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    1. Enzoeyeris 2. The Wolf 3. Banizzz Loads of bangers this round as usual. As much as sub-genre labeling sucks, I gotta rant for a moment. There seems to be a lot of confusion nowadays on what low fidelity is or means. More and more I see beats labeled as "lofi", that are anything but lofi. I guess it stems from beatmakers that enjoy lofi music, but really don't know how to make it. If it's not dirty, dusty, gritty... It ain't lofi. If it doesn't sound like a scratchy, ancient 78 you pulled from some mom & pop thrift store for pennies on the dollar, chalked full of allergic reactions... Then it probably isn't lofi. If you didn't bit crush or damage the audio in some fashion... Then it probably isn't lofi. Just because it's minimal, doesn't mean it's lofi. Just because you flipped some old chill jazz samples, doesn't mean it's lofi. Just because it was made on a SP-404, doesn't mean it's lofi. Don't make me come to your house, raid your fridge, steal your beat machines, and give you a fucked up haircut. And don't take this rant too serious. Enjoy yourselves.
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    STBB 576 What up folks...thanks for the love last week, it was a fun one. This week lets make beats that Roc Marciano and his normal crowd of homies would rap over. Grimy, sometimes they don't hit hard, but definitely dirty as hell. #snareshellaoptional <<---my fav tag on a lot of my beats CLICK ME CUZZO FOR THE SAMPLES Here are the hard in the paint rules. 1. Must Use one of the Samples Provided 2. Your final uploaded track must be in MONO 3. Outside Drums are allowed but NO SNARES BABY 4. MUST BE DIRTY/DUSTY... NO PRISTINE CLEAN SHIT HERE.... 5. No outside samples (as dont add some dave brubek over this stuff...use the stuff provided) 6. Outside Instruments are okay as in Keys, Guitars and Thumb Pianos or whatevers. 7. ACAPELLAS ARE WELCOME BABY!!!! 8. keep it under 3 minutes mane lets get dusty. The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 576“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollection Label entries that are posted after the deadline as 'late entry' and entries that don't comply with the rules as: 'non-entry' in your track title. EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here: https://wetransfer.com/
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    YO Congratulations @Kowalzki won well deserved IMO! To me the win is definitely legit, there's a subtle difference between neglecting a deadline and not being able to deliver in the right format because of technical issues. It's more of a delay issue in transport than in getting the shipment on the road. Enforcing rules is one thing, but seeing each situation for what is it and acting accordingly - gotta be flexible. IMO at least. Thanks for the votes and looking forward to some fresh samples. Peace, O
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    :.STBB 573:.Windows.of.the.world.: Thank you for the votes family,respect. Windows of the world was one of my first vinyl albums I really felt in my soul by Miss Warwick. I recorded 2 tracks from the album. You can use one or both,whatever makes you happy :D. samples: http://www46.zippyshare.com/v/DlV5Vffg/file.html Rules Everything allowed but, try to make the samples the main subject. Special request: Use all of the soul in your body this round,please. Good luck guys, Im expecting a lotta classic timeless shit. The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 573“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollection Label entries that are posted after the deadline as 'late entry' and entries that don't comply with the rules as: 'non-entry' in your track title. EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here:
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    :.STBB.575.Spring.Dance.: Thanks again for the win guys,means a lot. In Holland we had really cold siberian type weather last week. This week it was suddenly between 7 and 14 degrees. Lets bring out the spring with the beats. Imagine a STBB ceremony where we all bring our bongo's out in a circle and start banging like our life depended on it :D. Iv'e recorded Ravel- Pavane for a dead princess. I think we used this sample like 7 years ago,still one of my all time favourites. Everything is allowed(but dont neglect the beauty of the sample ,please). https://we.tl/RtwnwonYKl special rule: play a 8 to 16 bar solo some where in your flip(in one take). It can be: the sample chops,an added instrument or ,It can be the drums in a whole or just even a :shaker,tom,hat,kick etc. You can play a whole solo throughout your flip if that makes you happy, i know guys like FTV and KVH are specialized in that shit. Good luck ,excited to hear the results this week. The Fine Print: Upload your beat to Soundcloud, include "STBB 567“ in the title, and POST TO THIS FORUM by Wednesday at Midnight, Pacific time. Try to leave as much feedback as you can and you will receive it back. For easy browsing's sake, you can also go to the STBB page: https://soundcloud.com/stbbcollection Label entries that are posted after the deadline as 'late entry' and entries that don't comply with the rules as: 'non-entry' in your track title. EVERYONE VOTES - by Friday at Midnight, Pacific time Winner: post new sample, rules, etc by Saturday at Noon, Pacific time and upload the sample here: https://wetransfer.com/
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    Nice Sample! I uploaded it to wetransfer... https://we.tl/G3Pd3upI4k
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    And don't forget to try our complementary 'weekly winner's interview' courtesy of the STBB community. It's a chef's special full of tasty herbs and spices.
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    thanks for the votes folks!!!! will post something up in the next hour!!!!!
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    Noo Bongo's are not obligated but it will indeed bring that tribal ceremonial feel
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    1. Nella (36) 2. Vox (26) 3. Lonius (25) Congrats to :.G.F.NeLLa.: on the win!!!
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    Posted this before, but for those who don't know about this great free plugin to fix stereo imaging problems : https://fluxhome.com/project/stereo-tool-v3/ Haven't found a better one yet. Peace
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    1 HUNGRYMAN 2. JayMykal 3. Soul-Jutsu (2/3 is nuff 4 me) Mentions: JoaGymshoe, l o k a l, Morty69, Flipooster, and many more! My comment as a vote-counter: guuuuuuuys, I never experienced a week with soo many disqualified entries! :/ (my mono switch can't be convinced, however there is some room considering the snare/rimshot rule) To avoid any later discussions (list may not be complete): Disqualified because stereo: JoeMoDo Boa, Mhmory, Cosimoz, FIVEPEE, G.F.Nella Disqualified because imo rimshot/snare was used: (what do you ppl think?) BAVNZ I'm not sure about: DoktorCross: isn't that a rimshot?, Same goes for SuperSen, and DefMute Anyways: since @l o k a l is far ahead atm, that might not be important at all ...
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    I have 3 years did not make any beats .In this week, I feel so much passion n peace in this battle and love STBB just like the first time I came in this beat battle all track are dope to me , so hard to choose Rob Chop The Vinylator , Jay Mykal , JoaGymshoe , Lonius , Rockusnewera , Detritus Tabu3... Soul-Jutsu , Morti69 , c1gart , JoeMoDo Boa , COSiMOZ , slanteyez , Kongchain , HUNGRYM4N , l o k a l , per.du... ... ---------------- | | | \ / 1,Jay Mykal 2,slanteyez 3,Kongchain
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    Lots of dark, bass heavy tracks this week. I never want to hear that 1st sample again. 1. RAS-H 2. Brotha_B/ 3. PBB/ruedenz For new heads, old heads returning, or anyone that has 2 names different names (forum/soundcloud), could you please put your soundcloud url in your profile info and/or your soundcloud name in your 'interests'. Something like - aka [soundcloud name]. Reason being, it makes it a lot easier for the mods counting votes to check off whether or not you voted on the current battle. If we are not familiar with both of your names, you might not be listed as 'voted' on the spreadsheet and you must vote to be eligible to win. Many thanks in advance.
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    loved the rules but damn...some strong producers used rims and snares... ya'll push on the pull doors ya know? regardless, all fire i wish i could vote for you! M Y V O T E S 1) JAY MYKAL!!!!!! heard it. hooked. perfect flip w/acapella. you fit that fill in too. too damn good to ignore. 2) BLUEEAR!!!!! tragic and dusty. that DX7 pluck you added was beyond dope. simple moves in quiet places. 3) SOUL-JUTSU!!!!!! got me weeping... my favorite cut of the vocal. loved the wood block and the mellotron strings. proto-mastery honorable mentions ROCKUSNEWERA!!!! haunting. that ride in place was perfect. imho, best placement and texture. lonius - busy hats, echoes of jazz and rainy new york streets at night. beautiful eno-esque beat. loved it. Morti69 - wild, tropical, jungle, natural. tbh, some of the best percussion i've heard in a while. Slanteyes - so groovy so chewy loved the lil claps (lil baby claps clap clap clap clap*) plus that lil melody you threw in, so good (boopboopboopboop boop boop) Dez nyce - thank you for marking non-entry. your beat was fire homie. really loved the pitched piano on the kick. dishonorable mentions... aka I WISH I COULD VOTE FOR YOU but you used some snare sounds... Super Sen - rims... (well really, it's the rim+guitar-stab from the sample. loved the story telling you pulled from the acapella. loved the interpolation between the beat and the pella. so smooth) defMute - rims... (always wanna vote for you but that guitar-stab+rim from the sample...) :.G.F. NeLLa.: - snare.
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    Peace to all yall for dropping my name and the plays. Man I missed this place. Looking forward to next week. And Joa, it was Monty Shoe Walker I had you confused with haha. He changed his name to walking shoe and seeing yours I thought he changed it a second time lol
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    1. beantangerine Dusty drums, deep-pitched big room sampling and especially the fat moog sub made me pick this fella first, hella unique sound, never give up on it! Really loved the middle part with the chords, that was the perfect switch. Everything just fit so well together, harmonics and character of sounds playing with "each other" we're just so on-point, exactly my style! You got some mad talent bro! 2. Kongchain Probably one of the mixes I've heard. Big fat trap sounds combined with the own style, that earns and deserves respect imo! Second beat was arranged very good as well and drums we're punchy and well-mixed there as well! 3. Lonius Your second part made me pick you, that transition in combination with the scratches and then the acapella kicking in was the banger for me! Just really get more energy out of it, it needs to be more punchy and powerful, just imagine that thing is playing in front of a big crowd. The flow in general and combined with the acapella was just perfect! Honorable mentions: GF Nella - Really astionishing drum work! Really need to step up my drum-game, you guys are good with it, damn! WigMaster - Again, drums on-point, just love the boom-bap, there's nothing like it! And that deep bass kicking in later made it sooooo much better! Stick with it, flowing reaaaaaaally good! Kowalzki - THANKS FOR THESE REALLY DOPE SAMPLES TO WORK WITH! They we're outstandingly easy to work with from the start, but still gave you the oppurtunity to make so much out of them. They were'nt samples where you listened and thought "what the hell am I supposed to do with this?" but still had great variety in sounds and gave you the possibility of all kind of different sound styles, as you hear in the submissions as well! And belated congrats on your win last week! Good luck to everyone this week! C. Syd Rafferty
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    as Kow can't come to the phone right now I'll clarify.. this goes without saying for regulars that's why it often isn't totally stated in the ruleset.. outside drumloops/breaks/hits are always allowed unless stated so.. in this regard, no outside samples means no outside melodic stuff.. in any case..if you're not sure.. look to the FAQ for the default ruleset
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    @JoaGymshoe I really appreciate your answer! --- For people with login issues... getting things done a bit earlier and searching for someone to post is a good way. I think most people will do it. In this case there was the timezone problem. So it is maybe more advisable to look for someone in the US because in Europe we have the deadline in the morning... Not every late post will win the battle and your music has the same value if you post it late, or even don't post it...
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    late is late. just cause nobody "protests it" is a retarded excuse. late is late. follow the rules. we battle each week. late is late. lots of valid points on all the discussions. late is late though. if you miss the deadline, mark it as a non entry and get ready for the next week, like everybody else. shitty to have somebody say "since nobody protested it ima let it slide".....especially if that person calls folks out when they don't follow rules (which is appreciated). anyhoo late is late. lets all follow the rules. "you guys do whatever works for you".. i think following the rules will work for us for sure. cheers cuzzo
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    Damn guys i have to hear this shit all day at the middle school. I want to be able to chill here. An easy solution is if it's late it's late. It is a fixed point in the space time continuum. Also I think the one counting the votes can be the one to make final call. It rotates so no one person does it every week. Just my thoughts. We all are here for fun let the music express the anger but then again this is a battle and only one can live another day so we gotta be ruthless. Just my thoughts Peace, Hugh
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    You the man of strict rules. So its weird for yo u to say "because nobody protested its a automatically a valid entry. I've lost a win due to not voting because I was working. Maybe we should loosen up on the rules. We beatmakers live in a place where there is no time and space,maybe that's why it so hard for us to follow the constructed rules made by the evil elite demons (sorry went a lil off subject there
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    I just noticed that Kongchain's beat wasn't added to the playlist this week. If you used the playlist for listening and not the forum, you probably missed it like I did. Please check his tune out before considering your vote.
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    posting for Kow who wasn't able to log in... he asked me to do this last night while I was sleeping so it's not actually a late entry..
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    Posting deadline is up. Mark your beats as late entry in the soundcloud title, if you're going to post them.
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    hmm.. one entry.. one vote has always sufficed.. let's keep it that way.
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    First to Third in that Order: JoaGymshoe - Dope Rhymes and Delivery! Hungrym4n - Overall Dope Collage C.Syd Rafferty - That Build up! And a lot of other Dope Beats this week and yes too much snow remixes
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    1 Hungryman (No more words needed) 2 TkC & JoaGymShoe (knock knock - it's who!?) 3 Jay Mykal (the very best Snow remix of the many entries)
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    Big up F.V. Free, Loved the rules this week and we were definitely spoilt by those samples. Many thanks for the feedback. 1-Slanteyez 2-Lokal 3-Morti69
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    damn the rules my english skills are not that good :D... nice entrys guys
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    wasn't even much looking forward to this release, but it's actually a pretty great listen. a couple throwaway tracks, but overall very good production, good skits, nice to see that fun side of DOOM again. Everybody's really on point. I dunno what you guys are talking about, DOOM's crushing it as ever. He's a little laid back, but I think most of his verses are top shelf DOOM. plus he actually sounds LESS marble-mouthed to me (I was getting a little concerned he was going down that ODB mush mouth route) Some nice long verses too. He's just not showing off like on a DOOM solo record. Admittedly he inexplicably kinda loses the spotlight on Phantoms to Open Mike Eagle. For someone with pretty low expectations, gotta say I was pretty impressed with the finished product
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    Going to the judges... and... In the words of the Fatman and in response to a battler stating that they had used a snare from the sample..... Nuff said. Snare drum, or rim shot and you are DQ'd even if it is from the sample.
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    1. ⚁N!TƎ 2. FIVEPEE 3. theGuen
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    1)Ras-H 2)Hungryman 3)PBB
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    Hey All, I am out of pocket so I could not leave comments on soundcloud but really great week. Shout outs to all. Lots of Doom this week. 1.FIVEPEE 2. lokal 3. Hungrym4n
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    Damn I'm jealous. Wish the dude could rip/leak it.
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    lol damn i messed that alllll up. yeah i changed it in the main topic and also in the fine print!!!! my bad!!!!
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    1- Lonius 2- Jakal 3- Moxatron Thanks for listen and comment
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    posting the vote for C.S.R. 1. FatVonFree - The fucking most beautiful thing I've ever heard. Give this man a contract! 2. shane sounds - Nothing beats the US when it comes to boom bap! Dope stuff, flowing, bay area stuff. 3. Jakal - I think it's very easy to underestimate how much talent and work he put into this beat. Chords are just georgous. I know a song/beat is good if I'm having trouble to describe WHY I find it so good. Have a great ending of the week guys, CSydR"
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    Anyone wanna colab this week?
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    What browser are you using? Win or Mac? Got the latest updates? I'm starting to wonder if this is a software issue with the logins and now this.
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    can I kick it!?
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    Congratulations on the win Kowalzki!!!
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    1 - naturelle.boombap 2 - Mahirishi aka BlackPancakes 3 - 2N!te also everybody, and great Otesla Musica Hungryman Voms PinataMan beantangerine Unseen Era
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    aRRGh...was workin with the stuff...spend time rec, slice , combine , pushin buttons and the . my mpc hung up . nothing to do than switch of. so..fortunatly I was in a good mood and didn't throw the machine through the window. goD thanks. greatings..and take care while jumpin round good time.bless
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    Been hiking in the mountains. I like the silence and magic of being away from civilization to experience the deepness of nature. It really felt like a window to a new world.
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