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    600 First of all props to ElanVital for sharing the 1st place of the last week's battle. I'm glad to be able to co-host this week's battle with him. We both thank you all for the love and your dope entries. This week's theme is silence. So Elan came up with this great idea of incorporating an aspect of silence into our tracks. The silence parts could be a beat or a bar or whatever little parts that nothing happens. Delays and reverbs are acceptable and can be counted as silenced parts as long as nothing else happens. Everything outside allowed but use at least one of the 2 provided samples as the main element of your track. Have Fun! ElanVital sample : we.tl/t-UYNhXfcC3R defMute sample : https://we.tl/t-wUu6J4rxEJ The Fine Print:Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 600“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back.  For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollectionEVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample to WeTransfer  Happy flipping!
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    STBB 599 Thanks for the votes last week guys.....This week.......... DARK TRIP HOP I love trip hop...yall know how i feel about >>>> Beth Gibbons The trip hop I love is the darker rob your own grandmother type than some of the later watered down junts. So I included a pack of samples that all are only around 1 minute a piece. MAKE SOMETHING EVIL DAMN IT.... THE RULES 1) . USE 2 (*OR MORE) SAMPLES TO MAKE ONE BEAT 2) . BEAT MUST BE LESS THAN 2 MINUTES 3 ) . DONT FIND THE FULL SONGS AND USE OTHER PARTS LOL 4) . HAVE FUN 5) . The samples provided should be the foundation for ya beat THEEEE SAMPLES>>> https://we.tl/t-gUR3PU8ssd ....make something dark. The soundtrack to something evil....like a beat to throat punch B-Jam for coming up with them tough ass rules last week. 😐... OUTSIDE INSTRUMENTS ALLOWED....ACAPELLAS ALLOWED...OUTSIDE DRUMS ALLOWED.YA VOICE ALLOWED...PERCS...Skits allowed...keep them short...see rule 5...FX ALL THAT....ONLY THING YOU CAN'T DO IS FIND THE FULL SONG AND USE ANOTHER PART OF IT. will be around to answer questions for a while....USE 2 SAMPLES TO MAKE THAT BEAT...*IF YA WANNA USE MORE THAN 2 SAMPLES....HELLL YEAH GO FOR IT..THE REQUIREMENT THOUGH IS ONLY 2.... The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 598“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollection Votes must be posted by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time. Winner: post new samples, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload to WeTransfer.
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    You know guys it's funny hearing you all doubtin your skills. ☺️ I know it's totally natural for everyone to do that, but still, when you take a moment to look at a couple of your STBB peers who are saying it when you know how great they are, at some point, when you've felt the love of the community multiple times, you just gotta realise that you also have that something we collectively rate and be confident you are going to bring the heat. So many of us are showing great skills and it's all one love brothers. That combined with everyone being humble, supportive, and respectful, it's a magic mix. Let's just keep lovin that we create, we collab and we contribute to this great scene. 😎
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    buttaslick: 1. Granny David: that style you have captures everything this battle was based on and so you know I started here at beat battle 54 when I first started making beats. - Thanks mate, I really value your words and appreciation. I heard of this beatbattle back in 2009 and almost got involved then, as I'd been producing for about 10 years at that point. But one thing went to another and before I knew it I regrettably parted with my MPC. I've been using Acid Pro 6.0 since 2011 but I could never recreate that style or sound that MPC's have, so I never felt confident entering these beatbattles. ...9 years on, I suddenly thought, fuck it! - I've entered 6 weeks in a row now and have enjoyed every aspect of the competition. It now gives me some purpose for making beats! Peace
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    Happy #600 STBB! Can't join but couldn't help to post a little silence here.
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    1. elan vital - so much depth in this and the best use of a sampled vocal. Really polished entry. 2. Granny David - Surprised by the drum pattern really enjoyed the up-tempo groove on this one and the switch between the two patterns. 3. Calc - This one had a lot of darkness in it and the composition was great with the vocals brought in and out and the drums were crisp. Honorable - ruedenz, gait, salt, Brotha B, D Skillz Another increible mix of styles and genres lots of very good entries, I shortlisted 5 then went back for a second listen and voted, I couldve spent hours trying to weigh it up though. Keep it up everyone best battles on the interwebs!
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    Thanks for the comments and love this week fellers.... coming up with something now. everybody been bringing it!!!!
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    1. NiT - done it again with that minimal creep wave biz, heaps of delays and layers the transitions/breakdowns were fantastic too. Really enjoyed your beat. 2. Butta_Slick - cuts, drums and samples all sound great and that little Alchemistish switch up at the end was cool. 3. JoaGymshoe X Banizz - I took the same long sample when I first started my beat but could work it youve done really well with that section and the crunchy drums are dope. Honourable - some1, TkC, gait, Granny, LeftBOI- took it somewhere different, saltmcgault
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    yoww brethren.. had grand ideas of rapping and leaving silences at obvious end words so your brain would fill in the missing words or leaving silence for kick or snares.. did that on #377 if anyone's interested .. put the 'h' in front of it.. ttps://soundcloud.com/joagymshoe/377-robot-reboots working on other projects with Dia the Grey and Michael Michaelson has my ears overworked and I thought I'd be able to microwave something but thay wouldn't do #600 justice I'll incorporate the rule in one of the coming weeks pz Joa
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    Unfortunately work/life got in the way to throw up anything this week 😫 Look forward to listening and voting to the dopness!
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    Love the theme. I hope you enjoy my submission!
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    ... fresh rule fellas!
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    Yo gonna check the playlist this week guys!! Glad folks dug the samples. I am in the middle of a field in between Sendai and Osaki japan. Tearing helicopters up lol. (I’m a Civilian that works for the army). Gonna miss 600 probably too 😩😩😩😩😩😩. Gonna listen and comment to all the entries this week though!! Cheers folks!! Should be back for 601.
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    You know the STMB is dead when no one is talking about new shit anymore and instead, are still sniffing farts saved in jars from 2005. No one talking about this drop?!?! This is how Drumpf won...
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    TKurata Primate Munoz387 Sugoisounds Sert One SFT These are some of the heavy winners around the time I know I am leaving some people out but this is off the dome, this is like BB 90 to like 119 or so plus there was the beat off where individuals battled each other. I know I am forgetting names but they know who they are.
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    Congrats on the win fellas!!! I'm really diggin that Onyx Collective Sample
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    ElanVita & defMute CONGRATS ON THE CO-WIN!! I have been trying to figure out how to do that on the mpc. track mute just don't seem to sound right. now i get all weekend to geek out on it.
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    [STBB #599 RESULT] 1. defMute/elan vital 36 2. SWOOP-MAN 22 3. B-Jam vs Enos 21 It's a square draw for 1st this week! Well done guys. What usually happens in these cases with regards to who hosts the next one? #600!! ☺️ Here's a view only link to the scorecard and full leaderboard if anyone wants to have a look. 👍
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    first of all two mentions of tracks that aren't trip hop, but are just so sweet! Kappn...great vibe n mix.. swing as always on point.. one of my faves from you, and Brotha B!.. man, absolute sweetest thing you made to this day me thinks. on to the trip hop tracks: shortlist gotta rest my weary head and ears first but I feel it's between these guys Jakal Elan Lonius Ruedenz Calc B-Jam defMute Salt special shout out to Da Damn Detail.. you actually came through this time! dope week all ! oh, I just found out I muted a stem with darker sound on our track by accident.. will re-upload after deadline for who's interested.. made some other improvements too.
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    Had fun trying to make trip-hop for the first time. Always healthy to try making something different. Voting based on evil.... 3- CHOPFYT - Straight up dope 2- Salt McGault - Liked the dark horror vibe 1- Perrinoid - Pure EVIL Close consideration went to: Manu tha Blue Gait Jakal Psychedelic Schizophrenic Brotha B Shouts to everyone involved! Never a dull moment listening to all your entries!
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    1. Lonius - Best idea and realization 2. D-Skillz Music - super groovy 3.jakal - it would be the best track if the bass and drums were louder Calc , Sonic , Nella - cool beats
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    Pfjieuw lotta good ones this week, difficult one.... 1 - ElAN viTaL : feel this one frim beginning to the end, nice beat nice vibe and vocals blend great! 2 - GrANnY DaVId : overall good production, enjoy listening to this one. 3 - dEF MutE : luv them birds 🙂 good atmosphere. thanks everyone for a interesting week, pz Gait
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    @JoaGymshoe Jump on my Entry lol
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    Interesting take, I really don't like Nittyville, but several beats on Pinata are straight fire. Thuggin, Knicks, Lakers, and Scarface are top-level Madlib beats IMO. Some average tracks in there sure, but WAY better than Nittyville overall.