,brogrimm,:.G.F.NeLLa.: ,黒宮秀幸,lif,Barry Studebaker ,Lonius ,enzoeyeris,BLeS24,Detritus Tabu3 ....................... Monthly Pro plan:
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    Why that? Im more than sad now Please if you can just redirect people throw site message to some other beat battle place what we can make during the time? I will making only sad beats from now
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    What my man is trying to say here is that your skipping over the cultural relevance and gravity of a decade of *Stones Throw history.. Jonwayne.. M Dibiase etc etc.. and the thousands of other beat makers that passed through here Not only selling us but also selling yourselves short. Sadening to read the tone in which this notification is being brought along with the fun gif and then no answer to the serious question at hand.. when's the deadline to the beat battles.. pun intended. such burden we are. * read: global beat making history
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    we can make a new website/forum. would be good to have that exact date for when this one shuts down J.J, in order to reach out to people in time and give notice here to direct them to the new spot. I had this idea to collect all stbb samples from the last decade and put'em into one big bank. maybe that can be included into the new page
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    bummer man! this thing was special, thx for putting up with us for so long, it was good while it lasted! .....maybe Stones Throw release a an EP with all of us as final goodbye gesture kinda like a "quakers" of the message board kinda thing lol or like a Stones Throw Podcast featuring a mix of all us .... a man can always dream lol
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    So I provided the sample and asked Lonius to do the rules so we could both be challenged again this week. No outside anything???? wahahahaahahahahahahaha BRUH YOU'RE KILLING US 💀💀💀💀💔👻 Oh man this might be difficult I didn't check if there were proper drums in there lol Thanks to everyone for last week and Props to Lonius - striaght killer
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    Hey everyone, thanks so much for last week - I truly appreciate my first win in the STBB! But let's move on to #582: i don't have all day for this. Here are the rules: Create at least two layers of the given sample and Build your entire beat within one hour (and please don't cheat ;-) The idea is to reflect on your own process - what do you focus on? chopping? arrangement? bassline?... You find the sample here: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/83bdf8056d6693dc8b31ed78e6b7d40920180428173638/e10aead238fd48f3679c433894cf8ea520180428173638/d611df Happy Beatmaking <3 – SUPER SEN How it always works: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 582“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollection EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample to WeTransfer
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    Updated 5/23/18 -- I recently announced this board would be closing in 2018, but some of the ongoing problems on the backend have just been sorted out, so I think we're good to go for a while. Additionally, a few people have reached out about working on the board, so there may be another one or two admins here soon - that's all TBA. OTHER UPDATES: The "Crates" forum was merged with "Talk" a while ago, and now they've both been merged with "Stones Throw" and renamed II B.S. (named after a Charles Mingus track, because we all like to b.s.). "Hype" is still Hype, because there's always going to be that guy who wants to come here and spam your ass.
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    Thanks for the votes all! Congrats/props Jay Mykal for providing this weeks material Rules: Create a beat using only the provided Ninja Gaiden samples! No outside anything including drums or bass.. Exception: Vocal cuts and acapellas are allowed cause they can add flavour without spoiling the challenge.. There are a lot of nice crunchy open sound effects that should make for some interesting drums! SAMPLES: https://exit.sc/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwe.tl%2FeET1S8AKLH Happy Beatmaking! – L How it always works: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 583“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollection EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample to WeTransfer
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    damn @GC90 that's a legendary move, bless up i may not have been as active in the last few months during this transition across the world but it's sad to see such a creative ship sinking i can help around but i wouldn't want to take on a role i am not in a position to guarantee proper stewardship one love to everyone that supported the sounds throughout the years, here's to many more :::edit::: that's a great URL too
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    Electric Prunes - Mass in F Minor introduced me to Axelrod, though it was years before I understood he was the creative force behind the album - his name appears only in the small print. It remains my favorite psychedelic rock album. The followup Electric Prunes - Release of an Oath is essential. If I understand the timeline correctly, the success of Mass in F Minor directly led to Axelrod's solo albums back on his home label Capitol - Songs of Innocence (just reissued), Songs of Experience, and Earth Rot. All great records.
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    1. Bleep 2. Yoni Den 3. bigfamily w e l l d o n e e v e r y o n e !
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    Well, what can I say... I was inspired by the "against the clock" youtube series which I can highly recommend everyone here to watch (see below). Its stunning what some producers can come up with in 10min. Personally, I feel like its not about making a perfect arrangement or track, rather about letting loose, experimenting and trusting your gut. If you end up with a sketch thats just as fine. So let's shoot for 2hrs then - I'm fine with it . But not one second more! ;-)
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    Really enjoyed the challenge but personally thought an hour just wasn't enough actual time.. I'll explain why when I post up my beat soon which may be a non-entry depending on technicalities (mixing/arrangement/small changes etc) - I know changing rules afterwards isn't usually kosher but most people probably haven't finished yet and it's before any entries.. can I suggest changing the rule to 2 hours? It's the same basic idea but the added hour would leave a lot more room for creativity Obviously this is up to Sen/the community/Lord Regulator Joa L
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    Congrats Super Sen!. with 24 Points.. enjoy te buzz first win? runner up Banizzz! 23 Points third The Wolf 15 points https://score sheet
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    1.super sen 2.Hoody 3.Unseen Era I am happy and trippy . Every beats are so nice. sooo nice. You are all winner ! STBB never DIE.
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    I agree that if we can keep the original board up, this would be the ideal situation. That said, this is the second time now recently there's been issues or consideration of taking the board offline. I will keep stmbforever as a backup/contingency plan should things go down. Don't worry about me paying or investing time on that board if we stay here, for me this is a fun project and the expense is not as crazy as one would think etc. I appreciate the kind words and consideration ha. I'm guessing they don't want to hand the keys over to me for an official board and I have to say I'm not the most technical guy in the world who could manage something in an official sense. These boards have been up for 10+ years (I think?) and there's likely a ton of technical baggage associated to maintaining these forums on the back end. I'm thinking some of this may be what is leading to the consideration of closing the board, if there's a lot of upkeep on the back end etc. I would be interested in talking to JJ more if this is something he would consider, I will try reaching out to him when I get off work tonight. Ultimately, I'm thinking if they did want to keep things official and reduce a lot of the weight they could 'nuke' the current board and restart. I know that would totally suck, but if it meant we could keep a board official to ST, maybe that would be an option to consider? I am very curious about how much work would be needed on the back end, I appreciate folks thinking of having me taking this on! Like I said above, not the most technical dude ever but could possibly take a stab at doing this. Will need to talk with JJ and see what's up anyway. Will check back in later tonight when I'm done with work! I plan on doing some upgrades to the visual look of the forever board so please know it won't always look so generic haha Thanks guys :)
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    prove it? we'll just have to trust the honest members of the community I guess...
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    Sup y'all, I got a close one for first and second : Rumpetaske: just got great energy with those synths, they may be a little bit heavy in contrast with the piano and the children but it gives a cool feel, I like it a lot. Banizzz: doooope, makes me chillllll, nice chop. Hoody: yooow those horns are dope as fuckkk, maybe the track is a little bit too much in overdrive but it's still awesome what you did there. Kapp, BlueEar, Lonius (I usually like more those low pass samples but that's me, I still like what you did this time), GF Nella, FivePee, Detritus, Enzoeyeris, Unseen Era were in my selection. Shout outs to everyone putting in the effort, special thanks to Joa and 2Nite for the collab and their work this week. Peace