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    1. ⚁N!TƎ 2. JAKAL 3. mike-a-veli
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    I do care and condemn this kind of behaviour, its childish and selfish, but I guess its working out for many who do it that way... thx for letting us know - imo this (forum) is not the space for shady follow-tactics. p
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    1. JoaGymshoe damn man 2.JAKAL 3. CHiLLWiLL1013
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    1. cascassette 2. fivepee 3. Lonious ...was kinda surprised the same parts were sampled in a lot of these beats.
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    1. DMT CREW 2. FatvonFree 3.
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    That was HARD to choose, the level here is high, I'm really happy to be part of this. 1. ⚁N!TƎ 2. FatVonFree / I really like that approach. Using the beat and being part of it (the guitar and bass parts). 3. fivepee / Really interesting using of samples as perc and stuff. There was a lot of good beats and I made note of some songs, but I don't think I have any really good feedback. I just would like to say that JoaGymshow beat is nuts, the experimantation in this one was good and intense. It could be the 1. of the list but, to me, it crossed too much the line betweem experimentation and a solid beat sometimes - and I was listening the stuff with "would this be good at a popular playlist?" in mind.
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    1) Lonius -- this was truly magic bro.....dope dope vibe and loved the tempo!!! 2) Mort69--- dope work homie. mix is dope and loved the doppler effect you got going throughout the mix...im a new owner of a roland space echo and i really enjoy hearing things that sound like it now!! cheers 3) 2N!t3-- -- loved how you turned some stuff into synths
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    1. JAKAL 2. FatVonFree 3. Lonius (4. mike-a-veli)
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    I can't stand this shit either. There are a couple battle cats in here that have done the same to me via soundcloud and instagram. Not mentioning names, but put it this way, I completely ignore their shit now, when they could have had a fan. An actual real fan. Hell of a way to come up, lol.
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    Had a copyright strike on SoundCloud... its the second strike Here is the same beat, just without the vocals, pure instrumental. @CASCASSETTE: did you really hate the vocals that much you reported ? jk
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    My bad on posting this a day early, But eveyone came iin with heat !! really heard some crazy beats this week 3)⚁N!TƎ 2) FatVonFree 1) OTESLA ⚘⚘
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    1. Wanna tell us something about yourself? I'm a Philadelphia resident who grew up in the mountains north of it. I moved to Philly when I went to college for Illustration. My portfolio site is https://supaflyart.me/ I used to spell my musician name as "Arturro" because I thought the misspelling would make it easier to Google, but I decided to give that up after I had already been on 3 separate Bandcamp album thingies and signed up for this site to do the beat battles. Whoops! 2. How did you make use of the sample? I took a part with some nice horns I could sample in some way, and then I dropped the right channel and made the left track Mono because that effectively took the drums out of the sample, giving me a much easier time messing with it and making use of the horns how I wanted. For the parts where it gets all metal-sounding, I sped the track up double time and put a resonator on the sample and just kinda messed around with the settings til I got something I liked. I wish I had EQ'd the higher pitches on the metal down. 3. How did you incorporate the rules? I faked a little DJ intro and outro as well as an interview where I ask myself a question. 4. How did you go about making the drums and drum programming? I have no creative capacity when it comes to drum patterns or anything like that so I gave something a shot and tried a drum look where the drums were super overblown but it sounded awful (naturally) and I almost gave up, but then I just tried a simple drum track and it worked when I finally found a snare I liked. That was pretty much it, like I said, I have no creative capacity for drums. 5. What DAW and or equipment did you use? I use Ableton Live with a couple vsts and a MIDI keyboard (with a broken power supply at the moment) and a guitar (that I need to buy an interface for so I can plug it into my computer). 6. Anything else you wanna add? I press buttons and sounds come out
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    ...hey fellas.. just wanted to say 'typeraw' from 'loop.holes' and 'loop.holes' themselves followed me.. and then unfollowed me... I really don't like it when peeps do that just to gain followers.. Just noticed 'typeraw' followed me again.. so they don't even pay attention and just press follow buttons randomly.. I was actually flattered that "loop.holes' followed me.. they are a cool collective.. dope beatmakers... but I was already suspicious.. I did follow 'loop.holes' back to discover they had unfollowed the next day.. I looked at some of your followers lists to see if they have followed you too recently.. and they sure did... maybe you do.. or maybe don't care about this all... either way.. a heads up pz Joa