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    Hi guys, just want to let y'all know that I just released my Beatmaking App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/keyboardsampler/id1355376387?mt=12 and beyond that, Apple even decided to feature it right after the release.. ! I've won the STBB 7 times with it and a great part of its features emerged from the variety of rules in the battle. https://soundcloud.com/donutproducer/sets/stbb-wins Thanks to all in the community who helped me pushing things forward.. testing the software, giving me valuable feedback and thinking of these crazy battle rules that helped the tool to become a Swiss Army Knife of sample music. STMB 4 ever!
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    1. MAZE ONE - - Style is fire!! 2. Lonius - - Wavey dope chillah, lyrics fit in perfectly with the track. 3. Def mute - - Production is on point ! Good work everyone though, was tough to choose !!
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    Been a bit. Mix super quiet as usual lol. Looking forward to checking out this weeks fire, peace!
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    Many thanks to Michaelson for the vocals! Brush sound is from the Andrzej Trzaskowski cut, bass from the Michael Naura and keys from the Gabor Szabo. Samples were on point this week
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    It's been too long haha [soundcloud] [/soundcloud]
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    chord loop like miles davis
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    hey folks! big up for these tasty samples I had lots of fun with it, so much it kept me from going outside to enjoy the good weather. I'll be gone for the next few weeks for holidays, work.... Happy beatmaking and enjoy the summer!
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