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    Congratz on the win! Dope rules for this week...here’s mine, couple of slices from the provided sample bass drums flute etc sampled from japanese funk track and vocal shots from learning japanese course. Lot of efx and downsampling 8 bit stylo hope you enjoy, 😊 greetz Gait
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    Had fun working with these rules. Every single sample I used for this track is Japanese, for 100% authenticity! I used the provided sample by Masayoshi Takanaka as the main part of my track. Props to Lonius for selecting this song! Additional work: All drum hits sampled from 70's Japanese Jazz-Funk/Jazz-Fusion songs by Hiroshi Fukumura, Akira Ishikawa & Kunihiko Murai I sampled the Shamisen from 'In Fiesta' by Hideo Shiraki - Chopped it up and reformed/reconstructed it I added a Fender Rhodes sample from 'Gentle Wave' by Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media - Gave it some effects etc Also added a synth sample from 'Smooch' by The Players - Lowered the lows to only leave the highs and added effects Threw-in a few fun-facts about Japan... Hope you enjoy
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    Last Round was nice! Many dope entries! Props to the Winner Lonius!! So heres my STBB 601 entry dope rules by the way
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    Oh wow I'd say this is the best track i've ever made! ☺️ I've used the provided sample for the main melodic chops and pads, and i've integrated a Japanese 90s rap track, which is super lofi. So i've went between that super 90s lofi hip hop record sound and the fat spacious lofi hip hop sound of today, so i'd say that met the unusual processing rule. 😎 I've also used a sample from a Japanese 50s movie for the intro and vox chops, and I got a friend to play the amazing live bass, I played rhodes part, and I of course played the drums and layered in some FX, and processed the hell out of it all to pull it all together to the vibe I wanted.
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    This was posted on Quasimoto's Instagram story. I've never seen this photo, but some of you might already have. It was posted 3 years ago. Still, pretty dope picture. R.I.P. Mac Miller.
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    Can we sample Fat Von's recent winning STBB work?..... πŸ˜† 😎😎😎 Great rules Lonius! Big fan of Masayoshi Takanaka. Looking forward to digging through my Japanese Jazz-Funk collection for some additional samples! Peace
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    congrats lonius extreme/unusual production techniques and Japanese samples can I just vote for fatvon in advance?