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    not sure what happened, but for some reason it just all clicked for me the past week or so. i've been aware of these guys all last year, but now i'm realizing just how much i had been sleeping on them since then. they're not at all what i had originally thought of them, and the more i dive in the more interested i get in the whole world they've built up for themselves. it would be like if 12 of us on the STMB just moved into a house and started making media -- beats, raps, lyrics, vocals, films, music videos, graphic design, fucking everything...all independently. i didn't realize how much they had blown up until this week when i tried buying tix to their show this Thursday in Denver. not only are these tix sold the fuck out, they're currently climbing up in price on Stubhub past the $100 point -- per ticket. also noticed a massive jump in their channel's hits, they have like 20 songs that have passed the 1 million view mark. shit's crazy...and they're just starting to blow up. has anyone else here been listening to the best boy band ever?