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    all good homie i just checked real quick before i crash out. gonna listen to em all tomorrow at work and such. have a good one homie!!! man i miss being on night shift 😞
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    http://www.rappcats.com/shop/reserve/ Spent over $500 to catch up, but was worth it to join Reserve Looking forward to this Key & Cleary release. Oh No used that opening part on that Guilty Simpson Ghettodes remix album https://instaud.io/2vkT https://www.stonesthrow.com/news/2010/06/guilty-simpson-ghettodes (Free Download!)
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    helloo everybody...
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    Yo, congratulations on the win elanvital! Here's my beat for this week's beat battle. Enjoy! ☺️
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    Mostly took from the violins sample through some chops of the other samples in there. Just came out natural like. Y'all know the deal. Peace
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    Super fun, can't wait to check out everyone's flips, peace!
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    Yo! what's good? DOPE SAMPLES! I had a real quick attempt at making a beat tonight, literally two and a half hours. I guess it shows. Hopefully I can leave my ego at the door. hahahahaha Peace.
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    Does anyone have a link for Funnel? I'd love to hear it 😊
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